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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    prove it.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    I once pissed in a bottle at 4am. The person hosting me gingerly cleaned it up when they woke me hours later. As if it were routine.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I think it happens everyday where capitalism disenfranchises people to the extent that they cant afford to care for their children, putting them at risk of the fuzz offing them. Leaving a slightly better-off worker to fill the gap in their material needs. Mutual aid is central to our collective future. I dont think inspiration porn and PR moves by cops really reifies a consistent and sustainable model of mutual aid.
  4. Best Sandwiches

    Rank your favourite sandwiches.
  5. And if you buy the full truck-stop backdrop, it comes with an Izzy figurine who slings hookers at the truckers
  6. Best Sandwiches

    I gotta get my ass to Tony Lukes!!!! They've been featured on some shows too. In the cheese steak pic you can see the sandwich paper going see through from the grease Do spend much time in Philly, KK? 3 - I can get a decent Italian Hoagie here too. So good. Its common to buy one and get it cut into 3-4 sections to share at a picnic. I was hanging out at my friends garage sale recently and two separate friends brought sectioned hoagies from Little Italy, lol. Im 'that guy' whose looked to to bat clean up on any uneaten hoagies sections They're sliced with the bun cut between top and bottom as pictured here, but Im surprised that some of these other hefty sandwiches arent cut 'the other way' like putting the knife on the middle of the top and halving it that way. 4 - Goodness gracious me! Yes please. That porchetta must virtually melt in the mouth?? You eat this in your families castle? 5 - Is this similar to a Chicago dog? Ive had some tasty Chicago dogs! Look at the fucking bun 6 - The perfect simplicity and beauty of this sandwich is like a standing reminder of the path to world peace. Just look at that muther fucker. Its like an actually tasty version of the Kensington Market sandwich in Toronto. Italians make amazing sandwiches. From where I stand I think that your pasta, sea food and rice game seems to over shadow your sandwich skills. 7- Looks great. I tend to prefer a more reasonably sized burger. A Quarter Pounder with cheese feels big to me, lol. But yeah, bacon cheeseburger is tough to beat! I demand charcoal grilled burgers!!! Got a good take out near by. 8 - Similarily, I like a simple dog. I do like a loaded street meat sausage, but for dogs I keep it simple. For the life of me I cant wrap my head around the chilli cheese dog. That being said, Ill admit that I sometimes like a PB&J hot dog. Also a "Guac dog." Weird cravings to be sure 9 - I love waffle fries!!! and fried chicken sandwiches!! Looks like Id need to add at least mayo. I dont think we have chic fillet in my neck of the woods. (this message has been redacted by my cultural marxist campus overlords via their FB thralls) 10 - I love a Cuban!! Made my list too. I got a great sandwich joint on my block that does a killer Cuban!!! And Im spoiled because they also do amazing ones at the Baseball park. I think its really awesome how many people listed the sandwich that they make as their favourite! We are all sandwich artists!! Im gonna copy a bunch of peoples personal recipes. So go for it if the mood strikes you!!
  7. Last full album you listened to?

    Blizzard of Oz
  8. Gardening

    Thats a good idea. Wish I were a night owl. I'll be sleeping at midnight. Its in the fridge now, but with all those fresh herbs and just a little bit of vinegar Im not sure about keeping it over night without cooking it? I could do it in the crock pot but the crust isnt as appealing imho. I cant wait until I get a solar oven big enough to do a roast!!
  9. Celebrities you want to shag.

    @Jabberwockylike she unexpectedly disappeared? Hope she is okay? Middle school is a difficult time, maybe she just needed to focus on that more? That kind of insta sex work must become so monotonous after a while of keeping up with demands. Putting your face on just to then pour water on it must feel like drudgery. Its work. And I bet sometimes its lonely work. Lonely in the "crowd" of 88 000. Hope she's doing well and that one can still buy her bath water on the secondary market! This lady was just booted off of master Chef and I had to check out her instagram. https://www.instagram.com/Keturah_King/
  10. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    I wish I could have seen the times that Ari Shaffir (tall) beat the shit out of Bobby Lee (small) at the Comedy Store All over Leggero
  11. Gardening

    Oh thats a good tip for yoga. Glad youre not out their in this heat. It was smouldering all night and now at 7am its too hot to move to make coffee... or drink it with out ice. So not the best day for me to plan a pot roast I have it marinating in rice vinegar, dried herbs and fresh herbs - all from the garden. Winter savoury, thyme, lemon thyme, genovese basil, holy basil, rosemary, chives, garlic chives, greek oregano. Ill add a bit more fresh thyme to the onion, potato and carrots. Worst day for a roast ever!! Oh well, at least my cats being nice to me again, hoping that he might get some.
  12. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    haha I wish the wire article would either say who the "armed guards" were or at least clarity that its not known. The Rev Guard? Army? Mercs? Coast Guard?
  13. The T.V. Show Thread

    I hated to see Keturah leave Master Chef! She's extra in all the best ways. Was a very weak performance though. I liked watching Noah get humbled. I keep thinking Im seeing Mellisa Reese whenever they show Bri. What on earth is Dr. Pimple Popper??
  14. Live Nation gave Tickets to resellers

    Totally worth the price of admission though
  15. Gardening

    HAHAHA! I feel like I could've riffed on "shrubbery" too, tbh, because Im just that juvenile Sounds nice, sleeping through the heat. Hot yoga is a type of yoga too, I think. Yoga is one thing that feels like too much effort for me. I might try out just carrying around the mat sometimes and see where that gets me. I hope its a nice time.
  16. Gardening

    I think I have that same variety of kale, lol!! Nice to be caught up, eh?!?! Oh nice, I read Mother Earth News online too. Im on the list serve. Great reads! Luckily we keep it wholesome in the gardening thread
  17. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    When Trump called off the recent strikes I feel certain that it was only because he's a man child and couldnt handle the long line of people telling him their various stances. Like "youre saying tomato and he's saying tommato, I havent had a Big Mac in hours, lets call the whole thing off." But once we knew that Bolton and the neocons were actively looking to engage we knew this was quickly approaching. Hopefully the large block of non-interventionists in his base sticks to their guns and raise their voice to stop this shit.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Huh, it kinda sounds like when new atheists showcase their authority by attempting to quote scripture All the best, you got this!!
  19. Free, new album by Iggy Pop

    Right, I forgot he was well schooled. Was he from money? No way!? The were signed on three tracks and then created the rest in one session?? Bonkers!! Neat. That makes sense to me. Its incestuous. Reminds me of what you told me about the 'phone call' thing that happened to create reggae when the island musicians listened to R&B and then tried to reproduce it. And like the way types of rhythms live on drums - the guy cant literally hit "Cha cha cha" every song, there has to be variations. And eventually they outsize the genre or reach outside ears, influencing creation whether subconsciously or actively. I suppose if you only take the tail of ChaChaCha eventually you get trash metal. tangentially related. I sometimes wonder if we like these simple rhythms because thats what we can make with either 2 hands or 4 limbs. Like, if we had more limbs would we enjoy more complex rhythms? My current reading would say that 'the spectical commodifies' and De La Rocha says that "the spectacle monopolize." I much prefer a bar show than a stadium. Save for Timbaland and Missy, I can see where you are coming from. TBH I can get fairly philosophical about my own beats, though. Even though they are simple too. But thats not all that "snooty" captures. Yeah, these are simple forms. All seemingly not all too detached from the mechanics of coitus, on the 2 and the 4. 4/4 is for the cool kids while prog and jazz is for the... nah, wait its more Madonna and the Whore??? Like 4/4 is missionary position and odd time signatures are how sex maniacs fuck. (Maybe that finally explains phenomena of white churches clapping on the 1 and 3 ) Like these simple rhythms ring true to our basest needs, like speech, motor skills and procreation. So we kind of get enamoured with them. But its just the sound of us walking basically. Where-in we can find Boom Baps and Chica booms and all the rest. But also, Watts is up to some very subtle voodoo in those stadiums. Its all relative I guess.
  20. On one hand it is easy to see how nonstop touring wouldve definitely killed drunk Duff sooner then later. But Addiction also likes routine. And those routines can be a safety measure for the user too. The body gets used to the punishment. And a routine gives comfort to they mind too. Being stressed or upset can cause an overdose for a user who can often consume even greater amounts of intoxicants. But for Duff, maybe it s like On tour: I get up an drink, but just enough to be elegantly altered because I have interviews to do and then a show. At home: I get up and drink. Much as I want because Im bored. ???
  21. I vote no because I believe it will be a cyborg to walk on Titan. And its only worth going if there will be Ewoks. Yub nub! Pink Floyd played a live improve to the BBC coverage of the moon landing.
  22. Stand-Up Comedy/Comics Discussion Thread

    I hate to admit it, but theres so many comedy specials that I dont really get all that excited for them. I was excited for Chapelles return. But wont rewatch for a number of years, if ever. I mean I guess I'd be excited for the next round of Roast Battles.
  23. Free, new album by Iggy Pop

    Nice. I think thats a deceptive thing about the working class and culture, culture is consumed and then integrated into the person. Whereas in high culture its more important to display that ones in tune that a large part of the experience is external. Yeah, I can see the subtext oozing out of every line, even if I rarely know the subtext. They were pretty classy with atonal and modal jazz theory and even some polyrhythmic touches on Raw Power with the piano. Using them as expression rather then appropriating them as artifice. I think the main bass and drum lick is like... not quite and inversion of Boom Bap, but it sits together. AV is like "Boom-Boom", but it needs the eventual "Bap" to resolve the phrases. Like how not all blues shuffles are the same but they serve the same function. To me the appeal of the riff is that its clunky and abrupt. So to my ears theres an implied Boom bap needed to turn the phrases around. So like *Boom chic Boom-Boom, chic Boom-boom, chic boob-boom-Boom Bap em* on repeat. or lyrically: Ive shot my gun, Ive used my knife (Boom bap) this hasn't been an easy life (boom bap) No? Like I say just a hint of it. And the reason I think it would be cool to hear more is that Iggy has expressed how the sound of automotive production lines influenced him - theres an onomatopoeia to his rhythmic sense. And boom bap is this percussive and industrial sounding thing too. edit: Id love to hear Biggie flow over the main riff!
  24. Free, new album by Iggy Pop

    As genius as he is that still would've blown my mind if he had also composed that ambient music. you know, Id forgotten all about Apres! Just revisiting some tracks now (thanks for reminder!). I wish I knew his library as well as you. But I do love his work! Post Pop Depression had such an impact on me when it was released and its been in heavy rotation since. The seething commentary on modern life but from an insider, not an academic lens, really hits the spot for me. Do you figure its fair to say that theres a hint of Boom Bap (the hip hop form) on tracks like American Valhalla? Id be interested in hearing that taken further. And Free seems like its perfectly suited for my mood these days. I agree with your rating of him and his role in our cultural times. Maybe he'll keep going until he decisively opens the new book of popular culture!? Like he'll be the flying car of motown!