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  1. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    I think he composes music. The blues is a nice piano song.
  2. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    I don’t believe there are or were a lot of straight rock band piano players or keyboardist who could mesh with GNR.
  3. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    I doubt Axl is touring to avoid making an album. He is not the type to do something he doesn’t want to do. There could many factors if an album isn’t released. Maybe, internally, they have agreed they do not possess the chemistry to write and record excellent music. 25 years apart is a huge gap to bridge. And Axl surley has not become more cooperative in recordings habits.
  4. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    You’re responses are pre-recorded.
  5. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    There you go. Corporations spend fucking millions sending people to the super bowl every year, so those price points work.
  6. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    The price point wouldn’t be unrealistic if it were the night before the super bowl. There’s a lot corporate cash around the super bowl. But, a week before the event is too much.
  7. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    This is about the National Anthem, which isn’t even worth standing up for,so that’s why they neuter the performance. U2 played lived. And I’m almost certain Prince did.
  8. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    Possibly, it’s fucking odd that the RHCP would be asked to precord their song. That band is literally one of the bands I can’t imagine anything less than authentic.
  9. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    Because the RHCP were playing with Bruno Mars and the NFL wanted to assure its time window, so they demanded the band play to live, but pre-recorded piece of music. Anthony still sang live vocals. I’m a little surprised you think U2, The Stones, Prince and Bruce Springsteen lip sync to their own songs for the NFL.
  10. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    I don’t believe that’s entirely accurate. The RHCP had to pre-record the music for time constraints.
  11. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    I consider this commercial to be Axl’s career nadir. I doubt most people who say this commercial realized it was Axl. Warren Buffet evoked more Axl in his commercial.

    The band had little to do with the box set. That was the label. But, it was definitely poor execution. 10,000 is a silly amount. Should have been something like 1,987 of them made, and it needed live concert footage. Ah, duck it, you’re correct. What a shit product.
  13. Happy Bday CD!

    As a huge music lover why is CD your fav GNR album? The TIL solo is one of my favs as well.
  14. He sold the publishing rights to his songs in like 2004 i believe.