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  1. Whether you're left leaning or right leaning, if you are an Islamophobe you can stop talking now.

    1. Sosso


      This religion has changed my life in so many positive ways. 

  2. Given whats known about the oppressive cocaine trade, if you aren't an addict but you buy coke; it means you're an asshole.

  3. Gerry Butts is "the one who would do anything. The one who cant recall."

  4. Morrissey can fuck off. Not wanted in Canada.

  5. I'm excited because the Super Bowl commercials try extra hard to take our money! 

  6. We surf the surface of a widescreen world and find no virtue in the virtual...Now we have need for you, forgotten Root

    -Malcolm Guite

  7. Happy Winter Solstice 

  8. All I want for Christmas is a GNAir Flight Pin

  9. Being happy to get deals on Cyber Monday is somewhat like being happy to be over-paying the rest of the year.

  10. We done colonized real good

  11. Lol, progressive dogma.

  12. Jesus smashed up a bank.

  13. Jesus is doing alright with me

  14. Jesus is an anarcho-communist

  15. Happy Canada Day! Lets look to the Two Row Wampum this year!

  16. Blessed Eid!!!

  17. I waived at Chris Pitman.  He waived back.  This caused him to fall over.

    1. Sosso


      Your charme has to be stronger than any tequila shot

  18. It's likely that you aren't getting enough potassium 

  19. Happy Giving Tuesday!

  20. Keep Calm And Decolonize

  21. Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

    1. Oldest Goat

      Oldest Goat

      What you talkin' bout, Willis?

    2. soon


      There was a Dr Pepper ad with that catch phrase that I saw in the movie Short Circuit.  I was reminded of it recently and somehow thought it was a funny connection to the Dr Pepper fiasco surrounding the release of CD.  

  22. So tonight Im gonna air-band to ChiDem likes its two-thousand and nine

    1. Sosso


      Enjoy the show!

  23. Did Axl sing "you butternut take it from me?"  Someone did steal my squash.  The song and I are aging well together :lol:

    1. Padme


      Possible, in RIR 2011 he sang "togelf" during Patience. So after "togelf" nothing would surprise me


  24. Love, reign o'er me

  25. The Dolphins represent Sorum's philanthropy, right?

    1. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Every time a dolphin is given, $1 is donated Matt Sorum's marine life fund.*


      This might not be factually true, but if it gets you all using them…