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  1. From UYI stadium show videos I've seen and what I remember from a show back then, it wasn't that different. A stadium stage is huge. They tend to spread out so all fans have somebody in their side most of the time.
  2. What did he find? That he can do an entire concert of covers? Maybe deep inside he always wanted to front a cover band! I guess he is enjoying singing the exact "cock rock" that he didn't want to record with Slash in the mid 90s.
  3. The shadow of the microphone creates a slightly disturbing visual!
  4. I can't remember what song but Axl played them for sure during the beginning of one song at the Miami show this year. I think it was one of the AFD songs. My memory isn't perfect but Axl definitely played them.
  5. Steven Tyler also became quite a nutrition and fitness nut after getting clean and sober. That could be a big part of why his voice has withstood time so well. His whole body has held up pretty well. I'd love to have his physique when I'm 70! Obviously, nobody is going to confuse Axl with being a health nut!
  6. Maybe he was sick? All I watched from RIR was Jungle and it was worse than any version I've heard on this tour either in person or recorded. It wasn't just the sound of his voice, he also seemed to be out of breath. It sounded like he cut short the extended "wail" after the "when you're high you never, ever want to come down...." part that he always walks over to stage left to sing. It was like he ran out of breath.
  7. When was the last documented time that Axl sung a song with many high notes with rasp? Either GNR song or cover or AC/DC. The answer might help determine if he CAN'T do it anymore or just WON'T do it anymore on GNR songs. If the most recent example is not a GNR song, then when was the last time he did it on a GNR song?
  8. What happened to GNR?

    Ho....Li....Fuk I've never actually seen that and don't remember ever hearing it. GNR may have gone off the rails with "Axl Rose and the Band He Called Guns n' Roses" but nothing he did came anywhere close to being that horrific. That is actually more embarrassing than if Jagger had done commercials for an ED medication or male enhancement product. Yikes!
  9. What happened to GNR?

    Their debut album was too successful giving them the means (both financial and power) to slowly destroy themselves.
  10. Funny thing is the video for Garden of Eden has an appearance like a 1990's version of the current "reunion." Axl front and center, Slash and Duff right behind and next to him and then "the other people" in the background.
  11. Axl's microphone

    Even though it would be "cool" to have the one he used the whole concert, I'd imagine the wind screen on his full time mic is probably pretty nasty!
  12. ^This!!!! If there was actually a contractual ban, one would have to assume that Fortus would be at least as restricted as Slash or Duff. Axl and Duff gave that interview last year that led to Izzy's tweet. Axl and Slash together in an interview would do nothing positive but would have the chance to dredge up old animosity and set their relationship back again. I honestly can't remember many multi-member interviews after 1991 during the UYI tour.
  13. Excited About GNR future

    I think the issue people have is that most bands don't replace the entire band with the exception of the lead singer (and non-critical keyboard player). Had the lineup gone from Axl,Slash, Duff, Gilby, Dizzy and Matt to Axl, Slash, Duff, Paul, Dizzy and Brain for an album in the mid 90's it probably wouldn't have been a big deal. The problem people have is that they basically disbanded and then the "reunion" only brought 2 members back to essentially join Axl's backing band.
  14. Axl's microphone

    Agree 100%. They could save a few hundred bucks on a ton of other things. There is no way they give a crap about the cost of a microphone when the dates are grossing around $3 million a show. I'm sure there is some reason. My best guess is that the non-thrown mics are set up with some kind of wireless security that is different from the one he throws. That way, somebody can't bring a mic they caught to another show and start singing or talking into it and have it end up over the PA (or interfering with Axl). If this is the reason then I guess somebody could sing along with the very end of PC. I'm just guessing here as I have no idea what kind of encryption is used on a wireless mic. If it is analog, then my theory makes even more sense because there is no analog wireless security and the "normal" mic would be on a completely different frequency than the thrown mic.