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  1. Funny how every single of these song descriptions sounds more promising to me than the ones we already know, curious to hear the "80s", the "bluesy" and the acoustic song.
  2. That would be somebody's ( @Natty) dream come true
  3. no matter in what context, but to call SLASH a REPLACEMENT, is one of the most ridiculous things i'v ever read
  4. Greta Van Fleet

    new song is out since yesterday another great one !
  5. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    @Natty VIENNA Sunday 10.02. ✔
  6. This time a few more pics from the show, it was my 4th one on this leg, and unfortunately the LAST ONE Many, many thanks to @Natty , the most perfect concert buddy, sister in spirit and "crime", and my personal driver!
  7. ...and here are a few of our pics from yesterday, next show tomorrow...
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    This will be the most memorable weekend we've ever had, 3 days - 2 shows ! I fear our craziness will overwhelm us
  9. A few of my "front row" pics from yesterday , killer show btw, @Nattyonly 12 days to go till Leipzig
  10. Me too, and of course i'm also happy to get a new SMKC one, ...But there's this little inner voice screaming.... i want, i want, i want a new GnR also
  11. Yesterday whole band in the studio...God how i wish it would be Slash's other band
  12. Wow whats going on here, when it comes to bashing and unsulting band members, all we need is just a little patience, till the first concert thread discussion, all the bashing will be well balanced between ALL of them ! There will be so many posts with the same old stories... Axl is again full on Mickey and didn't lose enough weight the last few month, Slash's playing sloppy and is shredding too much, Melissa is useless as ever, Dizzy is boring as usual, Frank's drumming doesn't fit, Richard is trying to be Izzy but isn't Izzy, and Duff, well he's only the sober bassplayer... And not to forget-> same boring setlist!!! So everybody will again get a portion of criticism, and meanwhile Steven is the poor one, so get over it!
  13. Mixed up the options a bit for me... In awe for the half baked reunion Admiration for fronting GnR and AC/DC Angry to not making amends with Slash earlier Frustrated of the disapointment of no new music