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  1. I would assume that their monitors have their instrument at the highest volume, the drums next and Axl just loud enough to hear where he is in the song or if he is saying something to them.
  2. The stagnant set list is probably more related to the lighting and video production. There is an additional cost for each song they have to produce a light and video show for. I'm sure if Axl/the Band insisted on adding a song to the rotation, they would get their way but the promoter isn't going to push for it. There isn't a "no-rant" clause based on evidence. The the August 2018 show in Miami, he went on for a while before the audience participation part of KOHD on the Trump/Kim north Korea rhetoric. He was quite direct in criticizing "our fearless leader." If there was a clause like that, it would certainly prohibit political comments. There was also that show in Europe somewhere where he went off on the security guy in the middle of a song (Better?) that was making a little girl get off of her Dad's shoulders.
  3. You don't appreciate his Elvis impersonation? At least at the 2018 Miami show we got his Trump-North Korea commentary leading into KOHD. I do wish he'd talk to the crowd a little more. Maybe even threaten to go home for old time's sake! I got to experience that (also in Miami) on the UYI tour when somebody threw a firecracker.
  4. Even the stage design is similar. Basically a modern version (Screens instead of amps, screens on the stairs) with shorter runways on the wings. That change was probably because Axl would pass out if he ran end to end like he did on the UYI tour.
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Well, it's all relative. At 167 shows and counting, he could have earned $6.68 million so far if that rumor was true. For me, that's set for life money if I invested it somewhat intelligently (even after taxes). Certainly not "chump change."
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I think more Slash and Axl. If Gene Simmons put on a blonde wig and played bass for GNR, I doubt 75% of the audience would notice the difference.
  7. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    When I listen to AFD through high quality headphones, it sure sounds to me like there are parts with 3 guitars. For example, during the SCOM solo, at least my non-musically trained ears, hear the solo, the bass line and two rhythm guitar parts that don't sound like something that could come out of a single guitar. I don't know if Melissa fills that in with synth guitar now or they just leave it out of the live performance.
  8. Are they even performing YCBM in any of the band footage? If they are, it is certainly not synchronized.
  9. Tyler may have had a little more influence than most only because he could relate to having issues with his lead guitarist. Not for nearly as long as Slash but Joe Perry quit Aerosmith mostly because of conflict with Tyler.
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Also, after looking at a few of their setlists, it seems that they are playing the same 17 song set (including 3 covers when they have a MUCH larger catalog than GNR) every night. Also, Joey Kramer was in some kind of accident and hurt his shoulder so his drum tech has done a bunch of the shows. I guess Frank is preferable to a drum tech! :-)
  11. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    The worst seats were around $150 face value (you can't see them anymore, they are all resale). The lower level was something like $250 and up. I definitely see why these acts do it. The promoter saves all kinds of money vs. a tour because they don't have to keep building and tearing down stages. The artists get paid similar to an arena because the revenue is almost as much even with half the capacity. Plus, the artists don't have to travel every other day.
  12. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Kind of like Aerosmith's current residency in Vegas. Have you seen the ticket prices for those shows?
  13. MAYBE 1 brand new song if we are lucky. Mostly, I'd expect Chinese leftovers with reworked guitars and bass by Slash and Duff. There's no chance we're getting an entire Album (or even half an album) of brand new, from scratch creations.
  14. I'm sure there are some women that would let GNR members use them as sex objects because of the "conquest" of hooking up with a rich and famous rock star. I'm sure all equivalently popular young artists these days have plenty of "woke," "me too era" girls that are just like the groupies in the 80's were for GNR. I never have looked at a girl/woman as a sex toy but I also never had and never will have a bunch of attractive females falling over themselves to have sex with me. If I was in that position and in my 20s, I could easily see myself taking advantage. It's not about how some men (specifically GNR members) feel or felt about women. It's just a matter of what kind of environment they were in and, when you are in your 20's and "it's so easy" to live out all kinds of sexual fantasies, not many men will resist it.
  15. Even if he wasn't there when the vocals were recorded, he sure as hell was at the CBGB show when they performed it live.