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  1. Gardening

    That Stella Blue!!! Thats why Jerrys a legend Hahaha Craigs groundhogs dug up you'r Liporie? That bastard! j/K
  2. Gardening

    That ghost hates her all the way to the bank! I want a money ghost! What did she say about if people sat on the bench? WTF is this space drums mumbo jumbo??!!
  3. Gardening

    We're taking in a Dead show together! I love it, Cin! Feels like its been too long! This jam has got me dancing! What - thats great news! I bet it was the garden feature that sealed the deal. The house is officially not haunted or else it wouldnt have moved so fast!
  4. Gardening

    I dug that Bird Song! I dont know the name of this Chuck Berry style Bobby song? West Louisianna Blues?
  5. Gardening

    I know How much he's shinning makes it all the sadder to me. But he really is turning in a great performance. Did you see the look on Hornsbys face at the start of Friend of the Devil? Like "What the fuck am I supposed to play on the accordion to this???" But he seems to have found it.
  6. Gardening

    Mydlands in excellent voice tonight!
  7. Gardening

    The local raw wildflower honey thing helped me for sure too!!! Thats too cool that a road became a character in your writing! For some reason, when I saw Jerry in short, I immediately pictured him in 91 Axl stage attire, namely white bicycle shorts.
  8. British Politics

    Was being facetious. And I triggered you good But Ive posted my actual thoughts on it right after the month-old-post you initiated this exchange with. So you can find it if interested. Sounds like what many of our present day governments do and/or did. Thats Imperialism and Colonialism for you.
  9. Gardening

    Its not true! You mean that Beaker is the only reason Im not like Mayer?? Yeah, its nice to see him more engaged. I couldn't hear what he said about the cassettes behind him. Did you catch that?
  10. British Politics

    I didnt say anything about him. He quoted me from a month ago, talked complete nonsense and called me a "fascist." He then just now acknowledged that he's been on wiki. So its a good thing you've come to his defence. Totally nailed it. You can read back in the thread to correct your error here.
  11. Gardening

    Beaker is the thin line between me and that???
  12. Gardening

    He does. And everything he just said seems to speak to that... well, more like it doesnt disprove it I guess. He's struggling a bit maybe?
  13. Gardening

    Looks blue to me too! Im still all pouty about Mayer lol Thats awesome about the house! Tough call for her. Id do it like you are saying. Agreed.
  14. British Politics

    You anticipated that I would know the National War Memorial and the other 75 memorials by the name "The Cenotaph." Thats how this started, when you called me a mean name for not knowing that we had 76 The Cenotaph(s). I see youve been enjoying a bit of wikipedia since then.
  15. British Politics

    So wait, y'all call one of your many monuments "The Cenotaph" even though that term simply describes a design feature shared by many monuments? Rather daft, isnt it?