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  1. I often wonder if it wasn't for Stump if Izzy would have stayed in the band and GNR would have stayed together (with Matt on drums). Most likely there would have been another "last straw" if the riot didn't happen. Axl was just too far off the reservation back then for something else not to happen.
  2. Aerosmith didn't use "ghost writers." The outside writers were openly credited. Outside of "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" I think Tyler and Perry were at least credited as co-writers on everything. Ghost writers would be people writing but GNR taking credit. I don't think this happened. The lawsuits would have flown as soon as AFD got huge.
  3. Plus, if Axl didn't write NR, I doubt he'd be able to play the piano for it live. He can't play the piano for Estranged that he definitely wrote. How would he play NR. Also, why would he be so proud of it and (from various old stories) basically force it on the band if somebody else wrote it.
  4. I watched the RIR '91 video and I didn't see anything like this. It went from Matt's drum solo into the intro of YCBM. Interesting that Axl skipped the "While you're breakin' down my back... haven't grown up yet" section. He ran off stage (crashing into people) after "another reason to cry."
  5. On the show "Mythbusters" they actually proved that you can polish a turd.
  6. Relevant passage for the modern day "clean voice" in concert. I'm sure Axl could recover much better in 1988: Interviewer: And he had what, laryngitis is that? Izzy: (?) Slash: You know, one of those things that singers get. You know, it’s (?) Duff: I mean, a guy... A guy can’t go... Interviewer: You can’t (?) it down, yeah (laughs). Slash: We got on the road for almost two year, so... Duff: A guy can't go around screaming every night like he does, you know. The guy puts out, you know, it’s like.. I... Izzy: I think he’s really (?). I’m sorry, I’m stepping... (Giggles) Duff: I just had people tell me, you know, from gigs, after the gig, you know, how does he do that. So yeah, the guy cannot go a whole tour, and you know, with, like, singing that way, you know...
  7. I beat you to this 3 days earlier on the first reply to the thread! :-)
  8. This or "nonsense gibberish BS excuses" It's hard to tell if the song is about Izzy sober out of place in the band and wanting his money for the success of AFD ("don't know why i'm here") or if it's about a drug dealer getting excuses from people that owe him money. Either way i'm not sure Axl knew the meaning because the "dedications" that he used to do don't really make much sense in the context of the song.
  9. Not in this lifetime
  10. I voted 2017 because, to me, it sounds more like GNR and less like Nine Inch Nails.
  11. I've never understood how recording studio time costs so much. At $1,000 an hour that's 13,000 hours. That would be like 12 hours a day, every day for 3 years.
  12. Hack the teleprompter
  13. Not sure what this has to do with Slash having interviewers sign contracts. If you are interested in this, become a groupie and find out.
  14. The press is free from government control. It is to prevent North Korea (and many others) style, propaganda based, state-run media. A free press doesn't mean that a private citizen is forced to give open interviews so that the "journalist" reporting on entertainment can get website traffic or sell magazines. The freedom of the press doesn't even mean that government officials have to answer their questions, it just means that the government can't censor what they say/write and can't force them to say/write anything.
  15. Who cares. Journalists in general, but entertainment journalists even more so, are a part of a business of publishing. They aren't some great force of peace that needs to be revered and respected. They write to sell papers/magazines and get views on websites that run ads. A journalist will get at least as much from interviewing Slash as Slash gets from being interviewed, probably more.