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  1. The Guns N' Roses Album that could have been

    Do you believe there was a real album that could have been the greatest GNR album ever? I think Slash was just BSing. I hate everybody but you is the best song from Snakepit.
  2. The Guns N' Roses Album that could have been

    Big Machine Rocks. Contraband could have been a classic GNR album.
  3. The Guns N' Roses Album that could have been

    Slash addressed that issue in his book. I believe he stated he felt constrained during the recording process and thus the lack of long solos.
  4. What is your favorite guitar solo ever?

    The Estranged solos.
  5. Your concerts in 2018

    I’m going to the Pearl Jam show on August 20th. Did you score GA tickets.
  6. How many people were in attendence?
  7. DMT

    All of this is highly accurate. Did you feel you fix most of the issues and fakness you discovered? Please leave a detailed account of the whole trip. I’m very interested in hearing about it.
  8. New U2 Album 'Songs of Experience' Out Dec. 1st // Tour Starting in May 2018

    I was at opening night in Tulsa. The band didn’t play whereby the streets have no name, but the concert was amazing.
  9. How do you feel towards Axl Rose these days?

    I’ve often wondered if this is true. I believe CD and Contraband bests songs could have been an amazing album.
  10. I don’t recall anyone at the time caring about Steven being replaced. That sentiment grew on forums and only in forums.
  11. Nic Cage: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

    His performance in this film is a revelation
  12. LA Forum '17 - Amazing quality vids surfaced!

    He is correct in that video images are generic for a band and singer with a past of high creativity. I would expect the video images to be on par with U2: exceptional and integrated with the music. It’s just shit thrown up there and basic.
  13. What is your favorite GN'R rarity?

    The 1988 version is almost a whole song and it’s killer, and it’s a great example of Steven’s swing.