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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    Theres a severe storm warning with slight chance of tornado forecast for this evening as it happens. I was in the heart of a tornado that touched done nearby recently. Would have been terrifying had I not being incredibly high and enjoying some Comedy Fight Club battles. As it was it was pretty good!
  2. "Ooh Lordy, I touched Trump with my knob / Ooooh Lordy, I touched trump with my knob / Don't nobody know I touched Trump with my knob...."
  3. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Star Wars (aka Star Wars: A New Hope) "Dont call me a mindless philosopher you over weight glob of grease!" Lucas has sure written some clunkers, but there is some excellent repartee in Star Wars IV! I'd be happy if Star Wars continued to be the saga of C-3PO and R2, they will be missed.
  4. Gilby did, I believe successfully (settled out of court iirc). Around 1994 about the use of his likeness on the pin ball machine. Im not sure, but perhaps the use of Adlers likeness was addressed in his initial termination suit?
  5. If a teenager felt creepy vibes off of a 30 year old, that makes perfect sense to me. Not all youth are equipped to navigate those relationships - they're in over their heads from the jump. Seems entirely plausible that she felt creeped out. Especially in that pic - Moby's got full on Terry Richards vibes there! If Moby did have designs that she wasn't into, Im glad that they were both able to walk away. Maybe Im a bad person because as Im reading about her unfortunate account all I can think of while seeing her in that "milk fed" shirt is "yeah you are." And also I'd want her to be holding her Star Wars blaster
  6. Gardening

    I feel like Im my own garden lead and team member!! So far only getting to to all the lead work. I am trying to renegotiate land agreements. Also I am gonna have to buy a lot more seedlingsto make up for all my cat destroyed. When i really started crunching the numbers, instead of hiring someone to work alongside me a few days, I decided to have a courier pick up my seedlings and delivery to garden where I will stay near by for a month or so and just be there myself sun up to sun down everyday. Just kicking ass. So Im organizing all that stuff and price shopping. And I just ran a mini work shop to teach people how to open the pad lock on the tool shed. It went 3 times longer then I anticipated. I must be a bad teacher. I feel so disconnected from gardening that when I received the trailer load of manure and compost today, I picked up a handfull just to smell it. You know, to get in the vibe
  7. British Politics

    If someone slapped one of those oversized baby blue ribbons on me I'd be embarrassed. They really got ahead of the protestors with that one.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Hate Crime rates have risen around 18% in the US since Trump took office. I would prefer that he didnt model racism, ableism, sexism and white nationalism. I would prefer that he didnt model attacks on the press. And he does so, in part, because of his fragile ego. Those are reasons that I want a person of some minimal decency and character in the office. But, that said, not a lot of truly quality people want a job that involves threatening other human beings with nukes or stealing peoples trade secrets or economically oppressing poorer nations or to preside over the largest incarcerated population in the world. What most voters want in a POTUS is a personality that makes them forget the true nature of the type of person leading the free world. Someone who's dead eyes wont reflect back the American voters true image.
  9. It would be great to see the contract(s) with Live Nation. I think that would be revealing as to the 'entity' being hired to play concerts. The Coachella contract was for a reunion. How that is spelled out in the fine print would probably answer this question. Heres a question. If the Partnership Agreement is 3 people, Axl/Slash/Duff then in theory Duff and Slash could have voted on their return to Guns, the band, at any point except that Axl owns the name so even if they voted themselves back into the band, Axl could just refuse to allow them to be presented publicly as GnR? Leads me to think that the Guns name is whats being hired by Live Nation? If so, that would be Axls legal entity. Complicated, yes, by the fact that Slash had ownership of the classic/UYI era logo which is being used to mark the reunion. But I think that the legal name GNR has hired Slash and Duff for these shows? So while they are employees as that term relates to the contract with LN, they are now standing to gain oodles more money for all the merch, licensing, etc in their long standing partnership agreement. If its anything like that at all, then I guess the question is how any legal titles represent of influence how they are operating. I doubt that Axl treats Duff and Slash as employees and that they make decision together. Dont mean that they dont walk on egg shells around Axl though. I know Slash said he thinks its wasteful to fly in private jets so maybe Axl and Duff out voted him - or maybe it is just Axl calling the shots?
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    I cant say it would be my ideal day, but follow your bliss! Theres a province here were these highly addictive bar top gambling consoles have really taken hold. So bars will be dead quiet even with 10 men at the bar. They just sit and stare at the console. So, I like your version where you are on the go, enjoying the weather, and not gambling nonstop. Whats your next bet?
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Great book review The Management of Savagery: How America’s National Security State Fueled the Rise of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Donald Trump (2019)
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    All for one and one for all. Unshakable class solidarity. So, in that case, how does your social conservatism inform your vote then (I guess perhaps it doesnt)? If you are for spending, even in some cases spending 'extra' on people with lifestyles you would aspire to abstain from, then where does your social conservatism manifest itself in your voting?
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Im always curious how one can identify as socially conservative and economically liberal/progressive/whatever thats not conservative? Under the portfolio of 'economic policy' is the question of investment supports for socially marginalized people. Like, for instance, should there be money spent to train suicide prevention hot line councillors about the specific needs of LGBTQA people? The worlds of economic policy and social issues seems to confront one another daily. How do you navigate that apparent tension?