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  1. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    I feel like many of the celebrities say they have a disorder, just to gain more attention. A lot of them are supossedly 'depressed' & 'unhinged'.
  2. I respect bands releasing albums that are just ok. Axl takes shit too seriously, just record and release it. Fans decide for themselves which songs they like. I mean Metallica's Death Magnetic (or whatever it's called) has 3 good songs, and I am fine with that. GnR could have had bunch of few songs per album released by now.
  3. If people would stop going to the concerts, then the revenu would drop. Financially they would be forced to change how they handle their business. They would need to excite/motivate the fanbase (by releasing new material, or at least do something different).
  4. Yes, they would then be forced to do something different. Like, releasing new songs.
  5. If I remember correctly; The Offspring. It was back in '04
  6. I like it 👍. I bet Fernando is going to feel owned
  7. 49 unreleased songs?

    Aah never mind I saw the setlist, there are only 2 new songs. The plague & New work tune. Kinda disappointed. Would have loved to hear Just Another Sunday, Bring It back Home & more new songs.
  8. Are these 49 unreleased songs new (as in we haven't heard about these songs before)? Or are bunch of these songs like Shadow Of your Love, Mama Kin, Crash Diet etc.? Is there a setlist (tracklist) of these songs?
  9. Oh sorry, it must have been an Al Qaida member who's had sexual intercourse with a monkey... I guess that's more believable, since it's reported by the 'not fake news' CNN.
  10. Ask the CIA about the origins of the HIV/Aids 'virus'.