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  1. the doors

    That is excellent insight. I agree he didn’t have anyone to model himself after.
  2. Axl impersonator covering Starlight by Slash

    It’s obviously not Axl but In certain parts it sounds spot on. Someone perfected his voice.
  3. Axl impersonator covering Starlight by Slash

    I don’t think it’s Axl either, but godamn it’s an impressive imitation. I enjoyed the clip.
  4. Matt Sorum To Write a Book - Comes Out Next Year

    Matt’s not gonna be part of any future touring and I believe the book will reflect that reality.
  5. Our Interview with Dizzy Reed

    We all have your back on that shit man. In fact, I would love for you to share some light on that process.
  6. Izzy walked out on NITL in 2016 after soundcheck

    Check out his Mitch Lafon interview where he said Izzy was writing with the band. It turned out to be a complete fabrication. I don’t need to believe anything to know he has an established history of fabricating Izzy “facts”. I’m not being combative. I believed Alan in the past and it’s a fool me once type of thing for me personally.
  7. Izzy walked out on NITL in 2016 after soundcheck

    I doubt he has a friend in the GNR camp. This guy is 30 years removed, and anybody he knew has been replaced. Before Izzy spoke confirmed his non involment with the reunion in Twitter, Alan Niven said in an interview that Izzy was currently writing songs with the band. He stated it with an air of certainty, too. And, I’m certain everybody here can agree that he was full of shit about that statement. The sound check story is fucking silly. If so Steven would have known and opened his mouth.
  8. Izzy walked out on NITL in 2016 after soundcheck

    Yeah, it’s a total fabrication. He admits he doesn’t speak with Izzy and hasn’t for years.
  9. [Metallica] 'Hardwired... to Self-Destruct' \\//\\// WorldWired Tour Discussion

    Witchita and Tulsa. I’m glad I skipped the stadium tour.
  10. Major Collection Update!!!

    I’m sure you have been asked many times before, but give me an estimate of how much cash have you spent on this collection? I mean your entire collection. Just an estimate.
  11. There many factors, but I believe Axl would have stayed on his grind if the band were still striving to be the biggest band on earth. The band were playing stadiums on their first head lining tour. I can’t of another band that achieved that so early in their career.
  12. I believe the signing of the paper was intended to shock him into soberiety, hence why nonlawyer was present. The band didn’t truly intend to fuck him or kick him out of the band. This sounds like Axl idea and a half baked one at that, and the band paid the price for that decision.
  13. I do not believe Duff and Slash used to crack the whip on Axl to record music. Axl made new music because he was attempting to be one of the biggest bands on Earth. I think GNR would have continued to make albums and tour of it had taken GNR 5-6 albums to become the biggest band on Earth, I use U2 as an example, U2 didn’t become global until after The Joshua Tree album and tour. I believe GNR halted because the level of success they achieved was realized quickly. Axl would have kept busting his ass if he had to, but he didn’t and the result was the break up of the band.
  14. DMT

    I suppose it is a whiteboy drug. I don’t why whites are drawn to such drugs more than others.
  15. DMT

    I believe such drugs would spiral you into an introspective nightmare.