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  1. British Politics

    Can you help me understand this, please? For one thing, Blair?!? Even the Muricans have the good sense to leave Dubya to the dust bin of history. Iraq was a lie. The national conversation is forever shifted left though, thanks to Corbyn.
  2. British Politics

    Hot chicks eating breakfast is sexy. On that we agree. Corbynism, in the sense that the conversation has successfully been pushed to the left, is here to stay.
  3. The Mandalorian (Star Wars TV show)

    I went to re-watch ch 6 and when I finished watching it the second time, I just hit play again and watched a third time! I think its the theatrical costuming and acting by some characters. And the almost comic book feel to some of it that I find so engaging. (I think this ensemble is what season 2 of Strangers Things tried and, imo, failed at with the punk criminal squad) And in the midst of all that, they wrote Burrs lines perfectly in his voice. Theres just so much 'interest,' like its firing on all cylinders.
  4. Gardening

    Ice cold golden mil sounds so good. I want those slider now!! What the recipe, please? Glad you get to be snowed in for some christmas spirit. Sounds cozy. Keep out all the donor business for a few days. Im holding out hope for those Lantana! Maybe Christmas morning. You just ruined sprouts for me I was intending them for in wraps and pad thai. But I also figure between sprouts and micro greens Id essentially have the textural and nutritional substitute for lettuce on sandwiches. Lettuce is something Ive not successfully grown in doors, and I never use up all the store bought in time. That plus the contamination of the pre-shredded stuff freaks me out. So it seems like a well rounded solution to many problems. I just ate homemade from the garden jalapeño poppers that were in the freezer... they must have been in there a while... stomach is not pleased. Tasted great though, if I do say so myself!
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This smear campaign on TYT's Cenk Uygur over his 2000's 'hot or not' thing is ridiculous. This is the second smear attack on him, at least this time its not by his own virtue signalling staff at Justice Democrats!! Seems Sanders even withdrew his endorsement of Cenks Congressional run over it. I mean I actually never liked Cenk much. Especially next to Anna Kasparian and Emma Vigeland who are way smarter and also sexy af. ... There goes my political career.
  6. First official Mats vid that popped up - 1, 632, 000 views
  7. Gardening

    I can imagine that would feel awkward and a bit wrong about the Donor business and the MGs being trotted out as an advertisement. And to have all the things that you paid for being branded with Jonny come lately's. Ugh. Seems like the big corporate wheels are churning. I didnt realize any other groups use the garden? Haha, I tend to schedule my grocery shopping around cat food needs, too Gotta keep drenched in coffee!! Sipping mine now. Kicking ass on the ol' to do list this morning. Weekend house cleaning routine, a few loads of Scrubba laundry, slow cooking a pork shoulder for pulled pork, made magnesium oil, then garbage out, bank, grocery, vices, then starting my Lebanese Mountain Bread. First time trying that - its a flat bread that you stretch the raw dough out over an upside down mixing bowl until its see through. This gives it its famous stretchy and toothsome bite. 806 hours is incredible! And youre right, its likely far higher. Well done. You accomplished lots from where I stand! I have this urge to start sprouting and doing some micro greens... these both feel like the childs play of indoor gardening... like its embarrassing for one of us to grow sprouts Its like you start to garden and then quit, but cover it up with fancy titles like "micro greens"
  8. British Politics

    Its his darling Priti. Hard to recognize her when shes smiling. Joy looks scary on her - I prefer the Darth Vader Priti.
  9. Hahahahahaha! In the video Santa can’t quite get the one ring on. It shows him try to wiggle it on and then they just give up and settle. With the ring only half way up his finger!
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    I dont think I've ever seen them but the brand name looks familiar.
  11. Gardening

    Yay, Im glad it was fun! I cant imagine how difficult it would be to judge. Those gnomes are incredible and hilarious!! So creative!
  12. British Politics

    Survived The Apocalypse.
  13. British Politics

    Its sad if thats how you and others present and disseminate the situation and facts with those in destitution (not that we need you to spoon feed us info). I doubt its actually the reality because I am poor and have experienced homelessness and the entire time I was the person you speak to now. More than likely you are repeating a talking point that comes from people of stability, comfort and means, who are speaking on behalf of the poor. Its a fairly standard conservative talking point, so forgive me if me and everyone I know is evidence to the contrary. The history of where Marxist analysis take root also undermines your statement - its the working class. And the only useful reading on the climate crisis is rooted in critiques of capitalism. Many employed workers have to use food banks. Please dont add insult to injury and suggest that they are uninformed and unconcerned. We are mobilized, and if Im honest, more informed then the average prol.
  14. British Politics

    Start handing ou life rafts, maybe that'll drive the point home? haha