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  1. Gardening

    I am scandalized! j/k Thanks for asking Marsha next time! 6 Hostas! Woot-Woot!! I bet theres already more since yesterday?? Those Lantanas sound really finicky. I guess we kill a seed every time we plant it though? Its just nice when they produce new life after they die. Or maybe thats just Hallmark card hog wash? Hope they show up soon! Im jealous that you have tasks at the garden. I have my seeds sorted and just need to imagine up a way to keep Sweet Cornbread outta my plants now. Cant wait to to get my hands back in the dirt.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    Well, go on Columbo! Thats wild. Neat way of story telling. Sucks for Poland! haha! I cant imagine that, especially with rapid, rhythmic dialogue from an Arron Sorkin show like West Wing. Here Im used to the voice actors even speaking with the associated accents of the the characters which keeps a real world feel even easier. I dont know how your official language laws work, but here since everything has to be made available in english and Quebec french, we end up missing out on a lot of foreign stuff because companies cant be bothered to produce the quebec french version for such a tiny market. I think its getting better with streaming for whatever reason, though.
  3. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    Wow, it is rather paradoxical isnt it? But, but I say, their music and singing sounds like grown men crying into their pillows so, maybe after the climate crisis is solved they will turn over a new lease on life? They could relax their balls, stop wallowing, and therefore not suck so bad? People who use the term politically incorrect will unabashedly assign the term to fucking anything... "politically incorrect hamburgers" now thats some shit. Heard it all now. Im having sushi and coffee for breakfast!!!
  4. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    Coldplay aren’t touring their new album because they want to figure out how to be carbon neutral. So everyone quit your whining about things changing to fight the climate crisis - you know this is the best news item you will hear all year!!! We can save the planet and save rock n roll on one fell swoop
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Thats bonkers! Columbo ran that long?! I had no idea about any of that. Thats gotta be some sorta record! Not at home, no. I didnt even get into Sports Night until a few years ago, lol. But I did see MacGyver as a kid and German would indeed be odd! I prefer voiceovers though, I know Im in the minority there.
  6. British Politics

    Also, isnt "Auntie" brown person speak for "Milf" ??
  7. British Politics

    So, no plan was voted for, but a concept. Also making us laugh across the pond is the movement Brexit inspired here called "Wexit" - for Western Exit, the succession of the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Well, their tiny online community actually cant agree if the hashtag they should use is #wexit or #weave. "Weave" standing for Western Leave, as in "Im so mad, I wanna weave!"
  8. British Politics

    Well, to be fair, it is pretty funny that y'all voted for a concept to leave rather than a plan to leave
  9. Greta Thunberg's Groupie

    I wonder if she knew Jay Z?? And heres a brief compilation of Jiggas catchphrases, just for fun!
  10. Gardening

    Oh good idea, I wonder if I could offer to clean it up now to hope to get a better sense of whats up? Del sounds like a good soul. He's redeeming the name "Del" 3000 pounds to the pantry, my word!! Incredible. Silly question: mums are chrysanthemums, right? I want to put in some chrysanthemum sometime, for beauty and tea. Good luck with those 103 Daylillies Making honey-basil-roasted-nuts later today, with dried basil from the garden. If it goes well, thats my hostess gift covered for the season (Im adulting like a champ! )
  11. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    A few things - Crue is known for having a block of $15-20 tickets to be inclusive of their working class audience, I wonder if that will continue? - They say they are coming back because the biopic. Did they doubt it would be successful? Are they just bad business people who couldnt foresee this renewed demand? - Def Leppard has played headlining shows where I live twice in the last 5 years. Once in a 24 000 and another in an 18 650 capacity venue. So I guess they do well here at least.
  12. British Politics

    France and rioting goes together like fish and water! Its not really big news here either. Could it be because there is so much upheaval and rioting around the world of late, much of which stands to be of greater consequence? Bolivia, Kashmir, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Iran, Trump Impeachment, etc?
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    This comes as a surprise, but its great news. Hard to say if/how the timing relates to Trudeaus weakened mandate (he only announces the new cabinet later today). Theres certainly a lot of pressure on him from progressives whom he needs to remain in power, and this flies in the face of the Conservatives who took away his Majority gov. Perhaps it is simply that the Trump regime is going way too far about Israel and Canada had the obligation to react, political fallout be damned? ********************* Canada reverses UN stance on Palestinians in break with U.S. over settlements Canada voted for a UN resolution on Tuesday in support of Palestinians' right to self-determination. The vote marks a major departure for Canada, which has declined to support substantially the same resolution through 14 consecutive votes since Stephen Harper came to power in 2006. Tuesday's resolution was opposed by Israel, the United States and three Pacific island nations that depend heavily on U.S. aid and tend to vote with Washington at the UN: the Marshall Islands, Nauru and the Federated States of Micronesia. Speaking on background, an official at Global Affairs Canada said the vote sends a message that Canada does not agree with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's assertion on Monday that Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories are "not, per se, inconsistent with international law." (...) https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/un-palestinian-vote-canada-israel-us-1.5365637
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Memories like that really are something, eh. Simple things that stick with us and remind us of people and place. Ive seen Macgyver for sure! Its awesome. Its kinda a verb now isnt it - "to MacGyver" something is to, like, improvise a solution. Im aware of the Colombo accent and wish I could hear yours, lol. Columbo is from further back then the rest I think? I didnt have a lot of TV in my life for much of my childhood. My one Grammy had a tv in her kitchen and it would blare away on shows that didnt capture my attention and was in competition with her dudes radio which was also always blaring . The classic shows I know and love best would have to be Quantum Leap and TMNT Edit: and Sports Night, but Ive only seen it once or twice.
  15. British Politics

    The Tories received a formal warning from Twitter over their 'fact check' account.
  16. General Chat / Random Musings

    That is so terrible it hurts! I never heard of Booker, actually. But I can see the appeal to a kid. Its neat though how its not like ancient history by any means but it looks and feels like a whole other world. I get that Aniston comparison for sure. Cant put my finger on it, but its there. Like midwest farmers daughters who moved to the city and are witty? Is that a type? I think I had One Hour Photo in mind, actually - good call. Just watched a clip and have definitely never seen Insomnia. It looks cool, thanks for the suggestion!
  17. Id only heard the instrumental demo before. This is too cool! I havent heard too many demos with Axl singing, maybe they are on the boxset, I dunno? NR demo comes to mind, but not many others. Is it fair to say its rare to hear Axl on a demo (of which a different studio version went on to be officially released)?
  18. General Chat / Random Musings

    Is that right, you know I thought Id seen Insomnia but I dont recall her or Pacino so I must be mistaken. Will have to check that out. Yeah, I swear Ive seen her in 90s' movies as the best friend/sister of the female lead a few times, but I cant bring them to mind. Too bad indeed.
  19. General Chat / Random Musings

    Ive seen a few of those. It also had Maura Tierney who seemed to be in a lot of that eras good shows
  20. Books/Reading Thread

    Since asking for readings about Hitlers drug use, I am late to this story about Trump. In an earlier picture of Trump, there is a drawer open that shows a stash of Sudafed. So, Sudafed is an active ingredient in crystal meth and taken in quantity can give an energetic buzz. The boxes seen in the drawer are said to be UK Sudafed which gives a lot more of an energy buzz than whats allowed in the US Sudafed. So, naturally, people have some questions. And Im even more interested in exploring industrial drugs as they relate to leadership! (Incidentally this pic of Trump eating a taco bowl was tweeted out with the caption "I love the Hispanics" () and its Mexican Revolution Day today. Happy Rev, Mexico!!!)
  21. Gardening

    I see what you mean about the leaf mulch. Never heard the phrase "charcoal effect" or how it relates to compost, but I think I understand. Im happy to not be living and gardening in such close proximity to snakes Del sounds like quite the rebel... take the hose to him!! Speaking of a hosing though, I didnt see the Tiger Mother at seasons end and her bed wasnt winterized. Im concerned and every time I walk passed Im sad to see all her unharvested plants. Sweet Cornbread makes big squeaking announcements when he's going in for the chives. I kinda wanna know if he does that when Im not here too They are twice as big once more over, still in the dark!
  22. LIES

    LLAS is fucking awesome. Its Guns perfecting Rock N Roll. Its also, it must be said, them pretending to have come from an independent label scene, which they did not. The acoustic side has Patience, so thats fantastic. Just exploring the term EP, Extended Play, it carries a few meanings. In this case I would suggest the one that Duff and Slash are alluding to - the EP is to extend the successful album cycle. Put out just in time for Christmas it was Guns first cash grab. Dont shoot the messenger - Guns were prepared to call their own tour doc "Perfect Crime!"
  23. Books/Reading Thread

    Imagine presiding over the Joy Division and not indulging?
  24. Eddie Van Halen Hospitalized

    I've read those comments by DLR and I'd hate to think that he was referring to the fact that EVH is terminally ill / on the palliative scale. Roth said he's not sure whats going on, so hopefully thats the truth. I wish him all the best.
  25. Its in most of the trailers but Ill spoiler caption it just in case anyone is avoiding the trailers: