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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    The Surete Du Quebec (La Fuzz) has been conducting roaming checkpoints along the bridges from Ottawa for days now. They interrogate you and decide if you have reason to enter their Nation Province. The idea is that only residence and those on essential business can enter Quebec. The SQ are thuggish and rough handed so its no fun, especially for anglophones. But my buddy gained entry by telling them in faux-broken-french that he "needs to purchase the cheese that only old stock Quebecors know how to make." They sure are proud of their cheese, those Quebec folks
  2. the eating stuff thread

    Spicy bbq pulled chicken wrap on mountain bread, with dijon, balsamic schmaltz-sautéed shiitake and fresh kale in a yogurt dressing. 10/10
  3. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Margaret Trudeaus one woman show https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/margaret-trudeau-s-one-woman-show-heading-to-montreal-1.4525583
  4. Books/Reading Thread

    The Office: The Untold History of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000's, An Oral History Andy Greene
  5. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Like jeans or khakis. In Canada and everywhere else that normal people live What you call your gitch "pants?"
  6. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Like... They don't let you wear pants when you go in to work?
  7. the eating stuff thread

    Oh good, I've enjoyed watching Timberlake cry on other tv shows as well. Always a good pick me up
  8. Gardening

    How do you feel about those whats and red ringed beets? The insides almost look like a peppermint candy. Well, after you get the toilet out of the shower you can at least Wow, that would be surreal on 911.
  9. Really strong episode. Kyle and Michelle's absence added to the weight of your message. And what a great message it is. Thanks for sharing your experiences and for encouragement. Dawes is a band that I swear I was in love with before I even knew they existed, if that makes sense. It all just rings so true to me. And the most recent album Passwords has been very healing. This track Stay Down is taking on a slightly new meaning lately, but still just highlights all the good that some alone time, reflection and rest can bring.
  10. Gardening

    Im looking to try out all them purple potatoes and orange cauliflowers. Really spruce up the look of a plate! Healthier is a nice bonus. Pickled beets and carrots are in now, here, so that will be great too! The Google Earth image of your neighbourhood is going to be marked by the high ratio of pansies in everyones yards Thats cool about your hippy. I used to live near a neighbour with a large back yard garden and this odd hippy would often come an poke his stick around in the beds before helping himself to some tomatoes. Every time he was confronted - and I mean every time - he would try and make up for it by inviting every one to a "beach party." Yeah, the beach was 2 hours away... he was mostly asking for a drive to the beach Im really sad to hear about the outbreak at the hospital that you have a connection too. You worked at the hospital itself? Hoping to jump back on the micro greens horse again today.
  11. The lack of cancellations and announcement on upcoming concerts is fucking unacceptable. But the notion that Guns should do anything else in relation to the virus is absolutely mind boggling to me.... 'I got an email from Burger Kings CEO about Covid, therefore he cares about me more than GNR.' No offence anyone, but give me a f'n break! With these artists and celebrities doing live streams from home, its no different than any other businesses - Its all promotion and PR. With maybe some megalomania and boredom in the mix as well. These are the reasons why celebrities are upping their online presence. Its no different than how celebrities might not get paid for doing tv interviews, but its still true that doing those interviews is what keeps them in the public eye so that they can make that money. For some, their online presence can also communicate to the companies out there 'look at me and my following, Im ready to hashtag your socks subscription service for the right price.' Like, Ms Reese style influencer game. Thats not to say that a human being cant also feel good about their contributions to the masses happiness. Like "Im so grateful to have a job where I can help people cope with the cover 19 crisis." And some might get super into that aspect and keep busy creating content. Towards that, Guns did post that covid themed fan art in a bid for levity In closing, can you imagine Axl Rose posting "stay at home" He already spent 10 years promoting that life style!! He's done his part as far as making it cool to stay home is concerned!
  12. So Izzy has a birthday coming up next

    I agree about Axl and Steven. But for Duff and Slash you seem to base their maturity on their ability to release music? If that were the case, I’d point to how they all fucked up VR - through the public press no less! But I think they show grievous immaturity to this day. certainly Duff is not stagnant creatively and does a variety of very cool and fresh projects. He continues to grow in musical maturity. But I mean, have you even seen Slashs Instagram?? Lol And Duff gives those cringy interviews about how guns were never misogynists to RS and is still whining about that ‘terrible’ CNN interviewer who asked him about ISE. If that isnt immaturity, then allow me to direct you to exhibit b: the punk as fuck t shirt. As far as Izzy goes, I consider being flaky to be an expression of immaturity. Izzy flaked out on the cathouse podcast in recent months. He is likely the most mature based on the little that we know. I agree with you there too.
  13. Gardening

    I really shouldn't go into my grow room pre-coffee May you go all season without dropping a tray! Or at least I hope its kale that you drop Since you dropped off pansies, I figure the brochure was for gay conversion therapy? (ba-dum ching) "No good deed goes unpunished" is the sole truth I have known. I guess I'll just add micro greens to my farm order. Its funny, it feels almost embarrassing to order them. Like admitting 'yeah I cant even grow these... please help me to stay alive, Ms farmer?!!?!'
  14. So Izzy has a birthday coming up next

    The AFD five, plus Matt, are incredibly immature people imho. It took 23 years and boat load of cash - and indeed the boat itself too, looking at you Duff - to get just 50% of these man babies to even flesh out a very basic co-worker relationship. I don't see anything beyond that happening, sadly. And I don't buy the 'older people are less creative' thing. Philip Glass is 83 and he presented not one, but two new works in 2019. One of which is the score to Broadways King Lear! John Williams is 88 and he just scored the new Star Wars and won a 2020 Grammy for it! Willie Nelson is 86 and has released pretty much an album or two a year from 1962-2020. And his new album is tight af! Heres the thing with rockers who grow creatively stagnant; they didn't continue to develop new musical skills. They get the world handed to them at age 21 for having a basic grasp of an intermediate level of hard rock prowess. Most are therefore complacent and cocky, so they never get much further in their skills. And imho that harkens back to the immaturity issue. It's arrested development on every level
  15. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    If you need extra incentives to make people on the street social distance, I've stumbled upon the solution: Smear coconut oil all over your face before you go out. I've been stuck indoors with the electric heating drying out my skin. So I slathered a bunch of coconut oil onto my face to moisturize. I forgot it was there and went out for my walk. My face was wet, distorted and shinning with the oil. People didn't know what to make of it an kept their distance! And then the real doozy was around the half way point of my walk - the oil started melting into my eyes at which point I couldnt see and was walking with arms outstretched like a literal zombie