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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Great book review The Management of Savagery: How America’s National Security State Fueled the Rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Donald Trump (2019)
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    All for one and one for all. Unshakable class solidarity. So, in that case, how does your social conservatism inform your vote then (I guess perhaps it doesnt)? If you are for spending, even in some cases spending 'extra' on people with lifestyles you would aspire to abstain from, then where does your social conservatism manifest itself in your voting?
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Im always curious how one can identify as socially conservative and economically liberal/progressive/whatever thats not conservative? Under the portfolio of 'economic policy' is the question of investment supports for socially marginalized people. Like, for instance, should there be money spent to train suicide prevention hot line councillors about the specific needs of LGBTQA people? The worlds of economic policy and social issues seems to confront one another daily. How do you navigate that apparent tension?
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Thats cool, doggy. No one should spend any time defending Maddow. But, to be clear, you engaged me on this understandably expansive issue, so this counts as a win for me. And I will be happy to remind you about your time management priorities in future discussions I'm sure
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Fair warning: if conservative leaning folks like yourself help us win a progressive POTUS, we're still gonna do our darnedest to have the liberal individuals that you would have saved the election from school you hard before the midterms. (Im just talking shit!)
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    So the podcast that you dont know about definitely does the thing you're saying it does?And the Podcast I offer that are in Maddows format arent spoken too. Alright. If you prefer Maddow spouting nonsense, its your prerogative to lap it up. Hosts like her were of such service to the people last prez election cycle. And as you and I agree, she's been shit in the Trump era too. I wrote and then erased "you dont need to watch the podcast clip I posts if you dont like the format" and then I realized, as a admin/mod you do! Bless your soul! I also post a shit ton of other content in this thread - articles in standard format. They illicit far less reaction. I speculate that you are more exposed to the Right Wing "fake news" criticism of mainstream news then the longstanding leftist criticisms that have lead leftist to create their own media going all the way back to the likes of Kropotkin. I appreciate that you havent hoisted any 'by the numbers' retorts to a "Fake News" position on me for the most part. I have friends running printing presses today. Also a ton of content creators in my world. Same shit different space, honestly. They dont miss any point. Dance circles around her, yes. They accurately point out all the other aspects of her approach and analysis that sit along side her embarrassingly simplistic, procedural focus. Its basic media criticism. The point is to hear accurate and informed analysis that you wont get from Maddow. I dont know if some of them being SDA members bothers you, or that some of the IDW's they go after used to be embraced by the liberal and progressive camps, but they are clearly incredibly intelligent and capable folks. Being confronted with this anti-podcast sentiment is brand new ground for me. Which is a welcomed excursion. And I think I've cracked the case - Hating on the medium of podcasting is just another example of millennial bashing! It doesnt matter that most of those podcasts I put forward are by award winning journalists or even editors of highly regarded news outlets - the suggestion is that they lack substbace and oversight. And the parent thing. Every working parent of kids that I know enjoys podcasts. And youre like a millennial with you 2.5 jobs! Go ahead and compare the diversity of voices and themes on network news and in the podcast sphere. Its just healthy to hear from more povs. You know what would bother you more than a christian leftist millennial and his podcast playlist? (J/K)? You would hate "Progressive TMZ" which is actually called The Progressive Voice on Youtube. Dude actually comments on and/or creates internet drama about progressive and lefty creators. Channels like Majority Report w/Sam Seeder, TYT, Kulinski at Secular Talk, Rational National, Vice, Destiny, David Packman Show, Brian Taylor Cohen, etc. Like its a straight up gossip show about progressive channels/podcasts! I think Now This is faceless just to avoid Progressive TMZ! He tried to create a beef between Sam Seeder and David Pakman over an alleged studio set design rip off Like this boring AF vid about Kulinskis debate skills claims and who won the "debate" about debaters on the left. And yes, I hate Progressive TMC, too.
  7. This track is so uplifting and energizing!! I could skip my coffee after a listen! Hadn't heard this type of thing from him either. Im getting the picture that he's done whatever style he wanted over the years. I really respect that. Will definiiltey read it. And the epic sub bass on this track maybe helped Axl fall in love with sub bass. Tickles my brain a bit! I can see how this track wold hit the spot for you at that point in time! Well said. Im sure a lot of those factors were in play in their relationship. Axl is a millionaire who still has the vibe of a small town worker. Im surprised to learn Moby isnt from blue blood. I could definitely imagine class identity making Axl feel talked down to in that specific way. Haha, Axl is a complex person! I see. He's like a culture chameleon! I thought he was for sure a T-tottaler, but dude parties?! The groupies and strippers is the most shocking part for me. He sounds a lot like Lars Ulrich. Crazy stuff!
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Click the link He talks about the politics of sports. A recent episode was interviewing a pro wrestler about their activism. As you can imagine over the last 2 years he's covered the NFL regarding head injury and Kaepernick, including black lives matter. He talks about the gentrification involved with the Olympics. He talks to feminist authors about the struggle for women's professional football/soccer in some latam nations. All that kind of stuff. If you ever saw Sorkin's Sports Night tv series - its like that lens come to life. Except Zirin doesn't really talk about athletes stats and records much.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You know that tons of people listen to Maddow as a podcast right? And yes, she fills it with safe, surface level analysis and conspiracy theory to fill time, trying to make a name for herself. There are so many podcasts that arent chat and comedy oriented like this one. Make no mistake, this podcast is a decompression about these deadly serious issues. Its like a daily show approach. And I know you arent adverses to the daily show format given the clip you used to launch this thread. But there are so many sober, short and journalism centred casts. So many, like Deconstructed with Medhi Hasan and Intercepted with Jeremy Scahil and Edge of Sports that I linked above. This is odd to learn about someone having a generalized and prejudiced view of an entire form of media. Especially since this one is a YouTube video with a studio and video captions - making it incredibly similar to Maddows format. Evidently you wouldnt even listen to this short clip of a podcast. Because they talk about how vocal she was against Bolton and Iraq. They use that track record as a measurement to display how far she's meandered away from being a vocal critic. Thats their core point. Yes, we all understand her very basic talking point. It is useless and vapid in the face of all she ignores and skims over. Criticizing ones form and substance is not one and the same as missing their (empty) point. Again, you can know Maddow and also know the extreme limitations that the editorial framework she's operating within. She still has the haircut, hubris, pretension and snarky tone of an east coast liberal, but often thats about it. The largest single day protest in history took place in protest to the Iraq war. One doesnt get extra points for being on side with their built in audience about such an open and closed issue. Russia gate was huge ratings with her built in audience. So we got all of that non stop. US Imperialsm in LATAM doesnt have the same hold on the people (in no small part because idiots like herself distracting the people). So we can easily see a pattern. She panders. The very on point, full of useful commentary, journalism and critical analysis podcast that you are trying to reject by virtue of its medium is under Sam Seeders umbrella. He obviously rejected his seat at MSNBC and already had a big enough name to launch a podcast. The opposite of trying to make a name for oneself is resting on ones laurels from reporting done 20 years ago. You had to go back 20 years to find something positive to say about her. Michael Brooks, Ben Burgis and Jamie Peck put forward invaluable commentary and analysis ever single day. Seems like we agree on her and Russiagate. Like, when you have luminaries like Chomsky telling you to rein it in; fucking rein it in already. Not only Chomsky was out their making a great case to shift focus onto the real world evil the Trump regime presents daily, but Glen Greenwald was entirely critical of the liberal to lefts coverage of the investigation. Thats the courage this age requires. When one no longer value Chompskys input and are distracting the people for ratings and skimming over war criminals they get called out and kicked to the curb. And luckily for humanity there is a new medium that is not beholden to corporate overlords for the honest actors to present quality analysis. Now this is the type of cutting and serious analysis The Michael Brooks show could only hope for!
  10. That is wild! It's an interesting experience to have ones preconceptions broken down - I'm enjoying it at least. Even if Kiss and Crue arent my bands they have direct links to Guns, so yet another line of Moby's CV suggesting that he could have been a great GNR producer. Thats really intriguing. I might have to check out his memoir.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I'll have to check out that JRE. I thought this was a good interview, too.
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    One difference between the Trump Whitehouse and British politicians is that in Britain there is a clearer delineation marking who is right wing. In NA its incredibly common for people to claim Trump isnt a right winger. Or people will act like its an overreaction to note that Trumps surrounded himself from the outset of his campaign with known far right white nationalists like Bannon, Miller and Sessions. People will not engage in an honest conversation about the rise of the far right in US mainstream Federal politics. Whereas so far as I understand that Weddbleman fash is known for what she is by the electorate. Unless Im mistaken?
  13. I like Hagar as a 'personality.' I don't think I've ever heard I Cant Drive 55. But I just enjoy his vibe, he's so up beat. Especially him and Anthony make quite a fun duo. Sometimes I get the sense that Duff could use some loosening up during interviews. If anyone can do it, its Hagar!! I'd really like to hear Duff giggle or laugh deeply at something other than a knock knock joke. Maybe Hagar can help Duff find a comedic flow that isnt designed for failure. Duffs go to humour during an interview is: "So, yeah, I was in a band called The Farts (pause for tumbleweeds), yep The Farts (nod to encourage reciprocation and give a sudden look into the interviewers eyes, who stares back blankly) and we played punk rock music."
  14. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Local, Organic, Birchwood and Oat Ale. Delicious. Check out the details https://beaus.ca/beer/paper-chase/
  15. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Been listening to RATM lately. Someone told me about how just before Guerrilla Radio came out a Canadian band released a song very much in the vein of RATM. People thought of it as a cheap knock off, until that is Guerrilla Radio comes out and actually kinda sounds like its copying Serial Joe!! And the lyrics. The lyrics are about beating up poor kids. The opposite message of Rage. Its incredible how fast people and commerce ruin culture. Serial Joe Skidrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtBYIghz6MU (it wont embed)