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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    I was just thinking what is more mental torture? Being "safer at home" or checking this thread to never see a real sign of there ever being a new album?
  2. Very well said. I don't think it can be argued that Ted Nugent is a bigot just based on his own statements. I will say that not only is "backwards" used synonymously with "bigoted" but it is also used to refer to religious people. Then it is kind of lumped together that churchgoing "rednecks" are backwards and bigoted. I am personally not religious (although sometimes I wish I was and think that having faith would help me deal with certain issues) but I don't disparage people for their beliefs.
  3. I'm not talking about Ted Nugent who I agree has some screws loose. I'm talking about the insult of "rednecks." A very small percentage of "rednecks" look to Ted Nugent as a cultural leader or any kind of leader. There is a small subset of ignorant bigots in all groups. Hell, there are even sub groups of black people who are bigoted against other black people based on where, specifically they come from. Insulting "rednecks" is just as bigoted as somebody insulting any other group.
  4. Just because you don't like a group of people or what they believe in you shouldn't be throwing insults like that. You'd be the first to jump on a "redneck" for saying something about another group of people. I've known many "rednecks" and all of them have been great people and none of them have been "backward ass" as you so nicely put it.
  5. A vaccine has already been created in record time. Unfortunately, the testing needs to go on for a fixed amount of time no matter what.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    Maybe Axl had inside info about the coronavirus outbreak and knew that at least the beginning of the tour would be postponed? After all, he has a great relationship with the Chinese government! :-)
  7. I think that there needs to be more research into how this virus spreads with respect to "large gatherings." A nightclub or party can have one infected person be in prolonged, close contact with a large percentage of attendees. At a concert or sporting event, each person is only in prolonged, close contact with the people seated right around them. If precautions are taken at entrances and concessions (which may involve spacing people out and longer waits), it is possible that a concert or sporting event would not provide the same opportunity for spread as a nightclub or party. The virus doesn't jump around like a game of telephone. Once it spreads to the person next to you, they aren't instantly contagious and won't become contagious until some time after everybody has left the concert. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying just say screw it and allow concerts and sporting events. I'm saying that the experts and researchers need to figure out more about how it spreads and the result of that study might allow different "large gatherings" to be treated differently. It is also possible that when they get the serology test rolled out to determine who has already been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it might be discovered that 30% of the population has already had it and recovered with mild or no symptoms. All of these factors will determine if the North American summer dates can happen. I'm surprised that the Summerfest was postponed so far in advance. I'd think that event organizers would wait until we get through April before making decisions about events in July.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    I should have specified "original" which is what I meant.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    If, in December 1991 somebody asked you what would happen first: A) Guns n' Roses with Axl and Slash in the band would release a new studio album or B) There would be a global pandemic that banned all sporting events and concerts how many people would have answered "B?"
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    Before 2016 I bet you never thought you'd say that about a member of GNR!
  11. The other day on SiriusXM Classic Rewind the DJ played a recent clip of David Lee Roth. After hearing that, I will never complain about Axl's voice again!
  12. There won't be any bad publicity because all the youtube videos will be taken down so there will be no evidence that they actually played the shows in Mexico.
  13. If this virus isn't controlled by August (or really by May): a) Clearly all of these extreme measures do not work and b) If the world remains in lockdown we will be living in the dark ages again because the worldwide economy will cease to operate.
  14. Outside of the high risk groups you are far less likely to catch this and end up on a ventilator than you are to end up on a ventilator on any given day by chance and bad luck. That's even try if you live in Wuhan.
  15. You are right about the fear of the unknown causing this insane panic. In a way there is a cure. The human immune system. At least 94% (over 99% with the better data from South Korea) of people that become infected cure themselves. If the media reported it that way instead of doing a death watch like the cannon in The Hunger Games, maybe people would calm down a little bit.