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  1. The crew should put a giant postage stamp on the top of this set list because they are officially mailing it in now. The set list is virtually unchanged since last year. It's like watching a Broadway show each night of a band dressing up and playing like GNR. Michelle OR OTGM and Patience OR Don't Cry...but always The Seeker...that's the proverbial kick in the nuts.
  2. 07/20/17 - NYC - Apollo Theater

    This voice is just awful...sounds like Mickey Mouse getting his balls squeezed in a vice while singing old GNR tunes. Let's face it, right now Axl is the weak link in GNR. Slash and Duff can make their instruments sound just like 1986-1988 (maybe even better as their performances are no longer clouded by drugs/alcohol), but Axl is a far cry from the band's peak. As for the business side, once again Axl is the weak link as I believe it is he who is preventing Izzy and Steven (especially Steven) from assuming their proper place in the band, while we get the second rate imposters instead.
  3. New Music or Original Lineup?

    Thanks for all the responses. I respect them all and am amazed by the differences of opinion. I didn't want to state my perference up front, so I'll state it now - AFD lineup. I was lucky enough to see the original version (as well as the UYI w/o Izzy and 2016 versions) and each time it lost a bit of the magic and raw energy. I don't think it's just the passage of time or the nostalgia that I might have for my youth...I just think the same cosmic forces that came together to create the biggest selling debut album in rock history are also required to deliver the best version of this band onstage. The biggest issue with new music is that it needs to come within 75% of the original to knock any of those songs out of the set list...Axl's been chasing the ghost of AFD for 30 years without success and I think that's a huge reason why he's only released one album in the past 25+ years. I'd rather drop any of the 4 to 5 CD songs that are currently in the set list for Think About You. There is a downside in having your first album be your greatest - for the rest of your career you are trying in vain to eclipse that moment in time. So with that, give me the original 5 back on stage and at least we can celebrate them, as the whole in this case is much greater than the sum of the parts.
  4. If you could only get one, would you rather have a new album by Axl/Slash/Duff and the newbies OR an arena tour by the AFD lineup?
  5. Who are these two women backstage at the GNR show???
  6. A co-headlining tour with Aerosmith makes a lot of sense: 1) Explains the going back to the beginning teaser - 1988 tour where GNR opened for Aerosmith 2) 30th Anniversery of both AFD (7/21/87) and Permanent Vacation (8/31/87) 3) Upcoming leg of the domestic GNR tour still hurt by weak ticket sales, so the fanbase needs something else as a draw 4) Working relationship between the two camps is still fresh - Slash opened for Aerosmith on their 2014 Let Rock Rule tour However, and this is just my dream scenario (which of course Axl will crush, as he lives especially to crush the dreams of fans that saw the band in the 80s), if Aerosmith can still tour with their original 5, why can't GNR? If GNR shares the stage with Aerosmith while rolling out the 4 add-ons (while the other two original members are still alive and want to tour with GNR), that will represent yet another epic F U to the fans!!!
  7. Just look at how weird Axl's outfit was that night...unfortunately, it wasn't just a strange phase, but instead a glimpse into how f'd up he'd become over the next 25 years. Other thoughts: 1) Sorum's drums are flat and sound like he's banging a nightstick against a coconut 2) Contrary to what Axl and Slash wanted the fanbase to believe, Izzy did in fact move around on stage during that leg of the tour 3) In no way am I sexist, but it is nice to see this band without any female backup singers, horn players, or second blue-haired keyboardists.
  8. The smart and sensible thing is to never get your hopes up as a GNR fan, HOWEVER: 1) In the teaser video for next Wednesday, the heavy focus is AXL, SLASH, DUFF...the extra baggage on stage (Richard, Dizzy, Frank, Melissa) is already being marginalized. So if 4 people are being scrubbed out of the picture, that leaves openings for... 2) The sales on the next leg of the North American tour have been very weak. Even when comparing last summer's domestic run to Metallica's current stadium tour, in many big markets (eg Philly), tickets need to be heavily discounted to ensure a full house...something Metallica did not have to resort to. GNR needs a big marketing boost if they want to move the rest of those tickets for the upcoming tour leg. Foreign audiences might not care who is on stage, but the US audiences seem to 3) Steven has been muzzled again (and publicly proven to have the ability to play a full show - see Argentina) and Izzy is being reached out to via social media So regarding next Wednesday, all signs distinctly point in one direction...
  9. Yes they forgot Izzy and Steven (of course they still flash the 5 skull logo and the Lies album cover with their faces)...but what they really forgot was, "2016: Band officially jumps the shark by including in their lineup a blue haired singer who is now considered a rock icon."
  10. If Axl is being honest with himself (and we are with ourselves), his career as an artist peeked in the 1986-1988 time frame. How many of us would want to live with the fact that our professional high point was reached between 24 and 26 years old. For this reason, I think he's been trying to bury that period and somehow reinvigorate his cultural relevance for years. Getting on stage for over an hour with Steven and Izzy to play the entire AFD album isn't going to help his fragile psyche.
  11. New Adler interview except from Rolling Stone

    The logical conclusion to reach is the following: 1) Steven signed a 12 month contract in January 2016 that prevented him from speaking to the press 2) Following the conclusion of that 12 month period, he went to the press with his desire to either play more songs with the existing band or play with the original five 3) The band is going to grant his wish, but only if he signs another 12 month contract, effective immediately, whereby he can't speak to the press OK, now here is another conclusion based on the fact that we are GNR fans, and as a GNR fan it is an unwritten rule that you are going to be screwed over by Axl Rose, as has been the case since 1990. 1) Axl, in his typical overly sensitive fashion, got very hurt by what Steven said to the press following the conclusion of his 12 month contract 2) Team Brazil, at Axl's direction, put Steven on another 12 month contract simply to keep him quiet 3) Over the next 12 months, the chances of Steven playing the drums on stage with GNR are about the same as any of us on this blog playing the drums on stage with GNR Remember, the default option when there is a decision to be made is to screw over the greatest majority of fans...people, don't get your hopes up too much...we are likely getting screwed again.
  12. So chicken or egg question: 1) Is Steven going to the press now because he's been told he'll never see the stage again with these guys or 2) Are they so sensitive that he's spoken that now he is effectively done from any future involvement with them? Steven does have a bit of diarrhea mouth, but what he said in these two interviews wasn't so bad. Who wouldn't be pissed to fly to South America simply to play one song a night? Who wouldn't be bummed to spend just a few seconds offstage with the lead singer after 26 years away? Who wouldn't be annoyed to have to stand offstage watching a blue (or is it pink) haired girl bounce around to the songs you helped create. All this confirms is what we've known for years...Axl is a legendary performer and talent, but his screwed up childhood really messed him up when money, fame and power got added to the mix. For better or worse, when you sign up as a GNR fan, you are committing yourself to equal parts great music and great drama. It's been that way since the beginning and it will be that way until the very end. Quite sadly, I must add.
  13. Duff in 2016 after Steven hurt his back, "Steven, we aren't going to use you for these shows." Duff in the Spring of 2017 after seeing all the unsold tickets for the upcoming North American leg, "So Steven, we have a bunch of shows coming up, any chance you and Izzy have free time in your schedule and can join us?" Something that's become very clear about Axl, Slash and Duff...their number one thing is not the fans nor becoming musically relevant again under the GNR banner, it's simply about lining their pockets. All those unsold tickets could force them to rethink the direction of things going forward as their appearance on stage along with the Izzy lookalike, the out of time drummer, and the blue haired pogo stick will only take them so far at the box office. I know I'm just one person here and probably don't speak for the vast majority of fans in 2017, but here is my experience. I was lucky enough to see the original magic in Sydney in 1988, went to see the watered down version in 1991 (Philly) and 1992 (NYC) and took my wife and son to see some of the nostalgia last summer in Philly. GNR is going to be 2 hours away this summer...but I wouldn't even go for a free ticket. At this point it would take the original five as I've seen the drop off between AFD and UYI lineups...and the drop off in hope and vibe even between 2016 and 2017 mirrors that.
  14. How much better would the past 30 years been as a fan of this band if Axl actually bothered to show up at soundchecks on a regular basis? 1) Overall cohesion of the band would have been better as it would have been a 5 man operation, as opposed to the 4+1 group that it became 2) Technical problems like Axl's monitors not working could have been solved then, instead of him storming off during a concert 3) Getting him to the venue earlier during the day of a show would have greatly reduced the 3 hour wait for showtime nonsense 4) We might have received more than just one album over the past 25 years. Many bands work out new material during soundcheck...collaboration would have been better with the lead singer there
  15. None of it makes any sense from a fan perspective... ...until you take into consideration that the guy who stole the corporate identity had his birth father allegedly rape him and then leave his life around age 2. He subsequently decided to put his career in the hands of his ex-girlfriends' (who also walked out on him) nanny and the rest of her sycophant children. Outside of this family, his closest advisor is a long-time hanger-on (now tour manager) who reminds us daily that the President isn't HIS president, and no matter your political leanings, orchestrated an on stage event that was bound to piss off at least half of the bands' fan base. Which is all a long way of saying that Mr. Axl Rose might not be the greatest decision maker.