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  1. Neat! I think thats a strong theory. Very likely. I was wondering if he saw being in Guns and stardom like being under a dominatrix' control and had to rework it a bit to save face, but your theory holds a lot more water.
  2. Yeah, it is confusing. Being ashamed is the easiest explanation to changing the story. But also its just off brand for them at the time, to be subs. More of a NIN thing at the time. Maybe she was a switch and played sub to him?
  3. Jesus is an anarcho-communist

  4. Good points. I think the 'bitch is just insane' kinda snuck by me. If it werent Guns Id take the time to think through how Humiliation and aggressive Dirty Talk could also be a wanted part of the scene. But its Guns. Also he's saying that outside of the scene to someone who isnt involved. I was always surprised by the Izzy anecdote about seeing the dominatrix because he comes across as so naive and giddy about it. I think youre right, it really does seem that he and Axl have uneducated and wrong headed attitudes about kink when they recorded it. Although thinking on the spot here, maybe the mystery of why does he say "cool ranch dressing" could be explained if that is Izzy or Axls' safe word? Doesn't that seem like a perfect safe word for a midwesterner? So they at least maybe knew about the importance of safe words, lol?
  5. I think we are essentially saying the same thing? At least thats what I was trying to get at, the elasticity of time in a users mind. Very good point. Sometimes Axls mental health and spiritual journey, and Slashs substance dependency seem like two sides of the same coin.
  6. General Chat / Random Musings

    Others gave good advice already. I chat up basically every women I encounter, lol. Im now dating a women I met as a store clerk. One of my strategies if i saw someone I am especially attracted to is if passing them by ask for something, like the time. You can tell in the first second if they have any interest by their body language and how helpful they are. If they add something instead of just giving you the time, you are in. And if they say "I know, my phone is always dying at the worst times too, I think I need a new one" she's likely now hitting on you. Once you can see that they are up for a further exchange it tends to put anxiety to rest/ boost confidence. If they arent up for a chat, who cares. You didnt really out yourself out there, just asked a normal question.
  7. The Synthesizer/Drum Machine Thread

    Thanks. I checked out Nil so far and really like it
  8. Verse one of PTI is about a kinky women who Guns is both excited by and (potentially) derogatory of. Verse two is about how dumb guns is and how shady the biz is. The chorus just rattles off a description of a BDSM scene. I don't know who would potentially find that outrageous? Its not only about The Secretary and 50 Shades anymore. Culturally we are already onto things like Book Club staring Fonda, Keaton, Bergen and Steenburgen, depicting the older generations catching up with the younger generations regarding kink: I hope these non-sexual, non-nude, non-age-restricted, educational YT vids can help clear up any issues about how normal and mainstream kink is
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Tornado, massive power out. And apparently we all thought the same thing: “must get to Tim Hortons. Surely they will still have power?” the huddled masses forming a line all the way out the door and winding the parking lot. People just ditching their cars in the middle of the road when they see that Tim’s is still open. It’s pandamoniun!
  10. The Weed Thread

    Got a new vape yesterday! Hit all my specs and happened to be affordable too - Utillian 420. I was enjoying it so much last night that I didn’t really take note of the tornado warning. Yeah, I vaped while a tornado ripped through, just sitting in the dark of the power down, happy as could be. Listening to comedy fight club. I wake up this morning to see wreckage and learn that a few people are in serious condition at hospital. Well, I guess I should go see how I can help with clean up and relief efforts. Hope they get power up before all my meat thaws. Although cooking up 30 lbs of meat sounds like It would pair well with the vape.
  11. The Synthesizer/Drum Machine Thread

    No, I didnt know that. Cool! I’d love to own something like that. Is that the model you’d go for?
  12. The Synthesizer/Drum Machine Thread

    That gear! I think my favorite synth player will always be Rick Wright. As humble as his playing is. i was listening to this Aphex Twin recently
  13. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    Machine Gun Kelley is a rapper? I always wondered. Just knew him from Roadies.
  14. I wonder if Slash is remembering the band and business obligations from the UYI era not winding down until almost 94? With the Estranged video and perhaps even finishing up and releasing TSI's being part of that era of constant work? TSI being a November 23, 1993 release and the Estranged video released in December 93? Maybe even Gilbys album and video feel like part of the UYI era.