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  1. Just re-listened to the Boston ’16 show that I went to. Axl sounds pretty damn good in that show for any era of this band, but listening to that made me think of this comparison: Axl greatness in ’93 to Axl weakness in 2001 is the equivalent to Axl goodness in ’16 to Axl shittiness in ’18 (guess you could say the same about ’10 vs ’12). Point is, Axl sounded like a god in ’16 compared to the show from yesterday.
  2. Axl impersonator covering Starlight by Slash

    Same dude I believe. Quality sucks though.
  3. Axl impersonator covering Starlight by Slash

    Agree 100%, but we already knew that.
  4. Last full album you listened to?

    listened to spaghetti, and illusions I and II yesterday. listened to year of the tiger today.
  5. Agree 100%. This was also the performance I was going to reference.
  6. In a fantasy world where they come out with a new album, it would be great if they didn't use any ideas they have leftover from god knows when. Wish they (axl, slash, duff, fortus, etc.) could all or in pairs or whatever, just get together and write new and fresh material. Stuff that is actually relevant to them today, in a style that actually fits them today (i.e. the strengths of Axl's current voice). I really don't care to hear old stuff that already exists and then slash/duff or even axl just add their contributions to it. I want them to actually write some stuff together from scratch! That will ultimately make the best record. So as long as we're all dreaming of a new album in our fantasy worlds, this would be the perfect scenario. But in reality, they will never put out a new album and there will be a NITL tour part 3 and then 4, and then 5....
  7. Who's "ohhh ohhaa ohh" was that at the 5:11 mark? Sounded like Melissa, but did they turn her up in the mix quickly for that last bit? If so, interesting move...
  8. Its so easy spotify

    Same thing with Yesterdays and Bad Obsession.
  9. 09/06/17 - El Paso, TX - Sun Bowl Stadium

    Could someone maybe get an extra litho for me? If so, we can work something out. This litho looks awesome. PM me please! Thanks!