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  1. Tickets for the non-festival dates 2018 still say NITL tour
  2. ^^This ...i would definitely sell all my tix for 2018 if he replaces Slash, if Axl is going to hire him as a 3rd guitarist, i've to find a spot where i can't see and hopefully don't hear him
  3. Yes that's Todd he also did WTTJ with Slash and You're Crazy
  4. That's the ones from poland, 2 standing areas GA1(=GC) and GA2, and you can see clearly that EE is the same area like GA1/GC
  5. I've also seen this on the venue map from Poland, but i'm pretty sure there is NO separate section for the EE ticketholders, i think they have only done this, to let the people know, that you have access to GC with the EE tickets ! imo everything will be the same like this year!
  6. Not really an incident but there was also the story from dubai where Axl + his entourage, got first stuck in the massive trafficjam, then going "offroad" thrue the desert and their car there got stucked in the sand here's the story from the guys who gave them a lift to the venue iirc the show started a bit late, but many people arrived only after the first few songs, and afterwards there was a massive shitstorm going on against the local organizers!
  7. GC = FOS1 the little stage you saw was for the VIP packages tickets!
  8. No ticket prices announced by yet, but as you can see on the Ticketmaster hp they offer exactly the same VIP packages for 2018 like they did this year on the Euro leg, so i think prices for every kind of tickets will also be the same like 2017, the german locations/stadiums in 2018 are compareable to the ones this year, Golden Circle/Front of Stage 1 was around 170€ last summer !
  9. I will definitely not judge over some audience because it's always up to everybody how to enjoy themselfs, all i can tell you is, that whenever i went to a concert in Germany, i felt fine with their crowd, not too wild, but also not reserved, most artists love the german audience
  10. Rock in Rio 2001 (Video)/Question.....

    This guy was wearing a SLASH shirt saying something like..."Slash is GnR"