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  1. cranberries singer dead

    What? People dying? It won't No. You must be devastated. R.I.P. Dolores
  2. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Dear me, that's awful. R.I.P Dolores. Day 22 - Some great stuff from the Emerald Isle, enjoy. Republic of Ireland Northern Ireland
  3. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Bad dancer.... even worse singer.
  4. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 21 - Alaska
  5. How did you come up with your forum name

    A good laugh can often be had by having a glance at the online users list, I've just seen someone going by the name of bumcheeksmcghee Brilliant!
  6. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    Well they basically created an entirely new style of music in Heavy Metal, which has evolved into many, many sub-genres, it all leads back to Sabbath. As much as I love Led Zep and can't separate them in terms of preference, I wouldn't say they changed the musical landscape the way Sabbath did. Yeah, of course Jimmy Page is a massive influence on guitarists, but I'd argue that there will be plenty around who would say Tony Iommi is just as big an influence. You can make the argument that there are a few bands who predate Sabbath as Metal's year zero, bands that were doing a similar kind of thing around that time, I've always liked the idea that The Kinks started it off as far back as the mid 60's in terms of the rawness of their guitar riffs, but when it comes to overall sound/tone, lyrics, image and general fucking heaviness, it was definitely Sabbath.
  7. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 20 - Iran These days are getting earlier and earlier. Azam Ali, first heard her on this Buckethead track.
  8. black sabbath or led zeppelin?

    They're both fucking great, as are Deep Purple. Sabbath were far more influential though.
  9. RIP "Fast" Eddie Clarke

    Shit news. R.I.P Eddie.
  10. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 19 Jose Carreras and Placido Domingo.