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  1. The "burning stage" pyroeffects on sympathy are cool as f*ck
  2. Edmonton Soundcheck

    There was a soundcheck/rehearsal the day before the first show in London, thats what people have posted back then, i was'nt there
  3. Edmonton Soundcheck

    Like @Lio said, Axl was at several soundchecks on the euro leg, also Bilbao, Munich and London (these are the ones i remember) so i also guess , his appearance at the soundcheck is unfortunately no indication for new music
  4. does a bear have whiskers like thati also do see a panther, but both do not have antlers, why are the last few ones are all riddles
  5. maybe reffering to this event
  6. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    at the 9:57 mark there's the little coma story, followed by band introduction and trump blah... at 11:47 before introducing Slash he says "on the guitar- hoping that i shut my f*ckin mouth -Slash!" and Slash giving him a 👍
  7. Hypothetical Rolling Strad'

    That i mentioned 4tus was a joke, yes! For the rest of my post, this was'nt meant funny or something, i don't see Izzy touring with ANY big band, and IF, he would'nt do it for free only because of loving the band ! Izzy is a musician/songwriter/artist, call it what ever you like, but this is a JOB and what he does for living, why the hell should he do it for free? But this is only MY opinion on this hypothetical fascinating what-if rock n roll conversation!
  8. Hypothetical Rolling Strad'

    Yep Stones without Keith, would be like....äh...Guns without Slash -> ridiculous !!!
  9. Hypothetical Rolling Strad'

    Would definitely make more sense, but according to Mick Taylor: “To ask if I regret leaving the Rolling Stones is to ask the wrong question,” he stated. “The hard one to answer is, do I regret joining them?”
  10. Hypothetical Rolling Strad'

    First of all Ronnie is ok by now ! Hypothetical... ... 4tus could join them, so they don't have to get used to a new face/hair typ ...as we know Izzy isn't very fond of touring, and the Stones "Tour-Circus" is as big or even bigger than the Guns one... and last but not least...Mick, Keith (+Charlie) would never split the loot equally ! so... NO! , not even hypothetical👅
  11. Ok ladies i'll trust you, maybe i'm a little bit deaf after 30years of listening rock music🔊🙉