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  1. I can only find Scraped on my phone today, but I can find (and play) the whole of CD on my PC. DC Alt lyrics too.
  2. I can still find the album by searching for playlists, however the track Chinese Democracy seems to be missing. Edit: Along with Street of Dreams, TWAT, Catcher, and Madagascar.
  3. No idea. Bummer since I'd rather be on the "Duff side" but oh well.
  4. Attitude was soundchecked too, right?
  5. Shirt (Litho is the same I guess?) looks nice. Ghost-y. I wish they would open tonight as well.
  6. Just got on my (delayed..) train to Gothenburg. Will be staying with friends I rarely get to see so probably won't get to Sticky Fingers. Have fun those of you that do. I'll be queuing from sometime around lunchtime tomorrow. Feel free to say hi if you see me! Saw a few familiar faces last year in Stockholm but didn't have the guts to talk to any of you.
  7. Question On An Alleged Early 2000's Song?

    Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but I know the snippet known as Checkmate (26 seconds or so) was called No Love Remains on a torrent of a leak in like 2006 or whenever it was. The leak was the demos of the blues, catcher etc that's on youtube if I remember correctly. There was also a live version of KOHD, not sure where from. Not adding much to the discussion, sorry, but still. I remember having that short snippet on repeat for so many months. In my mind that snippet is No Love Remains, and the name kinda fits the lyrics, so.
  8. My heart skipped a beat when I saw you had just bought tickets for Gothenburg since I've been so bummed about missing the shot when they were released through Nightrain on monday. Then I saw this and I cooled down a little. Still bummed since I'm not a Tele2-customer, but Will try my best to get a GC ticket tomorrow. Stood very close to you in Stockholm last time around but never said hi. Maybe this time!
  9. Was busy at work and didn't manage to get any GC tickets to Gothenburg. Will try again thursday when tickets are released to the public. I really really want to go but if I can't get GC I feel like it's not worth it.