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  1. GNR songs ranked by popularity (streaming)

    I was surprised as well, but my rationale is that the title of the song caught people’s attention. I love the song live. I can’t imagine what people who aren’t familiar with the song thought with those vocals. Are these based off just one streaming service such as Spotify, or is it total streams combined off all services?
  2. Guns N' Roses playing Lollapalooza 2020 in Brasil

    He possess an IQ of 155.
  3. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    He’s poking the Bear. Better hope it ain’t that bear from the Revenant.
  4. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    This is the best description of his voice I’ve heard. I can’t stand his voice.
  5. Fergie named her child Axl. ☄️
  6. The Joker

    I agree with everything you stated. However, I believe Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight is the reason the new Joker film exist. Without that performance the character of the Joker would not have attained the status to warrant making this current film.
  7. Of course not. Imagine asking a judge to tap a citizens phone for this transgression.
  8. The Joker

    Have you rewatched Jack’s Joker performance recently? It’s absolutely stupid. And, it’s not even a performance, It’s Jack being Jack.
  9. The fact that management actively looked for him at shows is petty. But, he reached out to the band making them aware he was attending the Wichita show. I feel for Rick because he’s obviously a die hard fan and loves the band, but the way he went about it all backfired on him.
  10. I Axl initially recorded This I Love as a catharsis to the ending of relationship and as time moved on and life moved on he was hesitant to revisit that particular energy and feeling associated with the song.
  11. If you are asking about the supposed 3 songs, This I Love comes to mind. That really should have been a classic GNR song. Maybe Catcher or The Blues. I don’t see any of these instrumentals being songs Axl intended or thought of for Slash. I would imagine any song he intended for Slash, assuming that’s true, assuming he said that to Marc maybe he wish that to get a public apology or to open lines of communication. It’s been 4 years of touring and no new songs, so who knows.
  12. I’d take Axl’s bio over any of this music that has been released.
  13. Nah, just kinda joking because this band has bashed Trump, then engaged in the same thin-skinned pettiness. Seriously banning a fan that presents no danger. It Trump level pettiness from an organization that officially take issues with Trump. Banning a fan is just sick.
  14. Hahahaha. They were distracting.
  15. I agree 100 percent. For a band that despises Trump, this is some straight petty ass Trump like bullshit. I’ve always supported TB, and will continue to do so, but a truly professional management team would not have taken this action. Fernando needs sometime in Sedona. Unless, of course, these songs were in consideration for an upcoming and proper release, and the leaks have fucked up that plan, then it’s Trump like bullshit.