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  1. Is that excerpt from the partnership agreement legit? I ask because I would have thought legal names would be used in a document like that. Unless they defined the stage names earlier with something like: "The parties to this agreement are W. Axl Rose (Axl), Saul Hudson (Slash), Michael McKagan (Duff)" or something like that.
  2. I think most of them lip sync at least parts of the show. Axl actually sung although sometimes he'd sound a little out of breath. The fact that he was a smoker at the time makes it more impressive.
  3. And they were both white...
  4. I've never seen one of their shows but I wouldn't think they change multiple times DURING A SINGLE SONG.
  5. This is true. I don't know how Slash could actually play being as shitfaced as he was at that show. I'm guessing he was on more than alcohol and a lot of whatever it was. Very impressive that he is able to play a guitar very well in that state!
  6. I thought it was funny that Axl wore 3 different jackets during a single performance of Civil War!
  7. I admire that he was able to write a song in the first person perspective that espoused the hateful views that Trump's base has been accused of holding yet somehow get people to ignore it and respect his current political views (which he really doesn't espouse that much outside of a few between song comments). My real response to the question is that I admire that Axl is such an "entity" that he was able to hold onto a huge fan base for 30 years despite being the most at fault for the breakup of GNR. I'm not being sarcastic. It truly takes great talent and charisma to pull that off.
  8. Rumor of a new album???

    Maybe there is nothing related in LA right now. Nobody said they'd have to be working on it currently. She could have told you the absolute truth but it doesn't mean they won't get in the studio in March. Granted, I doubt we'll see another GNR album but you never know. I would think any possibility of new music would be a song or 2 either for a movie sound track or an extra on a greatest hits or live album.
  9. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    If the guy in the first post video sounds like vintage Axl then so does Adam Sandler. It's raspy but has nowhere even close to the range Axl has/had.
  10. Has anybody ever figured out/confirmed the lyric after "So I thumbed it?" I've always seen it as "Down to 6th in LA" which makes no sense in the context of that verse. The next line "maybe a greyhound could be my way" would seem to indicate that "thumbing it" didn't work or that he was thumbing it to a bus station. That's why I wonder if the line is actually referencing a location of a bus station and is being misheard. The most controversial verse seems to be a reference to him "getting out of dodge" and not wanting to be bothered and slowed down by hustlers (which he describes using the N word) so he can get his ticket before the cops find him. "Don't need no bracelets, clamped in front of my back, just need my ticket, 'till then, won't you cut me some slack" is pretty obviously a reference to not getting arrested before he can get on the bus. The last verse does pretty much say don't use this song to justify racism or other radical ideas. To me, it seemed like once he exposed himself to the LA scene he realized that the thoughts he had on that journey were wrong and is trying to express that.
  11. I'm not sure I'd want to hear what Bad Time would sound like now if he attempted the combo intro with holding the vibrato notes. Just sail away sweet sister I think he could do ok with.
  12. It seems that Mick Jagger was using a teleprompter before Axl started doing it. It also seems that Axl was a bit too inspired by the Rolling Stones concert setup. The Stones had the gospel style backup singers, keyboard player and a horn section at this show. It's like Axl wanted to emulate them but then took everything over the top in a circus-like GNR way. Izzy was inspired by the Stones' music, Axl got inspired by the wrong things from them. To the point of this thread, it was an incredible performance by Axl. He almost sung it like a little like a country singer. Almost like Kid Rock (yes, I know he isn't a country singer, per se) but with better vocals.
  13. A very interesting "chicken or the egg" dilemma. This could be the subject of a philosophy PhD thesis.
  14. From UYI stadium show videos I've seen and what I remember from a show back then, it wasn't that different. A stadium stage is huge. They tend to spread out so all fans have somebody in their side most of the time.