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  1. New Matt Sorum 2018 Interview on LA News Show

    57? Fuck. I wasn't aware he was that age.
  2. Tour Lithographs and show specific artwork

    There is one on eBay .
  3. Your concerts in 2018

    Thanks for sharing. I saw the killers in Vegas before the GNR reunion and it was a great night.
  4. Your concerts in 2018

    U2 x3 The Killers Eminem
  5. The principal 3 are unlikely splitting the loot equally. The fact Izzy would make a demand that they all split the profits from the tour equally after selling his stake in the band and entirely divesting himself of all things GNR is the basis for the point one poster made that Izzy used this as an excuse to not be apart of the tour. Izzy doesn’t want to be there and anybody who thinks otherwise is romanticizing his desire.
  6. Speculation, bias, conjecture, and entitlement are what drive this forum. There are few people who don’t feed into all of it.
  7. That’s speculation, you don’t know what he asked for and he isn’t on record, he issued a tweet.
  8. It never happend. Axl is on record of saying one thing about Izzy since the reunion.
  9. I believe you are correct about your Izzy conclusions. It should be obvious to people that Izzy doesn’t want to in GNR as a full-time member. I belive he asked for equal pay for the sole reason of excluding him as a possibility. Izzy was fully aware that he sold his stake in the band and he would not be given an equal share or anything close to that amount. Additionally, Izzy appears to have zero interest in full time touring. And the UYI was super successful without Izzy. His musical contributions and importance to GNR can not be debated, but the world didn’t care at all during the UYI tour that he was absent.
  10. Governors Ball 2018

    Are any forum members attending this year or have attended past years?
  11. Why I think new music is coming

    Those kids aren’t hungry enough. They live priveledged lives and will not find an Axl.
  12. What songs do you consider to be the best by part

    Best Axl vocals Human Being. Guitar solo Estranged.
  13. Deeper With Slash and Joe Perry (Sixx Sense radio interview)

    There were multiple stories in the press about how the wives directly impacted the demise of VR. I believe Duff and Scott were both on record of comfirming this as a truth. And , I believed it was strongly implied that Perla was the main antagonist because she believed Slash to be the Star of the VR. So, it’s not beyond reason that Axl was cautious of her having any direct influence, plus Slash said she did drugs with him in his book, so maybe Axl was weary of her being in Slash’s life because I doubt Axl wanted a junkie Slash again. The truth is the NITL tour is the first time in the history of the band that these guys have fully functional human beings. It’s probably a contributing factor in the length of the tour. They are just loving the healthy vibe of it all and they have never experienced that in GNR before.
  14. Black Mirror (Netflix Series)

    Arkangel was the least compelling episode for me as well. Callister and Hang The Dj were a trip.
  15. Breakdown Intro vs. Locomotive Outro

    I’m almost with you because Breakdown has a lot of meaning to me, but intro don’t stop or fade out, so the Locomotive outro wins because it’s almost it’s own piece of music.