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  1. Happy to see Greta Van Fleet in Berlin Afraid of the Pink Slips in Mannheim and @Nattywhy do we have to see Tyler Bryant (in Leipzig and Poland) again and again and again ...so boring! Btw. if somebody is interested i've a FOS 1 for Mannheim left, will sell it for face value, pls pm me!
  2. GnR playing a song written by Bob Dylan, IN THEIR OWN WAY! Seriously? WHY? GnR playing a song written by Paul McCartney, IN THEIR OWN WAY! Seriously? WHY? GnR playing a song written by Pete Townsend, IN THEIR OWN WAY! Seriously? WHY? ...and so on and to answer the WHY question...Because they can, and it's called cover version
  3. Idk if this topic (health issues in general) is something that should be discussed on a you tube channelbut that's only my personal pov ! @sidman69 for all other storys and news keep on going
  4. Sometimes i wonder, why the hell, should they record a part 2 of the poorest selling album of their (Axls !) history??? Sure, there are many leftovers from CD, and maybe they could rearrange them with Duffs and Slashs influence, but hopefully never call it CDII or make any reference to the bigget joke (not musically wise) inside the music industry !? Perhaps we know more....SOON
  5. Tickets for the non-festival dates 2018 still say NITL tour
  6. ^^This ...i would definitely sell all my tix for 2018 if he replaces Slash, if Axl is going to hire him as a 3rd guitarist, i've to find a spot where i can't see and hopefully don't hear him
  7. Yes that's Todd he also did WTTJ with Slash and You're Crazy
  8. That's the ones from poland, 2 standing areas GA1(=GC) and GA2, and you can see clearly that EE is the same area like GA1/GC
  9. I've also seen this on the venue map from Poland, but i'm pretty sure there is NO separate section for the EE ticketholders, i think they have only done this, to let the people know, that you have access to GC with the EE tickets ! imo everything will be the same like this year!
  10. Not really an incident but there was also the story from dubai where Axl + his entourage, got first stuck in the massive trafficjam, then going "offroad" thrue the desert and their car there got stucked in the sand here's the story from the guys who gave them a lift to the venue iirc the show started a bit late, but many people arrived only after the first few songs, and afterwards there was a massive shitstorm going on against the local organizers!