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  1. RIP Chas (from Chas n Dave)

    Better than John Lennon. RIP Chas.
  2. The MYGNRFORUM Around the World Song Challenge

    Day 90 - California Day 90! Can't believe I did the 90 days, haha! Seriously though, what a great idea for a thread this was, thanks @Blackstar and @BlueJean Baby for putting it together, that was a lot of fun. Three of my faves.
  3. [Judas Priest] 'Firepower'

    Really enjoying this, it's very, very good. Huge sound, great production. A real return to form from Priest.
  4. Yeah, obviously the music is incredible, some of the best stuff you'll ever hear and, for me anyway, that coupled with everything else is what makes them so unique and special. Not many bands have ever burst on the scene like GN'R and did what they did in such a short space of time. Bit weird.
  5. My top 5 bands of all time

    Yeah. He did a band called The Rub, very briefly, where he sang and played guitar but they didn't release anything, probably couldn't be arsed.
  6. Well, GN'R aren't my favourite band, that's The Stones, but I get your point. I wish I had more GN'R music or Axl solo albums, all of the quality of AFD etc. but it is what it is.
  7. My point is that a band like GN'R/Axl comes along probably once a generation if we're lucky and it's as much about what goes on around them as the music itself that keeps us so engrossed, it's like a soap opera. U2, yeah they've had a few decent songs/albums but overall are just pretty dull. GN'R have an excitement and intrigue that the likes of U2 will never have.
  8. The Upcoming Games Thread...

    That looks quality, similar to XCOM apparently.
  9. If Slash had a different singer I'd be more interested in hearing a new album by him but while his guitar is fighting against that tortuous wail, it's a no from me.
  10. My top 5 bands of all time

    I think I've read he wanted him for his solo band or something? One of the best things I remember reading about Reni was that he received an offer to join Primal Scream (obviously when Mani was there) but turned it down because he 'couldn't be arsed.'
  11. My top 5 bands of all time

    Townsend called him the most naturally talented drummer since Keith. Class.
  12. My top 5 bands of all time

    Yeah, I agree. It would've been a fucking bizarre choice and funny as fuck! Also, from a visual aspect, there's Ian, Mani.... and fucking Slash! In his leather kecks! Ridiculous. Remember the Moon thread when we were talking about best drummers? Reni deserved a mention as well. Love these. 5 hundred?
  13. Yeah, nice one. Are you the bloke who said this news made you cry?