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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I guess that powerful lobby's are also able to precondition and influence voters too though, right? I mean definitely through the propaganda that is the election cycle and daily news cycle covering the politicians year round. In cases even controlling the news outlets. But also through funding special interest groups (covertly or overtly) and avenues like having a hand in non news TV and radio? And through all of this raising up public figures who act as a mouth piece - Im thinking of Heston in the moment. I mean, influence at institutions of higher learning is common too. If we are to take the Russian interference seriously, which I do, then wouldnt we need to acknowledge the penetrability of the mind of the American voter? And that that access may be bought by the same lobbyists just under a different guise?
  2. Very cool! Does this mean Robin is getting some songwriting credits? I havent followed too closely for a while now, but always wondered what it felt like for Finck to have been there all this time and then Ross and Alejandro(?) show up as co writers.
  3. Gardening

    Did you work vice squad?
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Hahaha! Outta likes
  5. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    ...That doesn't make any sense at all... Your complete misunderstanding of Christianity is a constant source of comedy
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Agreed. I dont think 'the code' a fair characterization of white rural men (like me). But I do think that is what its been used to represent in this case. Theres reasons for that characterization in the American context, but Id stop well short of using it as a short hand. On paper, talking cold hard facts about voting patterns, accusations of mild racism are no doubt supported in the broad strokes, but not as universally upon deeper examination. So one can use it accurately in a specific context of trends. But that isnt a complete truth.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think its code for 'mildly racist.'
  8. The whining thread

    Oh yikes, lol! Im sure it has more to do with their brains then your design. I could see them relating a drop to drip-coffee/coffee machine coffee/americano and saying they are above drip coffee (even though a droplet is still a beautiful way to celebrate all coffee). But seeing a tear really takes a certain kinda lens.
  9. Thats a good point about Axls 95-96 plans. Huh. In that case its said to be an issue of creative direction between he and Slash that prevented an album from coming out. I still wonder if the fear of critics hindered him at other times. I didnt realize that Guns were questioned for the quality of the music so much as the characters and behaviours. Thats interesting.
  10. The whining thread

    Thats terrible that you've endured bullying into adulthood. But as you say you also have dated and had relationships. If you really are so ugly then this speaks to the high quality of the rest of who you are - its enticing these people. Sometimes devastatingly attractive people have underdeveloped personalities and can be boring. But its also more then likely that you arent ugly. In an extreme case you might look into body dysmorphia - it might be thought patterns rather then reality thats getting you down. I think you know that the vibe you put out to your coworkers is what influences how they receive you. You literally have the same station in life as your coworkers. Act like it! Bottom line is that no one is obligated to be attracted to you. No one is attractive to everyone no matter how hot they might be. On this forum you will see people who prefer Slash, others Axl, others Izzy, etc. Its no way to frame your relationship with hot chicks to just preemptively imagine that they probably think your ugly! Just treat everyone with equal respect. Which is exactly what you want from the world too. Bullying is devastating, Im not undermining the lasting effects it can have. But you gotta do your part, do the work of healing. There really arent a lot of drop dead hot people in the world. Even some celebrities that people drool over dont make sense to me and I suspect without the allure of fame no one would be so into them. So create your mythology, create your mystique. Let others just pick up on your internal self mythologization. And theres no doubt people who've never got a date are pissed off to hear you complain even as you succeed in the dating world. So I will also be audacious in saying that I hear you lamenting being friend zoned. The flip side of that is that sometimes I'm really valuing a new friendship only to discover that they're interest is purely superficial. Its not a great feeling either. We all just play our hands I guess.
  11. Thanks for this. So strange that they got Exile wrong! I think that the Stones benefited in the medias eye by kinda growing up and developing a sophistication in public. Whereas Zeppelin arrived 'as-is' and to many was seen as unsophisticated. I checked into later era Zep reviews in RS and figured Id check Presence since it was so poorly received in general. The review lampoons them for the most part. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-album-reviews/presence-206126/ So, I guess speaking more to the theme of the thread: GNR certainly aren't the new Zep because Axl probably couldn't handle this from a major outlet on a sustained basis, imo.
  12. Gardening

    Let me see if I can help. Its hard to explain this stuff, isnt it!? Hey @cineater I use imgur.com which I was myself shown by someone on here. Once you set up an account I think its a really intuitive site. You can use it as a social media platform of its own and view peoples pictures and comment. Or like I do you can have it set to private and just use it to post images on other sites. Below is a good tutorial, I think. It wont embed which is ironic for a tutorial on imbedding It teaches a way that I dont use it - theres so many ways to navigate this site. So whichever way works best for you. I usually put the jpegs (pictures) on my desk top (computer screen) and drag them into the uploader window. In this video she shows how to browse your files to access the pictures. Her way is probably more convenient. Once you get the basics you can also use it to create memes and gifs! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VBCPt-wJ2w
  13. Weird dreams/Nightmares

    I dont think Im alone in having weird dreams... even the thread is called that... You in the cups again?
  14. New Work Tune

    Same. The chorus especially. To my ears its almost like Locomotive is this jam elevated to Axls UYI standards. Or without that finesse it would be right at home of It's Five O' Clock Somewhere.