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  1. Question On An Alleged Early 2000's Song?

    Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but I know the snippet known as Checkmate (26 seconds or so) was called No Love Remains on a torrent of a leak in like 2006 or whenever it was. The leak was the demos of the blues, catcher etc that's on youtube if I remember correctly. There was also a live version of KOHD, not sure where from. Not adding much to the discussion, sorry, but still. I remember having that short snippet on repeat for so many months. In my mind that snippet is No Love Remains, and the name kinda fits the lyrics, so.
  2. My heart skipped a beat when I saw you had just bought tickets for Gothenburg since I've been so bummed about missing the shot when they were released through Nightrain on monday. Then I saw this and I cooled down a little. Still bummed since I'm not a Tele2-customer, but Will try my best to get a GC ticket tomorrow. Stood very close to you in Stockholm last time around but never said hi. Maybe this time!
  3. Was busy at work and didn't manage to get any GC tickets to Gothenburg. Will try again thursday when tickets are released to the public. I really really want to go but if I can't get GC I feel like it's not worth it.
  4. 06/29/17 - Stockholm, SE - Friends Arena

    I think I've got it sorted now. Guess we'll see after the show On my way to the venue now.
  5. 06/29/17 - Stockholm, SE - Friends Arena

    Anyone planning om going to the afterparty at Cafe Opera? I want to, unless I'm too tired after the show, but I honestly have no idea of how to get there. Any pointers?
  6. 06/29/17 - Stockholm, SE - Friends Arena

    Just about to hop on my train to Stockholm. Probably going to queue after lunch tomorrow (around 13 I'm guessing) or is that too late? GC, aiming for front row, haven't decided which side yet.
  7. Fucking hell. Reading through this I'm all giggly and almost tearing up. To answer the question, the first time Coma was played made me jump out of my seat (or bed, actually). God it felt so good.