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  1. I'd also be interested to hear new music but hope it is heavily based on stuff they worked on 20 or 30 years ago. Just modernized a little. Because of the type of songs that made GNR great, I just don't imagine anything written now would be that exciting. Do we really want a Guns n' Roses version of Aerosmith's Just Push Play album?
  2. It's possible that he "can" still do it, as in make the high register with rasp come out but that his voice no longer has the endurance to do it for long stretches (like an entire song). I think that if he wanted to that he could sing songs on a recording with rasp because he can sing a line at a time and edit them together. However, he won't be able to perform them the same way live.
  3. Probably because Slash wanted to play coma and Axl agrees because Slash was willing to play CD stuff.
  4. He truncates the lines in Coma and in a lot of the videos I've watched from NITL he ends up basically talking a bunch of the lines. Go ahead and record yourself singing Don't Damn Me and project the way a singer would and try to sing the correct melody. There are a lot of spots where you have to sing choppy because the lines in the recording blend into each other.
  5. You have to give them credit. Very few bands, especially at their age, are going to be on stage for 3hrs+. Tickets can be expensive but so are tickets to Aerosmith and they aren't out there nearly as long.
  6. It's weird how his voice reverts to 1992 rasp only for the word "smilin'"
  7. I think it is pretty much impossible to sing live without skipping words. The studio version clearly has transitions from one line to the next that had to be different takes. There's just not enough time to breathe when singing it. It would sound like the "You're breaking down my back..." section of YCBM only on that he really isn't "singing." Don't damn me has a melody throughout.
  8. Also seems like they updated the teleprompter so Axl sang all the lyrics! It's hard to hear too clearly since it was shot from the stage and the drums overwhelm the audio but it sounded like Axl sounded much better than the last time.
  9. I forget which show it was but one of the videos of RQ at an early show (I think on MTV) had Axl leave the stage and skip a whole verse of vocals to complain about monitors.
  10. I don't get the missing lyrics. It's like Axl didn't want to sing that line for some reason. They have teleprompters all over the stage with the lyrics. He left the same lyrics out in the beginning and ending.
  11. Why is nobody blaming whoever puts the lyrics in the teleprompter? Unless Axl completely forgot the notes for the lines and decided to skip them (unlikely since he remembered the rest of the song), how could they be left out twice if they were on the teleprompter.
  12. I get that and I certainly wouldn't recommend that they play OIAM in concert without some major lyric changes. They didn't play it except in one or two instances like the CBGB back then either. Other songs like PTU are nothing like OIAM from the standpoint of being offensive. I will say that compared to rap songs I hear at football tailgates, OIAM is a song from Sesame Street.
  13. However, it should be noted that the song was set when Axl first got to LA in the early 80s. At that time, AIDS was considered to be a "gay disease" so those could be the thoughts of somebody without hating gay people. Money for Nothing used the same slur and that was a huge hit on the radio and MTV.
  14. If they sued him, the likely outcome would be a court order to return the CDs and delete/destroy all copies. For GNR to get a financial reward, they'd have to prove that he actually was the leaker AND they'd have to show financial damage due to the leaks AND that, at the time of the leak, he knew or should have known that the material did not belong to the person that owned the locker. Financial damage would be very difficult to calculate especially given the history of (not) releasing new music. It would be very difficult to convince a jury that leaks of 10 year old, unreleased songs caused financial damage to GNR.
  15. Do people exercise/walk/bike more over there? Personally, I think a big problem here in the US is a large percentage of the population doesn't do any physical activity.