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  1. The future for Guns?

    Aerosmith had 3 big advantages in the 80's vs. GNR now. First and foremost, rock music was still very popular. Second, although middle aged, they were closer to "youth" during their comeback than GNR is now. Finally, the collaboration with RUN-DMC on "Walk this Way" brought them back to the mainstream and crossover audience. GNR isn't far better than Aersomith. Aerosmith did some great stuff before their breakup without external writers. When they had external writers, Tyler and Perry co-wrote the songs. They weren't full band collaborations but neither was much on UYI. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" was different because it was written by Diane Warren for Armageddon and basically Aersomith were hired to perform it.
  2. First of all, a band's sound and style is very tightly tied to the sound of the lead singer. Van Halen sounded completely different with Sammy Hagar vs. David Lee Roth. The CD/NuGNR era was more like Guns n' Roses than Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven would be with a different singer (and that era was most certainly NOT GNR). Second, why would Axl just want to make somebody successful? He wasn't plucked out of obscurity. He had talent and worked his ass off to help make GNR what they became. He isn't Santa Claus and I've never really seen him being a "man of the people." Also, they wouldn't be the first band to do this. Queen replaced Freddie Mercury with Adam Lambert. That was certainly a new generation singer that is 36 years younger than Mercury would have been. Of course, Queen had no choice but to get a new singer if they wanted to keep performing, although I guess they could have just done instrumental shows. However, they chose a much younger singer where most replacements for dead singers are in the same generation as the deceased.
  3. I just came across video of Aerosmith performing on Jimmy Fallon the other day. Does anybody think Axl will be able to get that close to his "prime" sound in 14 years? I don't know what Steven Tyler does to keep his voice in shape but what he is doing at 70 freaking years old is pretty amazing. I posted this mostly because somebody earlier was saying that there was a backstage person hitting the high notes for Tyler. There are spots in both Mama Kin and Big Ten Inch that it is clearly him singing and hitting high notes. Aerosmith Performance
  4. I think it was Steven's back, not shoulders. If Izzy and Steven were a part of it, it seems like the plan was to have them play on the AFD (and Izzy the UYI stuff that he was involved in maybe) but have Frank on drums for UYI, CD and probably covers also. Fortus would have been there for CD stuff for sure and possibly a 3rd guitar on AFD/UYI. I don't think the NITL plan was ever just the AFD5+Dizzy by themselves. Who knows, maybe they are truly brilliant and have made all this money on NITL and will bring Izzy and Steven on board for a 2019 tour hoping to get people that saw NITL to shell out again for a full reunion. I honestly don't think that NITL would have sold that many more tickets if Izzy and Steven were there, certainly not enough more to cover their cost. Now, a 2019 tour with them could be the spark needed to be able to play stadiums again instead of arenas/amphitheaters.
  5. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    How many session musicians could bounce around for 3 hours like they are on a trampoline? Let's have some respect!
  6. It's too late at night when I finally saw this thread to read through and see if it was mentioned but the one thing that was finally cleared up in the interview is that the hyper-speed tempos are not Frank's fault!
  7. What is Axl up to these days?

    If I was a celebrity my autograph policy would be to only sign personized autographs on paper/cardboard items that would make it extremely difficult to remove the personalization without damage. I understand why a celebrity would be upset with people making money off their autograph. The celebrity could also charge for the autograph but somebody as wealthy as Axl would really look bad charging $20 for autographs. He's better off not signing.
  8. It might have prevented the breakup but Slash and/or Duff may have ended up a vegetable or dead.
  9. I'd say there is basically a 0% chance that money from NITL went back to the label. Axl would never, even after hell froze over, sign a record contract that made him or the band responsible for an album being profitable. The label takes the risk on an album. The only thing related to touring is that it is very possible that Axl had to agree to tour in support of the album and play a minimum number of dates.
  10. The future for Guns?

    If they ever release a new album, I propose that they steal the tag line from the original Jurassic Park as the title: "An Adventure 65 Million Years in the Making"
  11. The future for Guns?

    Guns N' Roses doing a political album wouldn't work. Even if Trump gets a second term, he'll be out of office long before they get it released anyway.
  12. It was kind of a soft interview! Needed some blue pills.
  13. Probably how World War I started!
  14. I don't think it was after reconciliation (it was 2012). However, when he answered "not in this lifetime" the question was "any chance of doing a reunion tour WITH THE FULL LINEUP in the future?" It was supposedly going to happen but what we've had so far does not contradict his answer. Back to this interview. Can someone with media connections contact the interviewer and ask him to release a transcript of what Axl was asked and what he answered in English? A translation to English that was first translated from English is not going to be very precise.
  15. I think it is so that the sound guys hear the same thing from venue to venue to try to make it match. The band is just hearing the IEM mix which is going to sound the same every time. The sound guys hear what it sounds like from the PA system which needs tweaking from venue to venue. The only reason to "sound check" something different is when they are adding something new or working on something that is giving them trouble. Then it is really more of a rehearsal at the venue than a "sound check."