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  1. Just listened to For Those About to Rock from 9/2 and it reminded me that Axl is 100% aware of when he's "got it" and when he doesn't. It's just evident in his body language, his eyes, the way he moves on stage, and of obviously in his voice. When he knows he's on point, he has that extra swagger. To me, this is 100% indication that he's not oblivious to how he sounds when he's all mickey. He knows. I just don't think there's anything he can do about it when he is mickey. It just is what it is. Look at some of the shows from 2006 (Rock Am Ring), 2010 (YCBM, O2 in 2010), and some of the early 2016 stuff. He knows when he has it and when he doesn't.
  2. I think among all the "new" songs that came out of the leaks, the real lost gem is Catcher in the Rye. I mean, as fans, how long have we all waited for a high quality version of Catcher with Brian May? Since the day the original leaked. While I love Ron's solo during the last verse, the album version is a muddled mess. The mix on this version is better and the layers are *somewhat* toned down, but best of all we get the May contributions. Not to mention that little synth breakdown before the solo is WAY better on this version than on the album version. The only thing better from the album version are the drums. But they were mixed too low anyway...
  3. Pretty much what everyone needs to know. Except, I'd argue it's more his middle register than is problematic. So, he's good low and real high, but not his mid-range. AC/DC was great because there is almost no mid-range. It's all high. Think about the songs he sucks on: Paradise SCOM YCBM Parts of Nightrain Second half of Estranged Rocket Queen The list goes on. The thing is, almost all GNR songs shift from low to mid to high during the same song, sometimes even mid verse. Take Estranged for example: When I find out all the reasons Maybe I'll find another way Find another day With all the changing seasons of my life Maybe I'll get it right next time An now that you've been broken down Got your head out of the clouds You're back down on the ground The red indicates mid-range vocals, and these are the parts he's mickey on. The blue then shifts to low, and he sounds good. And there is a brief line that shifts to high where you get the classic rasp. This is a perfect example of why Axl sounds great sometimes and like crap other times. Fact is, he just doesn't have his mid-range anymore. And it's a shame because so many GNR songs were written with that mid-range.
  4. Seriously. People actually think a single will be dropped? 100% won't happen.
  5. Really want to hear a finished version of Nothing. Love Axl's vocal melody and the way he's singing in his natural voice. The song sounds like the love child of Patience/D'yer Mak'er/Rod Stewart. Some improvements would be the addition of guitars and real drums.
  6. The "New Album" Thread

    To me it's the other way around. The verses are what make that song (the first especially. I think the lyrics could be better on the second). I like the way Axl sings on the chorus, but I don't like the melody or the lyrics.
  7. One of my favorite Axl performances what 2010 at the Rose Bar. Right at his 2010 peak. Perfect rasp and perfect tone at this gig. Just listen to the Mr. Brownstone from this show. Not a single crack, great control, and his tone is spot on. One of my biggest regrets was not seeing them in 2010.
  8. I think Devious Bastard definitely could have been one of the songs with Slash in mind. It's like a combination of UYI and Ain't Life Grand material.
  9. Disagree that any of those are catchy choruses. The closest to catchy would be Shacklers. 100% not TWAT and definitely not Better. The verses and intro are really the only catchy part to Better.
  10. What ChiDem song has a catchy chorus? I love CD, but I can't really think of any song that actually has a catchy chorus. To me, SOG is the only song from this era that has a chorus that could get stuck in my head.
  11. I really enjoyed Dead Horse. It was an actual rock n roll moment in a tour that's pretty much been on cruise control. I thought Axl's vocals were surprisingly decent. Also got a kick out of the stage guy in the background at 3:16 putting his hands to his face almost as if he's thinking "oh god, what are they doing..."
  12. Anyone else think the "ooh oohhhs" in Quicksong seem extremely out of place? The vocal line seems fine, but definitely not the "Ohhs". Hope those get dropped.
  13. True, the outro could be tighter. But I actually think the last 5-7 seconds were awesome. The way they ended in sync with the "Heeyy Heys" was great. Overall, I'd give it a 7.5/10 but I think they can realistically get it to 9/10. Only thing preventing a 10/10 is Axl just not being able to deliver with as much power as needed in some spots.
  14. Right now I'm listening to the Hell Revisited tracks (for those who don't know, basically just a bunch of demos) and it occurred to me that the production on the UYI albums helped propel GNR into one of the biggest bands in the world, at the time. It is the opinion of many that the UYI albums are overproduced and over-bloated. While I can see that arguement (YCBM sometimes sounds too "glossy" to me), I also think it was required. Not only required, but it actually helped the songs. I just listened to the Don't Cry and November Rain demos, and while we all know these songs are good at the demo level, they were definitely not hits. Even if produced like AFD, I don't think these songs, or the other big hits from the UYIs would have been as popular as they became. Yes, we all love a more raw and energetic version of the band, but I don't think GNR would have become as huge as they did if UYI was produced like AFD. The songs on UYI NEEDED to be produced the way they were to showcase they grandiosity or epicness, for a lack of a better word. Like many others, I'd love to hear a less produced version of the album someday. However, the point I'm making is I don't think a lesser produced album would have made the band as big as they became after UYIs were released.
  15. After a few weeks of soaking in the new leaks (with Axl), I'd say Atlas is my favorite. Especially that first verse...really makes the song for me. Maybe more complete/reworked versions of Hard School or SOG could become better, but as they stand, Atlas is my favorite. I like the way Axl sings in Perhaps, but I don't really like the melody; there's something I can't put my finger on. It's very boy band-y.
  16. Glad this electronica stuff never saw the light of day. Sheesh. Hard pass. I don't care if there are no guitars on this...no amount of guitars would ever make this good.
  17. I hear what you’re saying and pretty much agree. Would it have made for an inconsistent album if the trilogy and KOHD were produced as they were, but then produce and mix the rockers with a more AFD sound? Wonder how that would have affected the overall sound of the albums. Has any band ever produced songs differently on the same album before? Hell, I don’t know if it’s the production or what, but in terms of consistency ChiDem sounds so inconsistent. Twat, IRS, Catcher all sound incredibly dated, yet you have songs like Better, Shackler’s, and Sorry that all sound much more modern. As we now know, all of those songs were written in the same era yet they sound like they were from completely different eras on the final album!
  18. The intro on Devious Bastard sounds like it came off of Death Magnetic, then it sounds like it came off of Ain't Life Grand once the bass kicks in.
  19. This may be true on a music level. But in terms of popularity and grabbing the attention of the mass public, certainly not. I don't think there's any arguing the success NR, DC, KOHD, YCBM had when they were released. If it wasn't for the production, I don't think these songs become as popular as they did.
  20. Question, why does everyone hate DJ so much? Is it about his look and his phony stage act? Because if so, I understand that. But if we're judging on phony stage acts look no further than Fortus. If we're judging on looks, look no further than Bucket or pre-2006 Finck. I'm not saying I'm a DJ fan boy, but here's what I thought he brought to the band, in order of importance: 1) He brought the solos BACK. Before DJ every single solo from the AFD and UYI songs was just a bunch of wanking and nobody played the solos right. When DJ joined, they FINALLY started playing the solos the way they should be. 2) He brought some sloppy/sleazy/bluesy playing back into the band. Finck kind of did this, but I wouldn't call his playing bluesy, mostly just sloppy haha. 3) He brought a stage presence that I think the pink-hat fans liked. He actually interacted with the audience. 4) It seemed like him and Axl really got along well and you could tell on stage. Axl definitely favored playing with DJ over Bumble or Fortus. Just some food for thought. Again, I'm no DJ fan boy, but I also don't get the complete hate for him. (He did look like a tool though)
  21. Love the vocal melody on Nothing. Not keen on the music though.
  22. All of these instrumentals sound very...2000's (Korn, Limp Bizkit, etc.). They are not timeless in my opinion. I know a lot of you like these, and that's fine, but I think they're very copy catish. Sounds like they were just copying the trends of the time: industrial meets rap-rock. I'll listen to just about anything with Axl's vocals on it, but this stuff isn't really my cup of tea. It actually is making me appreciate ChiDem so much more, and I already was a big fan of that album.
  23. Who listened to all 20 takes??
  24. I like the Pretty Tied Up thing going on in the intro to Oklahoma.
  25. This just made me think of something. Does anyone think maybe Axl released, collectively, his B+ material for Chinese Democracy? The reason why would be because he knew that with all the hype and time it took to release CD it would never live up to expectations? He could have released the best songs in the word and it wouldn't have matter. So, he let's CD take the punches with good - not great - material. Then on the 2nd and 3rd releases, unleash all the A+ stuff? Certainly possible.