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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    White Nationalists really should've known better than betting on an orange man. Orange men didn't build western civilization!!
  2. #WokeAxl

    I think that Axl was unable and unwilling to to be sane in a mad world. I think thats a very compelling aspect of his character. And he seems self aware about his madness being in conversation with 'the man.' "Sometimes I feel like the world is on top of me.... Im here to tell you youre worth more then they tell you" and all the lyrics of Scrapped, as an example. As referenced above, we millennials have indeed been schooled to be "in touch with ourselves" and to "tend to our mental health needs." And while some of that has become, within our neoliberal context, just a way to assert the self into a conversation that is otherwise not about the self/label, but it has also cultivated real resistance to the capitalist model that offers us such an unhealthy environment. We have no issue calling up our middle management sheeple and informing them that we are taking a "mental health day" even when HR doesnt have any record of such things in out contracts/agreements lol. But from there we go deeper into the role that capitalism plays in our suffering. We were also schooled by our cultural marxist () educators to be on top of our self care. And while many of us dont know any better than to consume even more products as self care, there is certainly a doorway to a discussion about resistance to capitalism as self care. And also the self care tools of 'refusa'l and 'frivolity' as ways to to survive capitalisms alienation and monotony. Despite the warm and fuzzy way that educators presented mental health to millennials, I still look to Axl as a voice in the discussion. So to speak directly to the OP, I am very grateful that Axl spoke out so much at a time when it wasn't the norm to do so! I think this video essay really sums up how I view, and relate to, whatever madness I perceive in younger Axl.
  3. Best Sandwiches

    Sandwiches and class war... Shut the front door - those are my 2nd and 3rd favourite things!
  4. Best Sandwiches

    I think I saw another Englishmen mention Prawn sandwiches. What are they all about?
  5. Pets!

    Picked up one of the cat fountains folks on here suggested for my tap loving cat. The clerk up-sold me to this 'silent' one. I thought they meant that the pump runs silently (it does), but it also means that the water makes no splashing sound. The sound is what attracts my guy to the tap. So this isnt working yet. Can't decide if I will exchange it or just return it.
  6. True. And I never understood calling My World industrial. It sounds like rap to me? earlier on the podcast they made a comment on how 1999 tunes all seemed to be crappy sounding drum loops with bits of guitar - now that’s a critique of CD that I’ve heard others make. How dated to certain years various aspects of CD is. but yeah, he was just making a frivolous joke. Iirc Hiatts a fan of CD. Word? Huh, well you do you
  7. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    This just occurred to me; did the rehashing of old stories and characters begin after the 2007-8 writers strike? Like, maybe they never felt motivated to get back on the horse since then? (Im fine with a persons code name being reapplied and Im sure its happened irl since smoke and mirrors is basic spy craft)
  8. "...It's like if My World at the end of Use Your Illusions 2 became the basis for an entire album. Oh wait - it kind of did!!" Brian Hiatt throwing CD some shade . And so shortly after the Duff interview? (j/k) Nah, it's just a passing, offhand quip. From the current episode of Rolling Stone Music Now The Best Songs of 1999 https://www.radio.net/p/rollingstone (@ 20:42, start at 19:25 for full context)
  9. Gardening

    Oh right, the lasagna gardens. Man time flies!! Both sound awesome!!
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I may not have voted a capitalist into the white house like you did, but I still think that, even despite that, I have laid down some cogent anti capitalist analysis. Feel free to speak to any of what Ive said. Especially the entire post you ignored
  11. Black Woman Cast as New 007

    007 was based on a Canadian to begin with. So it was always a fraud, heritage wise. Canada is about trans racial, trans anything. A lot of folks dont know that Jordan Peterson is trans species having once been a frog not unlike Kermit.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So... all the analysis I just laid down that you have avoided speaking to doesnt count? Pardon me while I lazily read books.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Im able to acknowledge the migrant crisis without advocating for it. I feel like that shouldnt really confuse people. Think about it, why would I want people in crisis? lol The crisis is in motion. Your logic appears to be that capitalism itself should dictate the resistance to capitalism. lol. Read fox piven and then get back to me about my lack of rebellious ideas.