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  1. Incredible, totally unexpected but fun. We need a better recording. Is the episode available online?
  2. Kings Of Chaos Nightrain

    You can say what you want about Matt as a person but he’s a kick-ass drummer, would have mad all the difference in the ”reunion”.
  3. Fly GNAIR

    A fan since 1988, but seriously, what the f**k is this?
  4. Very cool, I was worried about Slash having problems getting used to in-ears since he doesn’t even use headphones in the studio. Happy to hear they work for him.
  5. Art is about capturing a moment in time, people’s opinions are secondary. What matters is that it makes you feel something, then if it’s good or bad doesn’t really matter because that’s what we do at places like this. We discuss our opinions. I think the beauty of many classic albums is that you can really feel the time when they were made.