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  1. I'd be into that. With Conspirators I'd hope. But it would be awesome to have Freese back for the Axl tracks, lol. I cant see it happening, but who knows anymore with this band.
  2. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Congratulations on new job! Hope it all comes together and you can start Monday. Id go with beer. Im still home brewing. Small batch. Mainly low alcohol beers, kvass and pops/soda - mostly with kefir or airborne/ wild fermentation. I make some pops like winter beers lately (dandelion root, sage, used coffee grounds, oats, maybe some spices, etc) and they are delicious, so I usually crave them more. I have a lot of fun creating and tinkering with recipes; making them both complex in flavour and super healthy.
  3. Just a complete guess: To me it seems like Slash was unsure when he'd be free from Guns commitments. Maybe he even mentioned some dates to his band, when theyd reconvene, and then had to postpone (just based on little comments here and there from people involved like 'maybe fall' and 'maybe spring')? No mater what the specific machinations were, seems like Myles just decided not to wait any longer. And just when Myles finally decided to go full steam with his album, I bet thats when Slash called them all back to the studio (parallels to Axl and Nu Guns members). Hence confusion from Meegans end and monotone responses from Myles - guys trying to launch a solo career and all he's asked about is Slash, who Myles had potentially just sat around waiting for. So I concur with others that Slash and the Conspirators might be without a singer. I vote for Brian Johnson!
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    thats cool! I really like the licks you do on the rhythm guitar in the first half
  5. Everyones under a NDA regarding the cake recipe, according to an insider on another forum. Izzy was cut out after suggesting substituting avocado for the vegetable shortening But seriously, I hope you can get him. Would be another good one!
  6. If jumping through a cake would disclose the recipe, there'd be a lot of baffled and aggravated revellers in my wake
  7. Oh, cool! So it would actually make sense to interview him then, lol! But still focus on the cake dive in interview, of course
  8. The MYGNRFORUM Make a Connection Song Challenge

    day 47 'More Than Words' strikes me as the 'Blured Lines' of its day. Anyways. Some fun songs, I hope:
  9. @sidman69 Can you please interview the guy who jumped through the wedding cake in NR video? Maybe when the youtube views reach a billion?
  10. hmmmm, but about that lack of distribution though...
  11. Some very good points here and thanks for highlighting their absence from the roster. Sounds like thats likely the case. Only thing to throw a wrench in that theory could be that Axl said CD would be three releases. So either he was only on the hook for two and as an artist planned three anyways (well, 4 with remix album) or the label just took Appetite for Democracy and called it a day? Maybe having spent three albums budget on CD alone? I wonder if Axl had to buy the masters of the CD leftovers? Because thats often the case and giving them away to artist is only done as a good will gesture and I dont think Axl had much of that with the label. So.. now Im realizing that our band doesnt even have distribution. Seriously cant get more Axl / TB then that.
  12. Last full album you listened to?

    A Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi Trio
  13. Went with 2017. Couldn't really hear 07. But looks like its my turn to be 'that guy' because this song suffers with the absence of Izzy and Adler. Its a club banger and sounds better with less saturated guitars. 2010 is nice guitar tones though imo.
  14. Yeah, I think Geffen was temporarily shuttered soon after the buy out, but was re established as a working entity as a part of Interscope/Universal. In the Chinese Exchange interview Axl talks about how they should've have formed their own label but didnt know how. My take away from that is that he is still under contract with Geffen. Also based on rumour that he turned in CDII in 2011. If he wasn't under contract with them, he could've easily found some label to put out a finished Guns album.
  15. Books/Reading Thread

    The Fall Of The Prison, by Lee Griffith