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  1. I dont know about that thread, I'll look for it. But to clarify, whats reported is that Axl had a band writing tunes but nothing has been released that originated from the Shadow Company as far as is known. The Shadow Company is said to include Huge and Dizzy. Its difficult to tell if they could be described as 'shadow writers' should some of their material had been used by Axl. I've never heard of the Shadow Company's existence coming into question, but would be interested to learn about that. I'm just going by info found here: http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13280 The Shadow Company: Paul Huge, gtr. Krys Baratto, bass. Sid Riggs, drums. Dizzy Reed, keys. Axl had been going on about his solo project since early '94. Somewhere down the line, Trent Reznor had turned into Dizzy Reed. Dave Grohl had become Sid Riggs. For Dave Navarro, there was Paul Huge. Baratto joined in, and the second generation iteration of Johnny Crash would record under the GNR contract. There are two main ways this lineup could've been originated. The first one is that Axl had it doing the preproduction for his own album while Guns struggled through Snakepit, Gilby, Duff's pancreas and the Devil sessions. The second one is that Axl specifically rounded up the new band around Paul Huge following the Devil sessions and the loss of the Snakepit demos. Another minor clue to the history of the Shadow Company is given by Baratto. "Keep in mind, Sid and I were recording on demos. Paul was involved... We were all a part of putting tracks down on the demos. So, it was never a "version" of the band. It was fun though... Across the mixer were such people as Slash, Zakk, Matt, Duff, Dizzy, and a host of others." (Krys Baratto, Sp1at, 04/15/05)
  2. Please take this with a large grain of salt, but I have it in mind that they are members of the so called "Shadow Company." A group of musicians that Axl had writing songs, potentially for Guns, around 1994-96ish. I just cant recall why I think its them, lol. Hopefully if I'm not mistaken then someone else will be able to confirm and fill in the blanks. http://www.gnrevolution.com/viewtopic.php?id=13280
  3. Axls 98' Dad-bod was the most represented body type among men attending NITL shows.
  4. Perhaps they both poses that duality? In my limited flirtations with Nietzche he's sometimes brought to mind the 'drunk in the midnight choir' vibe. Sometimes the negativity is an outcome of the purest of intentions, other times its anger that needs to be checked (imho). I think Axl is kinda like that. Imagine an Axl interview about his views?! That would be incredible!! I think "the ink" intentionally evokes scriptures. But I think he might be applying that concept to either how fans might perceive Axls lyrics or the press. The Gospels are incredible! Please just ignore my theological point of order I just meant I dont agree with his interpretation of 'turn the other cheek.' Its not important, just Bible geek stuff, lol
  5. I know, that's just too darn meta isn't it? I think its likely that Axl would be intrigued by Nietzche. Even as a person, in addition to his writings. Neitzche suffered a mental breakdown and one might read Axls descriptions of why he was ill-prepared for UYI tour as a mental breakdown. Neitzche even wrote letters to friends after his breakdown which he signed "der Gekreuzigte" meaning "the crucified one." Neitzche is often characterized as having become a recluse towards the end of his life. Lots of room for a connection there. But yeah, that's what I meant to convey, that the image of the crucifix could be repurposed to say let the idols die. The crown of thorn is part of Christs crucifixion. Neitzches 'the death of God' could be in play for sure. Theres perhaps no more distilled of a representation of Nihilism in popular rock culture than "I dont believe there is a reason" in Shacklers. Rivaled only by NIN who Axl was really into by this point. Huh, I recently quoted from that same section of lyric, too! Yeah, Im not sure either. I think he means his words are the ink, though? I wont go into detail about the anti-imperial reading of 'turn the other cheek' here. But imo Axl is using it in the incorrect way. Good point. Hmmm , if you die as a martyr but are no longer a martyr, it could very well speak to resurrection or rebirth. Which loops back to Christ on the cross... Haha, a much more plausible explanation!
  6. Im really happy you highlighted that there is a community of secular Crucifix collectors. That this isn't some unique Axl eccentricity, but a sub culture. I hadn't really considered that. And I think the general 'he just likes it' or 'he finds it compelling' angle makes a lot of sense (especailly compared to my far out theories, lol).
  7. Awesome episode! Great job everyone. Hope a twitter campaign mobilizes to boost the albums profile! Mariah Carey will always be the Queen of Pop in my book. And yes, I agree, "UYI 3" is a good description of CDs sound.
  8. Yes, Im sure he is not into Catholicism. He was deep into New Age for some time at least, if not still. Whereas a crucifix wouldnt be at all considered an idol by believers, generally speaking from a secular perspective statues of dieties are called "idols." So I wonder if theres an angle about an idol of an "idol" being killed playing into a kill your idols idea. I really do think Axl thought of himself as a martyr, as pop idol who was venerated and then hung out to dry. But Im not sure either. Id never noticed the Lady of Guadalupe shirt in Dont Cry video. Other then the idea of venerating a women, Mary sometimes being portrayed crying and a reference to heaven in the lyrics there doesnt seem to be much there. Maybe he just digs Catholic imagery? Although the chapel in honour of The Virgin was built where an Aztec shrine to The Mother Goddess Tonantzin had once stood, pre-colonization. A lyric about a break up and hope for future might play into the imagery of 'a new women replacing the old women' in the dc video? haha, Im prolly reading way to deep into it! Outside of Catholicism and most Orthodox, an image of Christ on cross is not utilized by Protestant and Anabaptist churches. Pentecostal are Protestant. His facial expression and body language leads me to think he just likes the dread and ugliness (for some who arent Catholics or Orthodox) that can be seen in the image?
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Yeah, that's a good point. I think some would counter with the notion that a loss by narrow margins in Red Texas is a win in many other settings. But a recent L on the record is tough in and of itself, I suppose. What I took from the article is that there's a bit of a holding pattern taking place in the dems fundraising and activist worlds. I wonder if its as much about figuring out how to utilize O'Rourke for fundraising as it is about him making a legit bid for the Primary? He appeals to young voters and can bring in the cash. Maybe that plays well as a VP on a ticket with an elder politician?
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    His attacks on the press included removing a reporters press pass after first publicly berating the reporter just for doing his job. A Judge ordered the Trump admin to reinstate the press access. Trump says he will fight the ruling and rejects the courts ruling. Trump has announced a plan to role out new rules of conduct for reporters to follow - absolutely shocking for a US pres in light of the Constitution. And for a belligerent tyrant like Trump its not hard to see that Trumps concern is not decorum, but control. https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/16/media/cnn-trump-lawsuit-hearing/index.html
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    My argument about the workers, whom you identify as being Hillarys deplorables, only referenced Trumps actual talking points. They were race-baiting, xenophobic and not based in the reality of a neo liberal globalized economy. Thats facts. If you hear that as me saying that "63 Americans are racists" then thats your own take away, not a representation of my argument. Democracy needs a free press with access. Trump feels he just needs Twitter and rally coverage on alt media. He may be correct. Its also correct that his attack on the free press is symptomatic of a Constitutional crisis.
  12. Haha, there are many ways to see it, I guess. I like Norm Macdonalds take on the empty cross, too 4:20-4:40
  13. Star Wars TV Series Thread

    I havent seen either Rebels or Resistance yet. Im excited to see more of Ahsokas story (no spoilers please! ). But I'm less excited by Resistance although, given its 6 months prior to TFA, I really hope it will reveal the origin of the First Order. That would be huge, imho.
  14. I always figured that his kill your idols shirt kinda shed light onto his interest in crucifixes? Maybe that Axl is the crucified lord? He was raised Pentecostal and they dont use crucifixes. They more than other denominations would be deeply opposed to crucifixes. It really is a disturbing image. So possibly its a childhood thing were he was fascinated by it but not allowed to explore it?
  15. the eating stuff thread

    Lord love a duck!