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  1. General Chat / Random Musings

    And yet you’ve posted about your outrage just now, that’s what I responded too. Weird.
  2. Nah, I even had a romantic vignette with a Red Tory Hill staffer. Was f'n exhilarating, fam *conservative with democratic socialist leanings
  3. Its a perfectly reasonable claim. Its a group that formed around its open racism about a black man in the whitehouse, who also attacks the free press, who elected a strong man. Who want their political opponents locked up. Youd have to not understand proto facsim to describe it in any other way.
  4. Marijuana Edibles!

    Thanks for the tip! Y'know, I cannot think of the last time I smoked a joint. I vape. But yeah, now I wanna roll one, it is a nice ritual. Traditional dab rigs are very much not a pleasant ritual. I never bothered with it much because of all the solvents used in making extracts. But Canna Farms has a number of 'live' and solvent less extracts now! The only thing about the Shatterizer vape is that it has those heavy duty metal coil pieces that need replacing after 2-3 weeks of use (for me longer as its not daily). And Im concerned about getting into that much waste and ongoing expense. Extracts cost enough as it is!
  5. What throws me for a bit of a loop regarding Izzy or Fortus is that the rhythm guitar playing on SOYL is so limber and agile. By the end of Izzys tenure he was not playing in a limber and agile manner at all. Theres only little hints of that finesse on UYIs. But he was that agile in 86. Its just that to hear a "new" release with Izzy playing that way is maybe slightly eyebrow raising. Im not sure where I land on this question.
  6. Gardening

    Yay - Im so excited for you boy/girl party!! Looking good! They'll never believe that a huge, weeks long plant sale took place where they sit! Hope you have a blast! Iirc you mentioned doing 'some type of iced tea' what did you decide on? Yeah, we were raised in a world where the will of money is seen as the guiding light. We didnt have our own grateful dead. No one was pretending to care about human beings anymore when we came along. Also, we were raised to view everything as a chance for "accomplishment." To the extent that we might even break down what is technically one task into a bunch of smaller tasks that we can 'win' and feel satisfied by it... and typically also humble brag to anyone listening to get validation. Coastal liberals tried to program us like computers to be unfeeling technocrats, cyborgs in service of an economy that leaves us wanting. Sorry you have to deal with that shit. I think you need to repot maybe? Im concerned the issue is with the roots. I know you were gonna let it dry out and hit it with fertilizer and I think thats good too.
  7. Right on. Sound like some fairly large collections! Must be fun to track it all down. Rarest gun Ive fired that I can remember the name of was just some variation of an AK 47 (SK? is that a thing?) Gave me a work out! Your soviet room sounds rather macabre. Cinnabon is such a cutie - almost as cute as my guy, Beaker But Im only allowed to hang out with him when he says so, lol. Whats the breed? Even though I get how libertarian beliefs could be alienating in todays US, it was only a short time ago that people referred to the Tea Party as libertarian. The right was ostensibly full of libertarians. But now we can see it for what it was, proto-facsism. Many on the right are obsessed with power and control. They salivate at the idea of access to authority and limiting 'others' freedoms. Very opposite of libertarian beliefs. Sucks. I can imagine that gets to feeling lonely sometimes. Im re watching Parks And Rec and Ron Swanson has got to be my favourite libertarian working in government ever I know where you can find social libertarians who love guns and cats. You should reach out, start up a connection, a dialogue, or even go shoot with em. Check out Redneck Revolt, they're a community defence organization.
  8. marlingrl03! *points at you* You are smart. You are funny. And you have phenomenal taste in television shows. Chris is great! Tom never disappoints me, either. In my garden if I cant remember the name of a plant its always a "Bone thugs and harmoniums"
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Are you generation-i? Because youre so frequently outraged.
  10. Gardening

    What?!? The fucking nerve to speak to you that way! And to try and take so much control of everything you all do! He doesnt realize how lucky he is to have you to teach him. Yeah the cones survived the whole aphids thanks to hoverflies! Thats the tool shed, yeah. Not is use this year. What is going on with your lone green tomato?!
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I didnt comment on if you meant it or not. Its that you said it in place of substance. In place of a real response. And Ive already clarified this obvious fact numerous times for you. And yet here you are trying to carrying on with it. But you cant have it both ways. When you stop putting forward substance and replace the debating of a position with ad hominem attacks, any interlocutor worth their salt will call you out on it. You have failed to offer any reasonable way forward after retreating to purely ad hominem attacks. That doesnt reflect on me in any way whatsoever. Im sorry that this aspect of discussion is a foreign concept to you. Have a good great rest of your evening.
  12. COVID-19 Outbreak

  13. Gardening

    I dont know how you deal with all these entitled male boomers But I can tell that you do it very well! I can almost picture you taking drags of your cigarette as you measure your responses Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Name fits thats for sure! They are striking! Sent you moth pics. He was furry but I dont think you can make that out. My lentils might actually be thinking about shooting up finally. They still dont require trellising.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This post demonstrates how little of what I said you managed to understand. You trolled yourself into actually believing that my calling out your ad hominem attacks in place of substance indicated my emotional state I feel gratitude to you for crystallizing for me why your republic is falling apart in real time.
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread

    No Im not. I just like logic, reason and facts. But you are typically confused and I understand that. The positions I have already called out, obviously. The ones you only name called in repose to. And when that failed you lied about my emotional state for some reason. It fairly straight forward.
  16. Parks and Rec Started re watching season 3. Its so good and wholesome. Heals cynicism, disappear and the fear of another 4 years. People have good in them, we all just need to access it. Takes a village. All that. And its hilarious!
  17. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Trumps on spot? He wanted things reopened in April. So he lost hard and is a fool. Of course he still continues to want things reopened, after that epic fail. His "By Easter" disaster should give you pause.
  18. Those must be some quite fringe beliefs? As a lefty I can relate to being outside the mainstream of both your parties. Luckily for me, Liberals are too out to lunch to know if they should be shocked by my beliefs or not most of the time. They seem more shocked that Im no parroting their media word for word. Yet I have lefty comrades, along with friends of various political affiliations. What beliefs of yours do people find so shocking? Must be something serious if you feel alienated to some extent because of them? Also what are your hobbies? I like paper making and cooking (both usually a solitary activity in my case).
  19. "I like banter, but I hate witty banter" - Kevin Malone, The Office
  20. US Politics/Elections Thread

    See, he knows his position is hollow and therefore resorts to name calling in place of substance. You dont even know your ideas need such an assist.
  21. Gardening

    You've got that info for your back pocket. I wonder why he shared it with you prematurely? Sounds like he needs to step off as Axl would say? I second your call for an independent bank account. And may I suggest subterfuge to sideline this man?
  22. Marijuana Edibles!

    What are peoples dab rigs? Im considering going with a battery powered vaporizer - The Shatterizer. We now have a number of solventless extracts available here. 80%THC
  23. US Politics/Elections Thread

    But they are both using facts and making sense... so is not really comparable
  24. General Chat / Random Musings

    You watch narrative porn? You must have the premium membership!
  25. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Again, I never said anything about a healthy conversation. I repeatedly made a justified appeal for you to use logic.