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  1. 11 hours ago, Lucky girl said:

    I miss Jarmo, Melissa, Forthus, Frank, Dizzy...

    maybe another compromisses?



    Dizzy was there. I saw him at the first instastory at the party before the wedding. He stood in the background and talked to some people. Then there are no more pictures or videos ;)

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  2. 16 minutes ago, purplestargirl said:

    I actually thought his stepfather was still alive.

      Me too. I saw what his sister wrote to the FB, but I misunderstood her. She wanted everyone to write the worst death for her stepfather. She was very angry. At that time, the BBC document was published. Maybe it has a connection.

  3. 31 minutes ago, Ota said:

    You're right but a false picture is not. Axl is hiding behind his classmate.




     And for interest...


    Axl's last visits to Lafayette were in 1992, when he was seen eating pizza at Arni's with his brothers and even pictures of this occasion were published in 1995 when Shannon Hoon died of an overdose of cocaine, a neighbor who attended the funeral, said he saw Rose among the attendees and the last of these opportunities, was in 1996, when his mother died of cancer, riding a 4x4, accompanied by two friends and no bodyguards.


    It was exciting to hear, the first thing that interested me to ask, was if I knew where the house where he grew up, answered that on 24th Street, but when I was studying at Jefferson was living with his grandmother near Columbian Park, coinciding with what we had said the woman who took care of us at the entrance, we immediately wanted to find out if she knew what happened to her stepfather and then she replied: 'Stephen passed away', his stepfather passed away a few years ago and his mother too.

  4. On 29. 6. 2017 at 0:25 AM, purplestargirl said:

    I was thinking Stephanie Seymour as well. I was kidding about it being about Slash. I don't Axl would write love songs about his guitarist.

    Of course it's about SS. Axl wrote TIL in 1992 in Paris, when they had a crisis ;)

  5. 7 hours ago, killuridols said:

    I dont know why Im mad but its not because of that :ph34r:

    Umm... Sante has a son, of that I'm sure. Don't know if he has more children and wife (or husband).

    Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me since today I saw my gay couple neighbors gathering for Sunday barbecue and I saw a bunch of their gay friends coming over so now whenever I see two guys together I can only think of that :lol:

    :facepalm:remove me from Earth, please

    Sante has girlfriend Enga Purevjav https://www.instagram.com/engapurevjav/

  6. 3 hours ago, killuridols said:


    The one that was recently posted here, looks like Christmas time at Axl's home and everybody wearing shoes and putting their feet in the sofa :lol:, I have no idea where it originally comes from.... I've never seen it posted by neither of them, however, it is out in the open now.... And it's an old picture because he's wearing those loose jeans and the horrible mustache, so probably from 2012 or 2013... There's obviously someone in his inner circle that once in a while leaks a picture but how do we know this is with the consent of Axl or not?


    I read somewhere 21.12.2011 ;)

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  7. 9 hours ago, solstar said:

    Mmmm I'm not that sure of how aware he is - it seems to me that he lives pretty much in his own world most of the time, locked up in his room, doing God knows what. :facepalm: Also, while he's on stage he seems more relaxed than in interviews, and then I get the feeling he expresses himself more openly. Defintely way less than before though.

    About his hair colour, it looks so not natural to me. I figure a man his age would have more greying hair by now.  :shrugs: And about the curls, having thin hair myself, I can say from experience that having them unevenly spread is not uncommon. Thin hair is a nightmare, it does what it wants and it's not easy to tame. (Thank God for keratine! :lol:)  I'm with you though that dirty uncombed hair could be the reason for the woolen hats, and wild frizz for the others, but then again this would prove that he doesn't like the frizz (or the dirt :lol:), so why doesn't he do something about it is beyond me :facepalm: It'd be so easily solved with a nice haircut as you said, or with some keratine treatment. Jeez


    My mother in law has thin hair, but the first gray hair at the age of seventy It´s possible that Axl still has natural hair color.

  8. 4 hours ago, Kris_1989 said:

    Well he did allegedly have Slash on Axl's enemy list as of 2008. lol But honestly, this just shows Fernando's true character. When Slash wasn't around (and he didn't know him personally) he freely talked shit about Slash. But now that Axl and Slash are on good terms again Slash is a legend and teaching Fernando so much? C'mon... :rolleyes:

    Slash talked shit about Axl. I´m sorry, but I´m not a big fan of Slash.

  9. On 8. 2. 2017 at 6:21 PM, killuridols said:

    Hi and welcome :)

    We've talked something about that pages ago, when someone posted about Tom Zutaut revealing something Axl never mentioned before, which is that his father used to abuse him in some public restrooms in Indiana.

    I wish I could point you to the exact page where this was discussed but conclusions were somewhat similar to what you're saying here.

    It's really hard to say if he was dreaming or led by hypnosis to believe something that never happened. I always had doubts with what he said about being raped at 2 years old by his real father. Specially because most babies who have this atrocity happening to them usually die or are left terribly injured and if this really happened to him, there's no way he didnt end up in a hospital and at the hospital they should have denounced the parents. But then again, this is the 60's we're talking about and things may have been totally different to what they are now.



    I believe, because Axl said in interview Rolling Stones and Musician Magazine:


    My parents had always said something really tragic and dark and ugly happened. They wouldn't say what happened –– they always just freaked out whenever anything was mentioned about my real father.

    All these relatives knew little pieces of this puzzle, and nobody helped me with shit. I'm angry about that. I can't sit and think about Uncle So-and-So and enjoy it much. And if you're talking with any of these people, they try to get you to just tolerate it and take things back to the way they were: "Let's not get it public." My family did everything they could, thinking they were doing what was right, to bury it all. My stepfather was just adamant that he was going to protect Mom and himself: "Your real father does not get brought up." And he was also trying to cover his own tracks for what he did.

    I have a lot of corroboration from people who knew something horrible happened. Even now I could talk about it with my grandmother and she'd nod her head yes, but would not talk about it.





  10. 6 hours ago, Babooshka said:

    Well I like Stephanie, and I don't agree with the hate that she gets. Axl was no saint in that relationship, so why attack her? She didn't do anything to him imo, they just weren't suited.

    She was actually asked about him recently, when she went into court.


    Scroll down to the video. A pap asked her about the reunion and whether she'd marry Axl "again". She doesn't say anything, she just smiles. :lol:

    Fernando Lebeis in interview:

    What do you think of Stephanie?
    F: I hate her. She is the person in trouble. Counterfeiting is not reliable, do not know what is love or like someone without seconds interests, her mother is already so.