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  1. LENNY KRAVITZ RECALLS ‘FLUID’ STUDIO EXPERIENCE WITH SLASH Lenny Kravitz recalled the “fluid” experience of reuniting with former schoolmate Slash for his 1991 album Mama Said, and explained why he let the Guns N’ Roses guitarist record only one take of his solo for “Fields of Joy.” The pair reconnected at an awards ceremony and decided to work together while Kravitz was in the process of making his second LP, and the first collaboration was the addition of a lead guitar track to the already-written song. “Slash and I went to high school together, but we hadn’t seen each other since,” Kravitz told Music Radar in a recent interview. “When my first album was out, I went to the American Music Awards and Guns N’ Roses were getting awards and they were sitting in front of me. He and I just kept looking at each other. "Then we realized we knew each other from school. So we started talking and were excited to meet each other again, especially the fact we were both making music. I was doing some overdub sessions for Mama Said, so he came in and played the solo on ‘Fields of Joy.’ It was a one-take solo and he wanted to play it over again, but I wouldn’t let him. I always love first takes.” Having enjoyed the experience so much, they decided to write a song together on a later occasion. “We started to jam, and that riff to ‘Always on the Run’ ended up coming out,” Kravitz recalled. “The song just wrote itself. To cut the track, he played the riff, I was on the drums. So it was just guitar and drums – that was it – and we got through the take and then I played my guitar part, which is the counter-rhythm part. Then I played the bass. He played his solo and then I wrote the horn arrangement, had the horn players come in and that was that. Did the vocals. It was a great session. Really fluid, it was very quick and spontaneous.” ... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/lenny-kravitz-slash/
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    ^^That seems like the appropriate reaction!
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    So long as none of ya go David Brent and play the class a song at the end, it should all be well enough
  4. Sounds like good old Axl to me. Wish we could have heard how that ended.
  5. The GNR Central video on Axls lateness and the GNR concert late starts got me thinking that we must all have some stories about what we did while we waited. Share your "while we waited for Axl to start the show" memories!
  6. the eating stuff thread

    Bacon. And a bunch of other stuff that served as a vehicle for bacon such as toast, mayo, lettuce and tomatoes.
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Millennials just walked up to our bosses and announced that we get mental health days. No job actions for the demand, we just said so. And the olds are just like "Oh, anything you need, I need you at your best to help me navigate FaceTime!!! See you tommorrrrrrooooow errrrr, next week then? Next week. Okay thanks so much. You did great today!!" Sometimes it seems like some previous gens are jealous and would fancy the odd Monday off with a tub of Haagen Dazs. But its a pride things isnt it? Theyre not gonna tell their boss/staff/colleagues that they need a mental heath day. So they just take out their frustrations on us "snowflakes." Which is fine. Because if it gets to us we'll just take a mental heath day, Uber in some avocado toast, sew some sequins on our K Pop outfits and enjoy some 80s reboots on Netflix.
  8. I always thought that they knew each other in High School.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Almost spring! Take that winter. Tomorrow you can go get fucked, bud.
  10. Gardening

    You make it sound like the wheel barrel is to carry you! I aint complaining about the arrival of spring. This is my year, I can feel it, the perfect garden and yields.
  11. But I love it! I mean sure, objectively speaking, Argies are the worst. But youre one of the greatest and redeem the entire Nation. It goes Evita, you, Paulo, jaguars.
  12. Hahaha! So true. I want nothing more than this in the entire world. Had a high school pal who used to "compliment" me by saying that I could start a cult! And honestly I was just too lazy, but if we join forces this could work! We are what the world needs now!! Well, speaking of offensive you gave yourself a a cultural dimension to your identity while you reduced me to just a political and religious identity. Thats offensive! "socialist Christian petty criminal" thank you very much.
  13. Ah, that old stereotype of the racist, Mexican, shred-guitar-performance-artist, martyr. Would certainly test the Faustian rumours in the neo classical shred community. They try to burn him down but he just catches fire while standing there before them howling with laughter, shredding as they themselves burn.
  14. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Looking forward to checking this out! I actually dont like how TMNT has increasingly gone towards a darker, Batman-like tone but whatever, its still TMNT. Now we can have a side by side comparison of who perpetuates the myth of redemptive violence best!!
  15. Yeah, that was wild after all the myth that name has spun! And how Axl figured it was a reference to Tommy! I take it he meant General Tso Chicken? Which ties it in nicely with the name Chinese Democracy since Tso's is a US-Chinese food creation. Was interesting to learn that Brain was working with another group of outside writers. I dont think this group of contributors was known about before this interview?
  16. Haha! That performance sounds eerily similar to this right wing nut, Owen Benjamins, daily live streams. In a comfy chair, fire place, sipping cider, plays piano and talks crazy shit. And he's got a following. But as for a guitarist. Based on the technical players that I know, they would stand and watch that performance art, so long as they could critique and pontificate on your playing for the entire show Considering how many shredders are of the Nordic black metal persuasion, I think this is exactly what would transpire.
  17. For me it just sounds like a nice way to spend an evening-in. Just sitting and shredding.
  18. Ah, so you understand the internal logic of it? Interesting You have got to check if it happens today, or if its just Sunday visitors?
  19. Hahaha! So no picture? Get a pic! Your hallucinations are so PC with all their diversity
  20. WTF?! On the same shows? Get that picture to dazey! Prolly easier to video it and then dazey can pause the vid and take a screen grab to post? It was last Sunday I remember, too. Every Sunday a bald black man in a mustard suit visits you? Hmmmm
  21. Agree completely. I thought those women were really kind with their criticisms too. For international womens day he did a 'top girltarist countdown' which somehow only managed to underscore his issues, imho. I like his "fixing bad solos' vids best. Thats where I like his humour most. Right on, man! I think I have the same philosophy, I just wanna be well rounded. That being said, Im really just getting back on the horse after at least 3 years of neglect. I dont think Id ever perform any shred either, but I would love to be able to just go off like these guys for my own sake. Or I think of Corgan, I believe he's studied his shred and to me its like he brings a punk attitude to shred theory on SD. Jumping around modes and pulling out those angular shred licks here and there. Id be into that in a band setting. Deleo is very fleet-fingered and Id love to be able to run lines like he's does. I also wanna get some chicken pickin and Chet Atkins stuff worked up to some decent standard. Like you say, maybe get to it one day. Edit: had you also mastered sweep picking I would be smashing a BC Rich right now
  22. He's Canadian too, there must be something to it because I kinda 'get' the whole Stevie T schtick, lol. He is most definitely annoying and his girl issues sure do come up a lot in his vids. But yeah, his sweep picking is impeccable! Do you focus on any shred technique in your playing?
  23. Im watching all together too much YT guitarist channels. To the point where you end up watching videos about how 'its hard to ship guitars internationally by mail' or the "newly wed guitar game" (Dines and Fowler respectively). Also watching lots of Beth Roars 'vocal coach reacts' videos but thats mostly because she's hot. I guess this is what one does to procrastinate rather than admit to themselves that they will never sweep pick no matter how many YT tutorials they do.
  24. 49 People Killed in New Zealand Mass Shooting

    49 people are dead.