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  1. They probably have some guy backstage that way they don't have to be locked into a track and can be flexible if needed.
  2. Duff sighting --AEW

    The Road Warriors (Legion of Doom) were in the wrestling game long before Demolition. Demolition was made to mimic the Road Warriors. Del was a fan of the segment. He is a big wrestling fan: del james @deljamesgang This segment on #AEWDynamite was the best wrestling segment since the #COVID19 #QuarantineLife began! Major props to @IAmJericho and @DuffMcKagan for always being entertaining!!
  3. Duff sighting --AEW

    Pretty funny segment from last nights AEW show.
  4. I am still impressed the Mick Mars is able to do that whammy bar bit during the intro and yet still plays the rhythm guitar part underneath it. LOL
  5. Yes, it was just announced a few minutes ago.
  6. Costa Rica has been postponed on the direction of the government. Told people to hold on to tickets for a new date later this year. " GNR fam, the Costa Rica show has been postponed due to direction from the government. It will be rescheduled for later in the year so hold on to your tickets. 🇨🇷 "
  7. OK I will have to look again. Thanks.
  8. I just looked at some of the pricing for the Minneapolis show (Target Field) and I now see why they added "Your Crazy," to the set list. $700 a piece just to be in the same county and floor tickets were in the $1400- $1500 range.
  9. I heard the radio commercial for the show at Target Field/Minneapolis this morning. The voice over guy says "All new show." -- That just struck me as interesting. I guess they are thinking the staging is different (i had read something about a curved screen) but the songs remain the same. Most likely.
  10. Guns N' Roses will be headlining the festival on Friday, Jan. 31, in addition to a special performance by Snoop Dogg. The following day, last year's Super Bowl halftime performers, Maroon 5, will headline, and Dan + Shay will also take the stage. For fans who can't make it down to Miami, the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest TV show will feature highlights from the event and will air on Fox at 11 p.m. ET on Saturday, Feb. 1. For tickets and more info on the event, check out SuperBowlMusicFest.com.
  11. Not Gonna End in your Lifetime Tour
  12. They do all these shows over the Super Bowl week. Here in Minneapolis they Had a Dave Mathews show and then a ton of shows at the Armory here (Concert hall located a block or two from US Bank Stadium). Just another $$ Suck. Parking spots were going for $60 -$75 a night in some of the local parking ramps. We actually had a restaurant selling Guacamole and chips for $36!! It cuased such a upraor they said it was an "error" when called on it. Part of an article on some of the ridiculousness that goes along with having "the big game." "From $65 parking to $1,000 caviar or $800 for a night in a Shakopee hotel, the laws of supply and demand are kicking into high gear around the Twin Cities as a crush of visitors descends on the region. Locals may not be willing to pay the eye-popping prices, but businesses are counting on some fervent football fans opening their wallets and purses. One downtown restaurant, Ike’s Food and Cocktails, caused an internet uproar Monday when word leaked of a $36 guacamole and chips on its Super Bowl menu — alongside $72 beef skewers and other pricey items. A manager said the guacamole should have said $12, and the regular menu would still be available, but the restaurant is now offering a free order of guacamole to people who order something else and mention “Guac-Gate 2018.” Some restaurants are rolling out special menus with offerings tailored to the high rollers. The Oceanaire’s Super Bowl night menu includes $1,000 Iranian gold caviar, $72 for arctic char or $99 for 24 ounces of lobster tail. Penny pinchers may want to stick to the $14 side of creamed corn.
  13. Paradise City was played here on the radio back in 1987 here in Minneapolis before it was officially released in January 1989. I heard it on the radio and loved the tune, then it wasn't played for a long time. Jungle came out in October 1987 and that was the song you heard on the radio. Paradise came back on the radio after its "official" release in January 1989.
  14. They also have those people in each city. A buddy of mine works for a company that picks up bands at the airport they will fly into a smaller airport on private jet (for those that fly in to do shows) and drives them to the venue. Here in Minneapolis a lot of bands will "hub" out of Chicago and fly to shows in the midwest - Milwaukee, MSP/StPaul, St Louis, Detroit, etc.. While the gear/prod travels from venue to venue, the band fly's in, does the show and fly's out afterward. Not all bands do this, but those that do it gives them a sense of "home," while on the road. He has driven for Metallica, Bob Segar and others.
  15. Yeah probably not the band. LOL But Opie had a number of "presser's" at the beginning of the tour.