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  1. Funny that even with the slower tempo Axl skipped words "wake up late, put on your clothes...credit cards...liquor store"
  2. They never indicated that it would be their final tour. NITL ended. If there is another tour it will be called something else.
  3. I don't know what Orlando show you were at. There was much more time between the opener and GNR than there was on most of the tour. Axl and Duff were doing some interview that held them up. I guess in GNR world, it would still be considered on time especially compared to the earlier shows you attended. As for Miami, they were more than a few minutes late. I'm pretty sure they delayed on purpose due to the traffic outside the stadium. I remember that it was still half empty 45 minutes after the opener and when I looked at my phone, it was solid red on all the surrounding streets.
  4. I think you might need to find some additional methods to wake him up besides GNR album news. If you rely on GNR releases, your little soldier must sleep like Rip Van Winkle!
  5. For sure one, I think YCBM. I remember Axl announcing that MTV would be joining and for the crowd to scream when they went live.
  6. Personally I just think it was Axl being a diva and all the psychological reasons he gave were BS. When I saw the UYI tour on 12/31/91 in Miami, he managed to start the show early enough so that midnight happened during PC and they could count down to new years. Funny that the one UYI show I attended started pretty much on time but both NITL shows I attended were late. Orlando was an extra 45 minutes or so between the opener and GNR (I think that Axl and Duff were doing an interview) and Miami was even longer. I think that they delayed Miami on purpose because the traffic was so bad around the stadium that a sold out show was still half empty an hour after the opening act finished. My google map showed dark red on all of the streets within a mile of the stadium.
  7. Chinese leftovers ?

    It should be called "kung pao chicken" instead or "dirty wok"
  8. Chinese leftovers ?

    Unfortunately, "you can't go home again" comes into play here. There is no chance that the creative process will work remotely the same as it did in the mid 80's when they were going to shows in a van and living together in a slum. Getting drunk and high and jamming in those circumstances led to AFD, Lies and a lot of UYI. Guy's in their mid-late 50s aren't going to recreate that magic. Even if Izzy was somehow involved, you'd end up with some Izzy written songs but it won't be a GNR collaboration. In that scenario, Izzy may as well be any outside songwriter.