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  1. Little Richard has died at 87

  2. British Politics

    Starmer is everything that is wrong with the modern Labour Party.... a party that despises it's traditional voters and their values. The clown has spent the last three years desperately trying to thwart Brexit and is now the leader, well, that's going to go down like a cup of cold sick in the heartlands. He and Labour will never be trusted again, nor should they be. Labour are finished as a political force. Nothing more to see.
  3. British Politics

    You sure about that?
  4. British Politics

    The country has gone to the dogs.
  5. The Boxing Thread

    Awesome from Fury, thought he would win on points but was always wary of Wilder dropping him with a big shot again. Wasn't expecting that. I wasn't a fan when I saw him earlier on in his career but he's more than won me over since those days. Has the personality to match the skills and surely a movie/entertainment career awaits when he hangs up his gloves. Brilliant.
  6. British Politics

    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/priti-patel-left-officials-trembling-with-her-ruthless-behaviour-as-minister/ar-BB10dyyO?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout You just know she'd be an amazing shag.
  7. British Politics

    No, I trusted them to deliver Brexit and that was the first step in turning the ship around. One thing you can rely on from the Tories is their unquenchable thirst for power and their ability to be completely ruthless and opportunistic in their pursuit of it. While Labour flailed around, insulting their core voters and set themselves on a course ultimately aimed at overturning a democratic vote, the Tories sniffed blood and went in for the kill. Now they have a foothold with the working classes, Labour are completely and utterly fucked.
  8. British Politics

    I'm pleased you've come round to my way of thinking, took you long enough.
  9. British Politics

    How did those sectors survive before the vast influx of foreign/cheap labour from 2004 onwards? I don't really buy that argument to be honest. There are a lot of employers who have taken the piss for far too long, paying shit wages for the cheapest labour they can get. Also, the rise in employers using agencies and putting workers on zero hour contracts and not offering the security of a permanent contract and a decent wage is a disgrace. If they can't/won't offer the basics in terms of employing a workforce, they don't really deserve to be in business as far as I'm concerned.
  10. British Politics

    It all seems quite sensible and reasonable to me. You want to come here to work and you meet the criteria put in place.... welcome. You don't meet the criteria? Best of luck elsewhere. Europeans and those from the rest of the world on an equal footing. No doubt the Remainiacs will have their knickers well and truly in a twist about it, though.
  11. British Politics

  12. British Politics

    Clarence Boddicker is undoubtedly the greatest movie villian of all time, "can you fly, Bobby?" "Bitches leave!" etc. Closely followed by Bennett from Commando.
  13. British Politics

    I'm looking at the bigger picture, longer term. It's up to him to show he can run the country to an acceptable level..... he can be kicked out in 5 years. Getting out of the EU was a once in a generation opportunity, 5 years is fuck all.
  14. British Politics

    Between a rock and a hard place. That was the beauty of the referendum, they mistakenly gave the decision over to the people.... and the majority of people decided they didn't like the direction of travel of the country and of the EU. Direct democracy. Boris was a means to an end to get it over the line.
  15. British Politics

    ^^^ As opposed to this? Yeah. We're an independent, sellf-governing nation again. That obviously doesn't mean very much to you and I have no problem with that. You crack on.