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  1. The MYGNRFORUM A to Z Song Challenge

    thanks anyways
  2. The MYGNRFORUM A to Z Song Challenge

    @janrichmond @Silent Jay I've always wondered if this bit from BBC's Spaced was a reference to something. Any chance its a reference to Chas and Dave "Rabbit?" (sorry for OT, i just need to know!)
  3. Im not sure what to say. Business people are the architects of this whole situation.
  4. I get burnt out on certain types of metal. Im by no means a metal head but enjoy some Machine Head and Soulfly every now and then. Get into it for maybe a week and then dont wanna hear it again for a year. I like other heavier music too, but dont get burnt on it.
  5. Thats really cool. Good investigating! Someone in other thread mentioned that the dragon could be reference to this performannce art that happened recently in Ottawa. A huge mechanical dragon fought a huge mechanical spider. The performance was the creation of a new myth that the cities extensive work on an LRT line had stirred a sleeping dragon. Basically representing the anxieties of progress. This Mishibizhiw mythology might confirm the dragon is a about the new myth? That they are both based on local mythologies? Ottawa is on a tract of unceded territory of the Algonquins, who are Anashnaabek. There is no Treaty, the land was never surrendered. Talks are underway for a modern day treaty. (ps: thanks to those who posted lithos here and in other threads. I was/am outta likes)
  6. thanks. I knew I was missing something
  7. thanks for posting set list. Melissa's intro before Patience, like a musical intro? EDIT: Oops. I get it the Allman Bros. I thought Reese was playing a musical intro for a second. Then coffee happened.
  8. that's not how that works.
  9. Cool shot. However, as if it wasn't confusing enough about these Ottawa lithos, now there's a picture with a tartan SUV parked in an ascending position on a pile of fire wood?
  10. What Are You Listening To 2017

    I'll dedicate U2's 'Staring At The Sun' to Grand Wizard Trump