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    I got the same email as well.
  2. 06/22/17 - Hannover, DE - Messe

    They might've went live at different times? Because when I tuned in they were definitely playing the intro to New Rose. I remember because Frank was messing up the drum intro
  3. 06/22/17 - Hannover, DE - Messe

    I did. But it was only for a minute. They were playing New Rose.
  4. Interesting choice of venue
  5. To give you an Idea, I checked out the tickets for the Chicago show and pit tickets are $650 each.
  6. I got tickets in Section 100 which will be a similar view I had in Pittsburgh, except the Q Arena is obviously smaller than a football field. So for me, it will feel like I'm much closer. I don't know if you've ever got tickets to an event at the Q before because its a different setup vs Ticketmaster or Live Nation. In my experience, I've always gone the pre-sale route. Me personally, I don't care for the process when it comes to the Q because for presales, I cant choose the actual seats I want unlike TM or LN. I can only choose the section and then it picks the best seats in that section. It happened when I bought Queen tickets in February, and Guns yesterday. So once I choose the section I wanted, I took the seats it gave me because I didn't want to try again and end up sitting way towards the back. But I have seen for other concerts that are more close to their show day at the Q, It does let you pick your own seat. I was able to do that for Axl/DC at the Q. It would just be alot easier if the Q were partners with TM or LN so the customer has a better experience in buying tickets. And to answer you question!, I've checked out the options via the Q's website. And from what I've seen, they're only offering floor seats right now. Even when I click on the ViP PACKAGES link on GN'R's tour page it takes me to the same page. My best guess would be if you want pit tickets, you may have to wait until the public on-sale, or unless somebody else knows how to get them right now. Sorry if I went into too much detail!!
  7. Just bought my tickets for the show! It will be my 2nd time seeing Guns with the first time being in Pittsburgh last year. I'm looking forward to a great show!!
  8. 02/21/17 - Perth - Domain Stadium

    That was a badass performance!