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  1. I hope Fortus breaks his pinky. Tobias is ready to fill the void.
  2. I hope you're trolling.
  3. Lol, so a fan can't be critical about an artist? Axl is a pro, paid like one, and should perform like one. He naild LALD (did WTTJ decent), but the rest was weak. The worst thing about it is that he could pull it off, but doesn't want to because he doesn't care.
  4. The Spaghetti Incident 2?

    I hope Axl doesn't read this thread and decides to put out another cover album...
  5. You're spot on. Like I said in another thread. Axl hates & envys Slash, that's why he doesn't acknowledge Slash's stuff. Axl probably still thinks Slash is a cancer.
  6. What does the future hold?

    How come? If you look what Axl has done the past 20 years, isn't that the proof that he doesn't care about the fans? He released only one album, always came up late on shows & finally reunited with S&D when all his money dried up & needs some for the old age. He stopped caring about the fans a long time ago, when the fans weren't goin to swallow his Fake Gnr.
  7. I bet she's the voice of reason
  8. Who is Fernando reffering to with 'people of influence, innovators and leaders'. ? I hope the kid also teaches him not to be a parasitic leach, lol.
  9. What does the future hold?

    Axl will release a new record when JustanUrchin gets rid of his fedora & stops writing like 'the singer'.
  10. What does the future hold?

    What a hostile environment. I guess it's your denial of seeing the truth that GnR will never ever release a record again. But at least Slash and Axl are great friends again and this tour is by no means a cash grab. Anyways go see them now, this might be the last chance.
  11. What does the future hold?

    I've seen GnR in Hannover Germany, great concert even the delay due to poor weather was great (people went inside to hide from the rain I stayed outside and got closer to the stage). Anyways, judging by what I saw, I believe Axl doesn't like Slash & is only willing to tour with him to collect his (last?) paycheck. There was no connection between them whatsoever, I don't believe Axl will record for GnR while Slash is there. Axl/Dc record is a possibility since he's a fan of Angus and enjoys performing with him. I'd prefer a GnR record but that's not realistic at this point in time. When the tour ends, Slash will hit the studio to record with Miles and tour his next solo record and maybe after that continue with GnR's nostalgia tour.
  12. Ultimate Dream Setlist

    1. 14 Years 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. It's so Easy 4. Wttj 5. Double Talkin Jive 6. So Fine 7. YCBM 8. Pretty Tied Up 9. The Garden 10. Estranged 11. Civil War 12. SCOM 13. Live & Let Die (Izzy on Trumpets) 14. KOHD 15. Right next door to hell (Adler on drugs) 16. Perfect Crime (Axl on drugs) 17. Coma 18. Ain't It fun 19. Patience 20. Paradise City
  13. Axl Rose doesn't like GnR. I think he hates his music... That's why he's working on the next AcDc record instead of GnR's.
  14. It reminds me of a stalker who's stealing someone else's identity. Axl might also think he's Brian's incarnation, even though Brian is still alive ?.