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  1. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 29 From the region around Tamanrasset, a city in southern of Algeria.
  2. The whining thread

    Duff said it was "so easy" he lied to us! The big city will be waiting for you when you graduate
  3. The whining thread

    I think I can sorta relate about the dating "country boy" part. Where I live I was invited to go "mudding" on a first date. Apparently thats when an off road mud pit is driven through wth jeeps and ATVs. Or on the dating sites its common for a women to write in her profile something like "I love huntin' deer, ice fishing, beer and truck country jams, off-roading, WWE and bacon. Im a traditional girlie-girl and need a real man." So, Im sorry; what's a real man in comparison to that?!?! lol
  4. Gardening

    Oh yeah, you mentioned you grew some. Was your set up like this?
  5. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 27 Inari, Finland Day 28 Plains Cree First Nations, Saskatchewan
  6. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    I was gonna ask what Chun Mee is. I dont think I have tried those. When I go to a Chinese restaurant they serve tea to start. Is that likely to be one of these types? I love that stuff. Tea is generally too thin of a liquid for me to drink warm. When I drink green tea I mix it with bubbly mineral water. Maybe Ill have to try making a pop out of some Chinese teas
  7. The Tea & Coffee Thread

    Im sipping a coffee now. I have a low acid Arabica Coffee with Chaga Mushrooms blend. The beans are "monsoon aged" which is how they become low acid. I also put a Tbsp each of collagen peptides and cocoa powder in in the french press. I always brew two mugs! I add a splash of coconut oil and some 3.25% milk to my mug. It tastes like a macaroon, especially if I treat myself to a pinch of raw sugar. I love the ritual of brewing coffee at home; the sound of the whistling kettle, the various pours, the gentle scrape of the spoon in the sugar, the ding of the spoon on the mug, the mugs contact with the coaster or surface. And if sharing with someone the inevitable sigh of relief or "mmmmm." I love the ways we grip the mugs for comfort and warmth or even to project active listening. Or how the 'mostly empty cold cup of coffee' is some peoples talisman. I go in and out of enjoying green tea. I used to make an iced tea turbo cider that people really enjoyed. I make pop/soda out of herbal tea blends and love that stuff. Drink it daily. And naturally I love a double-double from Tim Hortons.
  8. Gardening

    They wont last forever indoors, but they should survive longer then that. Do you use grow lights on them? A fan every now and then does wonders too (cheap solar powered fans available on Alibaba). I also fertilize just a pinch of bone meal (clean, air dry for a bit, then gently bake some bones from meats you consume, smash em with a hammer and grind in food processor). For Basil specifically it likes to be harvested often, but not in large quantities. So if you want pesto, you might consider keeping a few plants to clip a bit from each for a batch of pesto. As Im sure you know, they like to be clipped right at the point where new leaves grow opposite of the previous ones. This promotes growth. With growth you can repot to larger pot, extending life. Clean, gently baked and powdered egg shells can help roots develop, but store bought root nutrient is likely better. The downside being that you may find your self with too much basil. So the good news is that Basil propagates well. You can cut a mature stem and follow these directions to have an endless supply, as long as you have good light and re-pot according to root development: Often I will finely slice the bottom of the stem onto four to help the roots grow out before placing them in water. Hope this is helpful, I'm in no place to be giving advice, lol
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Thats 10% short of the threshold if you wanna touch someone else with that thing!! Get tested! PS: I like how you blame an entire "other city" for potential STD/I.
  10. Starting now hopefully it is! But can we say it with an English accent still? Like the one Cpt Picard has when he says "Beverly" ??
  11. Pitman's The Wobbler. Nah, I think he was just thrown off balance due to pumping his fist with out a towel or shaker in it to displace the intense rock energy!
  12. Gardening

    Lucky indeed! Where I live in Canada, it will likely be June when I plant. Since this is the state of my herb garden today, and more than likely what it will still look like in March... ... I used the grow space left behind after harvesting my baby kale the other day. I walked through this ice and snow with these resilient herbs from the store. So heres my newest indoor herb garden. Cilantro, Basil and Italian Parsley: I also made some pop/soda with my lemon balm, catnip and hibiscus. And I ordered some straw for my new mushroom substrate along with a new paper making rig to utilize my corn husks. So kinda had a day in the garden. But now these still-in-the-shell Flax Seeds are starring me down... nah, another day, lol.
  13. Gardening

    @Gracii Guns when do you plant outdoors where you are?
  14. Seems to me that Pitman just needs a normal, solid keyboard stand, lol. Or as Roger Waters once put it about another messed up keyboardist "I've got a grand piano to prop up my mortal remains"
  15. Also, say its true and about Guns; who are legal "members" of GNR? Why would a top producer care if frank left the sessions, for instance? 4 better drummers are waiting for the call. "Members" may refer only to the Partnership Three.