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  1. What are you up to in your practice routine? Share videos that have inspired you to learn music. What videos or books helped you have a break through in your musical studies? Who do you follow for lessons and reactions, online? This video really helped me grasp this concept about guitar tuning intervals.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    As a millennial Im just happy that everyone got at least one vote for their performance.
  3. Mind blown! What?! You were right when you said how Axls ambitions for industrial and techno would be well served by Moby - this track shares sonic space and attitude with Oh My God! I had no idea. Neat! What kind of a Guns fan am I? Based on Moby's big hit(s?) I viewed him as the almost like Warholian ambient musician of his time and looked no further. In this thumbnail he looks like every militant animal liber I've ever met Learning this also makes the notion of him being involved in a 'beef' with a rapper make a lot more sense.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    That Icelandic band though. Hitari or something?
  5. Nice! Your guitar tone and playing are spot on. Everyones great. Hopefully your drummer can give Frank some lessons!
  6. Moby comes from a punk background? I never knew that. Maybe he comes to his veganism via hard core punk and its straight edge thing? I figured he was some sort of new age person.
  7. Im a CD fan. But Im sitting here thinking about if I were a life long fan since AFD, the year is 1997, I fire up the old AOL, an hour later the internets connected, then I learn that Moby is producing the new Guns album. Yeah... I can see be taken aback by that! And deeply sceptical of the project. Maybe enough to colour my impression when I finally heard it years later. Its like if today Cardi B announced she was producing the upcoming Guns album "Okurrr!"
  8. Gardening

    I am feeling so much gratitude for the needle collectors who include our garden as part of their route. Early every morning two of them pass through to collect any used syringes that are a danger to people and animals. Always the most pleasant and humble people you could ever meet. Thanks needle folks!!!
  9. Im still unclear whether Zach De La Rocha wants the radio turned on or off.

  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    Yes That sounds really scary. I hope I didnt come across as down playing how stressful and serious of an event this was. He sounds like a truly sleazy person. And you seem like a kind hearted and thoughtful person. He's always stuck with being him and you always get to be you. Glad youre okay! Maybe try and get some heat and/or ice on your neck and back? I dunno.
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    If I accidentally ran into you, I'd just be happy for the opportunity to get your number
  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I said I'd watch MSNBC, so it cant be said that I "immediately discounted" them. Mika is heavenly and the name "Joe Scarborough" cracks me up every time, I don't even know why. Like, I've rolled on the floor laughing at his name more than once - cant figure it out. Maybe its that it sounds like a street-nickname for a trucker who beat people up for Hoffa or something. Juxtaposed with that haircut, maybe? I also post NYT, WP and The Guardian frequently on here as you've possibly noticed. Even CNN and CBS now and then. I even remember praising Don Lemon - who is a bad ass! And I agree that single-sourcing ones news is bad - which speaks to my point, its not one network versus another. Thats not enough. They're not something to align oneself with. Yes, corporate news should be heavily scrutinized. They barely cover the climate as a crisis for example. And no, millionaire hosts, people who've been treated so well by the system, will not be adequately unmasking the system. Its cool Maddow makes docs and such, and its what she'd be doing full time if it wasn't for a compulsion to host her show - a compulsion that cannot be separated from her prime time salary. Other people take the other route and are far, far less susceptible to mission drift. All the major networks editorial positions accept the premise that the existent social order and economic structures are 'just the way it is.' They erroneously agree that the conversation is merely about how to properly navigate the apparently static reality of the establishment. Thats an ahistorical betrayal of facts. Luckily for us all, in this info age of the internet where one can Google "neoliberalism" if need be , we can easily access equally digestible, more accurate and honest sources for news and commentary. And I'd disagree strongly with the claim that all networks and journalists have more or less the same shortcomings as corporate news. Thats not to say that its only in the cable network news and major news paper worlds. In new media as well, Koch money is flowing to the IDWs various podcasts. The front line is everywhere. Who stands to gain? Follow the money, honey. Dont drink the cool aid. Thats all Im really saying. ************* PS: I follow sports editor Dave Zirin at The Nation loosely in both print and podcast. I dont know why I think this - I dont even recall if I know if you like sports at all - but I sometimes I find myself wondering "I think Downzy and me might both agree with this guy on these issues?" Do you follow him at all?
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    One of my mentors once told me about a memorial service that he attended for a fallen Sikh Communist leader in the 70's. He was unable to understand the ceremony as an english speaker. Suddenly the building was over run by invaders. They attacked people and trashed the place while chanting something in a foreign language. He was hiding under a table with his friend and he asked what they were saying? It was "long live so-and-so!" He then asked, wait what are we chanting? "Same thing" they responded. Corporate networks and their millionaire hosts arent really gonna tell the full story are they? If I had to watch one of either Fox or MSNBC it'd be MSNBC, but one may as well be chanting the same name in the final assessment. Two sides of a coin, a coin that bought and paid for humanities best interests.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Nice. You're sounding brilliant still and Im not even high . I like pot investments because they are investments into an industry that reduces youth violence and drastically cuts the environmental foot print of production as side effects of its core mission. Cant do that with aero space shares. Its such a slam dunk as an ethical investment! Not many feel good investments are in such cash cow industries, either! Just eat the gummy bears head and wait 2 hours. Trust me!
  15. General Chat / Random Musings

    I don't own and operate a modelling agency. Which really begs the question: why not?
  16. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The US was involved in an attempted a coup in Venezuela in 2002 as well. It should be no surprise that they want to take out commies. Obombers LATAM policy was pleasantly less interventionist then those before and after him, he opened up diplomatic relations with Cuba as a touchstone of his LATAM policy. But it would be a major error to look at the current regime change attempts in Venezuela and the economic warfare as a standalone event, rooted in current Middle East events. Imposing neoliberalism is the same game plan the US has applied in LATAM since the 1950's. Should suffice to simply say the phrase "Iran Contra Affair" and that was the 1980's! This isnt a new world stage or anything. Like, the US hasn't been systematically imposing neoliberal trade structures and rooting out commies from LATAM for 70 years just to prepare for this round of mid east sabre rattling.
  17. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The US wants to overthrow Maduro so it can impose neoliberalism (which is an economic philosophy) in Venezuela.
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Noveselic's shirt is pretty rad too Then theres Grohl with a waffle sweatshirt, waffle long johns, big shorts and costume velvet wrapped around his wrist. Now, he could've benefited from a band uniform, lol
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    I was a big fan of the catholic school girls uniform. But as far as levelling the playing field, they let the girls wear either a skirt or pants. So in our naiveté we figured the girls in pants were unshaven, menstruating and/or most likely gay. So, yeah, didnt really help those girls just fit in.
  20. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Dude, America is Babylon. Gods not in your schools. Never was. Loaves and fishes, comrade. Loaves and fishes.
  21. Duff interview.

    What is it with the guitarists in this band not providing their own amps?!?! Izzy probably feared the amps were modded to not go above 1 on the volume knob.
  22. British Politics

    What, shoot liquid blow up your butt? I dunno, like if you needed assistance But you gotta admit that its still impressive that an Anabaptist even just got to the gate of Catholic heaven!? I'd never wash them again! Well, shit. Guess I'll just go vape some premium Canadian legal weed to try and cheer myself up.
  23. British Politics

    The carbon foot print of getting it to you though. Haha! Yeah, you know Im a passionate recycler! Oh, you mean the blow?!?! I entered it into the water system, so who knows, next time you straddle the old bidet you might get really high and you'd have me to thank!
  24. US Politics/Elections Thread

    No. Neoliberalism is an economic philosophy. Famously and doggedly implanted and pursued by the likes of RayGun and Dubya. Every president for ages. It a deregulation of markets that appeals far more to neocons and not at all to lefties. Please just do a quick wiki at minimum.