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  1. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    What time frame within the song?
  2. A timeline for the reunion

    Do any members here believe the reunion was not motivated largely by Axl’s lack of cash flow?
  3. Nobody enables Axl because he does what he wants. Silver spoon I don’t know. I don’t think Beta was getting paid a lot by Axl in any of her capacities, so I don’t see Fernando growing up privileged. Hangers on? Axl views these people as family. Who would even want to temp the FBI or a well paid legal team to interfere and fuck with your life just to release some songs that only a few people have a strong desire to hear?
  4. I understand the reunion was more than likely due to Axl not being able to maintain his lifestyle, while also I’m sure he was burnt out on the theaters and residencies. Axl wanted his GNR to a global force again and he has that now. But, I don’t believe TB are evil or incompetent. There probably wouldn’t be a GNR without TB.
  5. That’s a rough assessment man. Slash seems to like them and I don’t believe for a second it’s because of cash.
  6. It would comic to release them from Madagascar the island. Assuming Madagascar has internet. But, I don’t think we are going to hear these songs. This is going to eventually get the attention of the Axl, and then it’s going to get legal.
  7. It would be Interpol I assume. Don’t think they would give a shit.
  8. It’s the worst GNR song. Period. EOS.
  9. Maybe Scraped was released to fuck with the record company. Like Axl was pissed about something and forcing Scraped on the album was his fuck you to the record company.
  10. Who confirmed 15 unheard songs with vocals?