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  1. That's a capture from " the most dangerous band of the World "
  2. Who and why is this uploaded now ?does it means something
  3. I always thought That axl's períod as a guitar player just Was becouse he hated and loved Kurt Cobain.
  4. Clue or mistake

    Rocky v plus rocky II ..
  5. Clue or mistake

    Thanx for upload the teaser ...you saved me.
  6. Clue or mistake

    Someone can upload it.....i can find it...
  7. Clue or mistake

    That one with the hammer hitting and broke the clock...
  8. Clue or mistake

    Guns and roses's new teaser
  9. I was watching a new teaser about a hammer hitting a clock....and i'd noted on the clock there's no ninth spot ????? but two 12 ????