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  1. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    Awesome!!! I'm very jealous but also happy that you had the experience!!!
  2. This last quote from Slash gives at least some hope that they may release new music and tour another time or two. It seems like they have more communication than just showing up separately right before they go on stage.
  3. It's hard to tell but are you sure it's not just a delayed playback at lower volume like they do on SCOM (and have done since at least the UYI tour)? There are parts that are clearly Duff and Melissa singing the backing vocals. Why would they use prerecorded Axl on just a few spots but live Melissa, Duff and Dizzy on the rest?
  4. All tours these days are organized by a promoter. Axl, Duff and Slash being the 3 remaining partners in GNR may not have anything to do with who is on this tour. It is taken as fact that Steven was going to play the AFD songs until he needed back surgery. It is also an assumed fact that they were negotiating with Izzy and couldn't come to an agreement with him. Since I haven't seen the contracts (nor has anybody else that I know of on here), we don't know if the contract is with the GNR partnership that the 3 of them are a part of or if the contract is with Axl's GNR entity and he contracted with Slash and Duff. Or, the GNR branding could be being licensed from Axl's entity and they each have a contract to perform. Izzy and Steven still get paid something for performance rights of every song that either of them had songwriting credits on. It is nowhere near what A, S and D get to do the concerts but it is a lot more than 0. This article that I found about Metallica indicates that they interact with each other about as much as it seems Axl does with the rest of the band yet they keep putting out new music. Click for article about Metallica
  5. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

    I'm pretty sure the audio on that video is pre-recorded. There are no mics anywhere near them and it just doesn't sound live. As far as singing voice, Freddie wins hands down. Axl can't and could never pull off opera. As far as "frontman," I'd say Axl in his prime wins. With Axl anything could happen at a show (and many times it did). This added an air of excitement on top of the performance. When performing, Axl in his prime rocked out like a maniac. Freddie (from videos I've seen) more kind of pranced around the stage.
  6. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    It would be pretty cool if anybody was able to bootleg the monitor mixes to hear this stuff. At the Miami show, I could see Axl flip the switch a few times and talk into the mic but not over the PA. He did it for quite a lengthy amount of time in the middle of one of the songs in that show (maybe YCBM, I can't remember).
  7. I was thinking the other day about this. They have to get paid far less than half for an arena date vs. a stadium date. Even a poor selling stadium show will be at least 50% more than a sold out arena. If the tour was just a cash grab, why play Arena dates? These dates seem to indicate that they are enjoying touring and want to do more shows. It isn't completely a weather situation because some cities (like Detroit) where they are playing an arena have indoor football stadiums. Clearly they don't think they could sell enough tickets at the football stadium but want to play the city again. I don't know. Just a thought. Maybe bodes well for them keeping it going for a few years (possibly/hopefully with at least a few new songs released). Who knows. With GNR, Axl could stop in the middle of the show in Hershey and say "I need some chocolate and we're going home" followed by moving into the Hershey chocolate factory, never to be seen again!