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  1. Me too, and of course i'm also happy to get a new SMKC one, ...But there's this little inner voice screaming.... i want, i want, i want a new GnR also
  2. Yesterday whole band in the studio...God how i wish it would be Slash's other band
  3. Wow whats going on here, when it comes to bashing and unsulting band members, all we need is just a little patience, till the first concert thread discussion, all the bashing will be well balanced between ALL of them ! There will be so many posts with the same old stories... Axl is again full on Mickey and didn't lose enough weight the last few month, Slash's playing sloppy and is shredding too much, Melissa is useless as ever, Dizzy is boring as usual, Frank's drumming doesn't fit, Richard is trying to be Izzy but isn't Izzy, and Duff, well he's only the sober bassplayer... And not to forget-> same boring setlist!!! So everybody will again get a portion of criticism, and meanwhile Steven is the poor one, so get over it!
  4. Mixed up the options a bit for me... In awe for the half baked reunion Admiration for fronting GnR and AC/DC Angry to not making amends with Slash earlier Frustrated of the disapointment of no new music
  5. Ok, so this is the guy "loved by millions" Voice seems "OK" but not much more and please man, stop doing that halfassed snakedancing, or trying to twirl the mic like Daltrey (nearly hitting his own face @ 3:10) Hopefully Steven does as many rehearsals as possible, so this guy can find his one way of stagepresence, and stop acting like a poor copycat
  6. Everything @Carmenjellowrote is very true, and @tremolosummarized very well why they are NOT professional managers! But I also believe that Axl's current state of mind (which is definitely better today than it was back in the 90s) still has a lot to do with TB, that does not make them better managers at all, but i think Axl turned into someone, with whom it's easier to work with because of them, which the whole band, especially Duff and Slash might benefit from, and that's the only reason why these two except TB as official GnR managers, i'm pretty sure Duff+Slash do know very well how poor the whole thing (promotion, social media,...) is handled ! So from my POV, yes TB are amateurs, but everything is better than a fucking freaky Axl
  7. Are we discussing THIS comment??? ...if yes, i can't see how it's related to GnR so what are we talking about?
  8. OK, in the post above i was joking, but this one (from todd kerns wife) frightens me, wtf does she mean with #2018 #2019 #2020
  9. Slash is allready reading thru all the posts in this thread, while in the background... ...all our thoughts are compressed in this creature, ready to attac him: *why are you recording a new smkc record instead of a new gnr one*
  10. Happy to see Greta Van Fleet in Berlin Afraid of the Pink Slips in Mannheim and @Nattywhy do we have to see Tyler Bryant (in Leipzig and Poland) again and again and again ...so boring! Btw. if somebody is interested i've a FOS 1 for Mannheim left, will sell it for face value, pls pm me!
  11. GnR playing a song written by Bob Dylan, IN THEIR OWN WAY! Seriously? WHY? GnR playing a song written by Paul McCartney, IN THEIR OWN WAY! Seriously? WHY? GnR playing a song written by Pete Townsend, IN THEIR OWN WAY! Seriously? WHY? ...and so on and to answer the WHY question...Because they can, and it's called cover version