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  1. I don't know about this one. I kind of like it but it's hard for me to see/hear it as a GNR song, even by NuGNR standards. Maybe it's because of the lack of guitars, I don't know (+ Axl missing of course).
  2. I think it was 'Perhaps Reimagined Life' or something like that. I've thought about it a lot but no one else seems to bring it up so I was starting to think it was a dream I had hah.
  3. Isn't in weird that Zodiac is marked specifically as "no vox" when there are a bunch of other instrumentals on these cds? Could it be becuase Zodiac had finished lyrics written but they weren't recorded yet?
  4. Out of the songs on that list they haven't played yet I'm betting Benny & the Jets will be the first one we'll hear.
  5. I hope they've skipped songs so they can fit in something interesting during the encore. If they decide to play something new (Hard School) that's where it makes the most sense to put it if you ask me.
  6. what did Axl say? I swear I heard something like "okay.. this is new. it was Richard's first *something*". but then just attitude
  7. I love the main part of Inside Out. Wish we'd get a version without the glitches. Not a big fan of the solo part.
  8. New LA Show Sep 21

    Hopeful for setlist changes. Not expecting any new material. But Pretty Tied Up, So Fine or Think About You maybe? Either way I'm kind of excited that they're going back out there. It's been a while.
  9. Yup, I started humming Do You Realize?? as soon as the intro hit.
  10. Back in the day it (the 16-sec leak) was called "No Love Remains" on some torrent with a few different CD leaks so that's why I'll always think of it as.
  11. Someone on reddit is claiming Seven/7 has leaked too. No links or any kind of proof except saying the lyrics are silly but Axl sounds in good shape. I'm guessing there's not much truth to this?
  12. Is it possible he means something more along the lines of "I can't believe it's finally happening"? As in he's shocked/surprised he's finally going to make another album under the GNR name.