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  1. No. They are not the same type of polyp as the ones in the colon. The ones in the colon are caused by cell mutations and are pretty much all pre-cancerous. Vocal chord polyps are "injuries" to the vocal chords. They would not exist if something physical didn't cause them.
  2. Since AFD was a single album and UYI was twice that, Axle should really outdo UYI and put out twice UYI, a quadruple album!
  3. Exactly. I've suspected (at some point in this thread) that Axl could sound very good in the studio. The Looney Tunes thing proves it. IF GNR can manage to make some more music, the studio version will sound like real Axl. Live versions will sound like NITL.
  4. It's an FSU jersey for sure. You can clearly see the Chief Osceola logo.
  5. One question, why would you live with a girl and not try to bang her? Kind of defeats the purpose!
  6. Ah. I haven't been paying attention to it due to cost.
  7. I didn't know that it was but on Southwest airlines flight today I hit GNR on their audio and it played NR but was clearly the demo as soon as it started. There was coughing in the background, piano only with very raw, clunky playing.
  8. I know it's GNR so nothing is logical. But, if they record a covers album, why not do 2-3 new songs to include on it? The 2019 music industry doesn't require albums anymore. The 2-3 new songs could be released as singles and played on the tour. You'd think that with everything from the mid-90's sessions to CD 2 leftovers, they could find 2 or 3 songs that are good enough to re-work with some modern influence. There's probably a way to do it with vocals that Axl already recorded so his voice doesn't need to be a concern.
  9. Agree but if he can lyrically do it in a subtle, artistic way instead of Green Day "American Idiot" type lyrics it might be OK. Almost everybody likes "Imagine" even though the lyrics are basically the Communist Manifesto.
  10. While the BS going on now I'd pretty much the same as with every president (all that changes is which side is outraged) and I don't respect celebrity opinions on politics, if hating Trump for whatever reason motivates Axl to write, record and release new music then I'm all for it!
  11. Forgetting about the politics, just wanted to state that embers crossing a 10-12 lane freeway is nothing. A fire can jump a couple of miles with the right wind. A freeway (or even a river) doesn't do anything.
  12. That isn't necessarily true (referring to the "nothing" part). I'm no expert on forest management. However, given that we are talking about California it is very likely that they have implemented policies to "save the planet" which allow forests to become easier fuel for these fires. The Santa Ana winds don't cause fires, they spread them. Some fires are caused by lightning strikes. The vast majority are caused by a human doing something stupid. Either not completely tamping out a campfire or throwing a lit cigarette, etc. My heart goes out to all effected by these fires. First and foremost, hopefully everybody evacuates so there is no loss of life. However, even though buildings can be rebuilt and possessions replaced, losing your house is devastating.
  13. I guess because Slash really wants to play it and it'd be boring to listen with no vocals. Trying to sing the "crass communication" line until the end is a bitch. Try it yourself at performance volume. Especially try doing it with rasp. In general, you have to think that Axl singing clean/Mickey might not make for the greatest vocal performance but has probably allowed him to do this whole tour. I'm just guessing that, especially at his age, trying to sing raspy in that register hurts (causes pain) and can cause nodules or other lasting damage. The list of singers that have had vocal chord issues causing cancelled shows and delayed tours is very long. I remember back in 2006 Steven Tyler popped a blood vessel on his vocal chord and had an experimental laser surgery to fix it without altering his voice. It's also possible that Axl had a surgery and it didn't go quite as well as Tyler's. My gut tells me that if they did a Super Bowl halftime show medely, he could sound similar to the 90's on a really short set like that. Same gut says that if they ever get around to recording new songs, he could probably sound really good in the studio where he can sing a line or 2 at a time and do multiple takes.
  14. I have thought that the humidity helps his voice/singers in general. I saw them in Orlando, FL in 2016 and Miami, FL in 2017. Both shows were incredibly humid (Slash had sweat pouring off of his arm the whole show, especially in Orlando). Both shows were among the top vocals of the tour. Not perfect on every song but certainly Top 10 of NITL overall. I mean, singers drink in between songs to lubricate their throat. They don't open their mouth in front of a fan to dry it out!