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  1. AFD Locked & Loaded Discounts Begin!

    Is 5.1 sound really that cool?
  2. So, I've listened to a lot of Meat Loaf recently...

    I’ll do anything for love but I won’t do that is one of my all time favorite songs.
  3. Who is the greatest one album band?

    I think a strong argument could be made for this selection. Temple of the Dog.
  4. Of course it is. It came from Doug Goldstein.
  5. What Snakepit songs did Axl like?

    I think Lower could have been interesting with some Axl tinkering.
  6. What Snakepit songs did Axl like?

    That information has never been revealed.
  7. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    I would easily purchase an unnumbered Kobe litho.
  8. Bono

    Did you attend the show?
  9. What are your opinions on the UYI albums?

    I like how you stated these albums were part of your musical education. I’m stealing that line. Next I’ll be saying innit.
  10. What are your opinions on the UYI albums?

    Best rock albums of the 90’s. Honorable mention Load/Reload Metallica Californication RHCP Nevermind Nirvana
  11. Only you could mix the dignified with the absurd.
  12. My personal belief is rock n roll was not invented, but is an evolution of artistic expression. I mean no district nor do I have the intentions to inflame any member. I think there are many factors and influences as to why anything type of art form comes into being and singly out one factor is a narrative with an agenda.
  13. Slash Speaks! Rolling Stone Interview 08/14/2018

    Yeah, that gives you insight into that band. Scott must have been a real pain to work with.
  14. Do you think you ever out grow GNR?

    Axl was never going to record with Ashba.
  15. For the fans who still have an investment in GNR do you think that you ever stop listening to GNR? Like will you be 65 blasting GNR?