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  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I like the work theyve done that Ive seen too, but from the rumours it sounds like they werent giving Star wars much reverence. I agree about Disney. I complain about GNR but not about Star Wars and I dont know why - theres critiques to make about both to be sure. I just like to have Star Wars be light hearted fun I guess... except the prequels did break my heart at the time, haha
  2. those two tracks - what I was gonna say actually - and then DTJ, ISE...
  3. Heres DC's set list for reference: It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Chinese Democracy Welcome To The Jungle Double Talkin' Jive Estranged Better Live and Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine New Rose This I Love Civil War Yesterdays Coma Band Intros The Godfather Theme/Sweet Child O' Mine Wichita Lineman Used To Love Her My Michelle Wish You Were Here/Layla November Rain Black Hole Sun Only Women Bleed/Knockin' On Heaven's Door Nightrain ENCORE: Catcher In The Rye Patience Madagascar Don't Cry The Seeker Paradise City
  4. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Its not the anthology story that Im most looking forward to, but to me things are going just fine with Disney. From what I know it sounds good that they fired those comedy directors?
  5. The whining thread

    Sister in law dug out an old video of me as a child playing in band at talent show. I did Hogan ears. Thats, like, #demented
  6. Or when Slash arrived for the 96 rehearsals to a wall of state of the art rack modules, FX pedals, midi and amps. And there were techs offering him a selection of guitars. Slash was like 'nah, think Ill stick with my rig.' Edit: or was that Zakk? Back to whispers for me
  7. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    You're all worse than GNR fans... oh, right.
  8. Good points. Weird coming from a Scottsman though as I think this is the image most of us have in our head for a Scottish toilet:
  9. The whining thread

    Just another evening with Oldest Goat! Ya know - just one of those dreams, haha Maybe Ill post a tune after your gnr comic arrives?
  10. The whining thread

    It really is something when it just comes, for sure. Hidden river: I love that. Perfect way to state it. Thats some high standards when your dreams dont make the cut, haha I received a song in dream once, but thats it. I tried water colour for a bit but never got the hang of it. You do graphic design too? I hope to one day get some of my current work out. Came close to posting some on the forum. When theres more stability in life. Id be honoured to share thoughts or workshop with you!
  11. The whining thread

    haha! Thanks I've written hard rock, jam band, folk, electronic, theme music for radio (electronic) and played or recorded with other songwriters, bands and session work. A bit of work behind the mixing board too. Now Im limited to fooling around on garage band program on computer and just trying to keep up basic rudiments on the acoustic guitar. I like to compose 'soundtrack' style music on computer and still pen the odd folk tune. Im sure some of its online, but none of my own projects as far as i know. There probably is nothing new to write in music, so dont worry about that part! Its really cool how as the author you hear the themes. Very telling of how in tune you are with it. And all I can say is that Im at home with sound but really intimidated by writing.
  12. The whining thread

    @Len Cnutyou were supposed to defend British boxers so I could post these pictures of our Prime Minister boxing a disgraced Senator. Even our bimbo PM can throw down! And who could forget the weigh in:
  13. The whining thread

    Thats a tricky word; "soon" When its done it will be done on time. I am a composer/songwriter. Im so beyond rusty though as its been disrupted by health stuff. I had an eye on moving into foley once upon a time, too.