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  1. Terry Jones RIP

    Couldn't see a thread to mark the great man passing away, so thought I'd start one. Another Python down. RIP
  2. Which resonates with you more- music or lyrics?

    I can strut about like a right little twat with a certain bit of music going round in my head. A riff, a groove, a guitar solo or whatever can make me feel superhuman. If I'm down, music can get me up very quickly. Lyrics, while they can be great and add to a song, don't have anywhere near the same effect on me. They don't hit me in the gut in the same way as the tune itself. So music, definitely.
  3. RIP Neil Peart

    Top drummer, easily one of the best. My old man will be gutted, absolutely loves him.
  4. What Are You Listening To 2019

  5. British Politics

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/nigel-farage-brexit-party-london-parliament-square-january-31-a4326526.html Tempted to have a pop down.
  6. British Politics

    Corbyn doesn't appear to grasp that the country has emphatically rejected his sad sack demeanor and whingy-whiny student politics. The poor fella must be dense.
  7. British Politics

    It's his tone as well, almost that of a father reading a bedtime story to his children, whilst mentioning the resistance and the frontline like a freedom fighter. It's totally fucking bizarre!
  8. British Politics

    Fighting talk from Jezza. Absolutely no comprehension of what just happened in the GE. The bloke is coming across as a weirdo.
  9. British Politics

    Won't get it on account of his accent. I wouldn't be surprised if someone slick like Starmer gets it. A barrister, he's dull and effective at the dispatch box but is an ultra-remainer and one of the main reasons behind Labour trying to hold a second referendum. If he became leader it could spell the end for Labour.
  10. British Politics

    Really? Fucking hell! You'll be saying the sight of Theresa May's gangly legs gets the trousers twitching next.
  11. British Politics

    In recent years the strategy seems to be to identify the most laughable, unelectable mess they have in the party and make them leader. The one before Corbyn resembled a village idiot and had a terrible speech impediment. He famously ate a bacon sandwich, rather clumsily.
  12. British Politics

    Hopefully she'll keep a low profile from now on. I very much doubt it though, she loves the limelight, does Gina.
  13. Concerts in 2020

    The Who in March. Will try again for Ozzy later in the year, even though the old boy keeps fucking cancelling.
  14. British Politics

    Love this... https://www.spiked-online.com/2019/12/20/the-end-of-remain/
  15. British Politics

    A Bobby Davro joke which I stole for myself. I'd be rather proud of it if I'd thought of it, though.