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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Great little interview with AOC and Bernie. The interviewer even goes an entire 9 minutes without ever asking 'why a women of colour like AOC would endorse a white man like Sanders?'
  2. Gardening

    I thought Tomatina is that big tomato fight in Spain? Its a food, too? And its leaves cut you? However you got cut, that sucks! They are the worst. Where would I be as a gardener with out the internet? But also Master Gardeners Okay, it seems like Kevin should have a Saturday Morning cartoon strip
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    Ugh, just got paid decently (for once) for a piece on how beautiful autumn is. It’s as if ones being bribed to not write anything of substance.
  4. British Politics

  5. Gardening

    Oh right, the seeds origin climate... makes sense. I have so much to learn. You are becoming a literal "tree hugger" and Im for it! Sounds like a really neat read. Sounds like you managed to get a lot done at the garden. Chicken wire drives me nuts - its impossible! Ahhh, your side project!!! The pollinators will thank you for the natives once it all finally done. I sure am eating a lot of lentils Theyre more diverse than Id anticipated, thankfully. Stews, curries, sauces, fritter/patty, chilli, cold salad, etc. I think I will try making lentil stuffed ravioli.
  6. The Joker

    I gotta see this already! In my world Batman has always been the touchstone for 'the myth of redemptive violence.' That his violence is what will bring peace. He doesnt kill, only bad guys kill, Batman does "good" violence. And yes he's an elite, those are the only people that our society looks to, to sanction violence - that good, redemptive violence. So from that view of Batman, this view of Joker makes sense and is very exciting to consider.
  7. Interesting 1987 tape on eBay

    Just some raw info, not sure what to make of any of it. I start to make guesses further down but Im confident about some of this. ***** It lists the engineer as "G.M" so I would bet that is George Marino. Marino is who mastered AFD. https://www.allmusic.com/album/appetite-for-destruction-mw0000192878/credits ***** NTSC = National Television System Committee <--- indicated PAL = Phase Alternation By Line https://www.diffen.com/difference/NTSC_vs_PAL ***** CTC. Just a guess, but this could stand for 'Channel-to-Channel' or possibly 'Cassette to Cassette'. In either case "Out" being indicated could mean that the recording can be copied from but not taped over. ***** As noted the listed date of May 26, 1987 is just two months prior to AFDs release on July 21, 1987 ***** GHS-2-4148-A/B..... Hmmm, its stamped on there right along with Guns and the label. Same stamp as the date, too. First off, A/B is familiar in the audio and video production world (and many other spaces) as a term for comparing two versions of a recording, "a" and "b." It could randomly be part of some storage code though. Wild guess # 1: GHS = Globally Harmonized System (of cataloguing recordings) ?? That term is currently used in the toxic chemical industry, but may have been used in the analog days? "2" = its the second version to A/B ??? Wild guess # 2: GHS is similar to VHS... is GHS one of the names for this medium? Wild guess # 3: The "g" stands for Geffen and its a standard Geffen cataloguing system. Still feeling A/B part in this case.
  8. British Politics

    Trudeau first coalition meeting with the NDP
  9. British Politics

    The Trudeau's arriving at Rideau Hall to ask the Queens representative, the Governor General, to accept the election results and reinstate him as Prime Minstrel.
  10. Gardening

    I should play sick when he's getting too crazy . Do seeds need a rest after they are dried and ready to plant? Like, if you just collected them last week, dried em out, could you plant them right away? I dont mean ones that over winter, I mean could you put them under grow lights right away? Hope you can enjoy some quiet time at the garden.
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    This is the stuff the capital "L" Lesbiasn and queer gals argue about. Somehow the misandry of it all tends to get lost in the shuffle.
  12. Apologize to @Sydney Fan, @Tom2112, @RONIN, @Malcolm Malcolm And anyone else - I posted the wrong track! The correct video has been posted by @triad just above. Thanks triad! I like that track too! Turns out posted the wrong track, so this one doesnt feature Duff after all . But its a neat song, though! I like the prog rock arrangement a lot! The correct video is posted just above and is pretty experimental too. I was wrong - Duff doesnt play on it But yeah, this is a neat, quirky song for sure. The actual Get the Money track that Duff plays on is pretty interesting and unique too! There might be something to quirky solo albums by drummers as this track brings to mind the spirit of Keith Moons album and the style of Nick Masons album "Fictitious Sports." Hahaha, my pleasure I like it better too. Get the Money is a great track too. Both songs strike me as what musicians would want to do but that always gets 'streamlined' by the time the albums done. He's just going full muso here and i like it! It really doesnt sound much like Duff tone wise or stylistically. Duff "gave us some reggae" here though.
  13. Gardening

    I hear dead people That sounds frustrating! Sweet Cornbread was back to messing around with the grow space again this morning. I never noticed but he ceased all tomfoolery while I was sick. What a sweetie! Now that Im feeling mostly better, he figured its time to start fucking with me again!
  14. British Politics

    Prime Minstrel Trudeau it is! I bet the racists who hate him are besides themselves with bewilderment . His daddy had a second term as a minority leader before regaining a majority. Haha, Singh will be our first brown prime minister, hopefully in about 2 years. Conservatives had an alright showing, but so much of it is stemming from Western resentments and oil. Their base spent the last week defacing murals of Greta... you know, like adult stuff . Who will be their base after oil is phased out? The new right wing populist party received zero seats. We are kicking ass over here