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  1. ^^^^ would be my guesses too. Quebecers in general, some say, have a unique driving style too. But its probably not that.
  2. I think it could apply. But then theres also bands like the stones who's fans love to get new music and even if an album doesnt blow up the charts fans still appreciate it.
  3. Very cool about the watermelon! That sounds like a really great garden, btw. My herb garden is doing pretty okay. Especially the culinary herbs kinda like bad treatment. Im reminded to go check my peas - Ive only been to my one garden three times this year. Once to plant, once to see it flooded and once to replant. Hope the peas found their trellis, lol! So I hope my cucumbers liked the weather too and summer squash is likely ready. A lot of my other veg garden stopped growing with the heat and are slowly catching up. Happy to hear your carrots are doing well, mine arent. Beets are though. Well, the current planting at least. Earlier this year I harvested beets that were only greens - there was no sign of beets after 55 days! I miss last years drought!
  4. Yeah mine were an unpleasant texture too, Still tasted fine enough in a palak panner, but not great for a sandwich or something. Im really not loving this season. Some of the seedlings I put in were completely submerged by flooding and died. I think its probably all that you list leaving us with this. And here lots of rain expected which will cause more rips. Then gotta harvest before the rips infect the tomato even if they aren't ripe. Did you put anything else in this year?
  5. Same for me. Most arent ripe yet and those that are - have harvested maybe 12 - have been very small and have lots of rips. Ive got a few plants that I put in a bit later that are looking good, so hoping for a long autumn. You've harvested some?
  6. G And as a GNR fan, gotta include Gary Sunshine!
  7. Wish he'd at least use rasp for the "oh" and "ha's" in the verses.