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  1. VPN recommendations

    I started using NordVPN earlier this year and I love it. It's simple and definitely worth paying for if you're downloading torrents.
  2. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    The way I read it I thought Gibbo has 4 or 5 other shows in that quality. I have the Philly show. Thanks for offering though!
  3. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Could you post them on the other Tube?
  4. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    I really enjoy listening to this one
  5. Usenet Setup Discussion PM List In The Works

    If its possible that you could add me to the PM announcement, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. What's happend to gn'r bootlegs site?

    I second this!
  7. Major Collection Update!!!

    I was at the show and they did make a Cleveland litho shirt (unless somebody can prove me wrong). I remember because I was deciding whether to get one or not. I passed and got the litho instead. A little while after the show, I saw one for sale on eBay but it was too expensive. It was an official one, NOT a bootleg.
  8. Update: "This listing was ended by the seller because the item was lost or broken."
  9. Great... Well at least I know now for the future.
  10. Wow I'm surprised. His stuff looks really legit. I hope his shirts are real, or at least look real in person because I recently bought one of his..
  11. I have a question just out of curiosity. I was thinking and I know its probably frowned upon but has anyone printed out lithograph artwork just for themselves to have if they can't get one or just like a specific one? I know to some it might seem completely pointless, but if it turns out good, then more power to ya, right?. I find it difficult to spot the differences between a real and a fake one besides the obvious numbering. Either that or I should get my eyes checked! And if you think of asking, No. I have not purchased any lithographs from ebay or anywhere else online
  12. 10/26/17 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

    Guns N' Roses put on an amazing show last night. During the show when the house lights were on, I looked around and to me it looked sold out. Definitely more people than the Axl/DC show last September. When I got to the arena at 6PM, I walked all the way around it so see if they had the merch truck but unfortunately they didn't. It would've been really convenient for a lot of people I think to buy what they wanted outside and take it back to their vehicle instead of having to sit/stand with all their stuff during the show. So once the lobby doors opened we had to wait till about 6:30 when they started to scan tickets to officially let people in. Not to sound materialistic but I had only one thing on my mind at this point, the lithograph. I saw it from a distance and from that far away, it just looked like a black piece of paper with a white border. Once I got my ticket scanned I rushed over to the merch stand and as I was going over there, I couldn't help but see a classic ebayer walking away with a smile on his face with a huge stack of lithos in his arms. That got me really discouraged for someone like me who actually wants one for real to display and appreciate. So when it was finally my turn I asked the lady if they still had lithographs left.. She said YES! lol I got one and a tour shirt and the regular concert poster with all the dates on it. Right next to the merch stand was my section, which was 100! I didn't have to walk far at all. I was row 3 seats 9,10. My dad and I were literally dead center behind the soundboard. And to top it off, the two rows in front of us were empty the entire show! There were security guards on each side of the section that didn't let people sit in any seat in those two rows in front of us. So us lucky people in row 3 were basically in row one with a damn good view of everything that was going on. We totally lucked out on that. The Guns N' Roses performance was so good I didn't want it to end. It almost seemed like it wasn't going to either! THEIR energy on stage was at 100% from start to finish. The fans energy from my point of view? I'll get to that shortly. I made sure to check the time as soon as they started, which was at 7:43 all the way to 11:00! I sang along to just about every song. The obvious standouts were Jungle, Live and Let Die, Civil War, Sweet Child, NR, KOHD, Nightrain and PC. The place just went crazy for those songs. As for the Chinese Democracy songs, I only like the title track and better. That's about it. There's a lot better CD songs that I like (no pun intended) that they could've played, but they would've still fell flat with the fans. I was surprised but at the same time I wasn't by how many people I saw leaving the floor and walking up the stairs to the concession area when Axl came out for TIL and then they played prostitute right after that? From my point of view, almost everybody was standing still and there were hardly any cameras recording that I could see. And that goes for Madagascar too. Basically resting songs for the casual fan. Wichita Lineman was well received by the crowd I thought. But I really heard the crowd roar when Slash and Fortus played the intro to Black Hole Sun. They loved it and so did I, and I couldn't wait for them to play it. Overall, I had the best time and most memorable experience I could possibly have and I would without a doubt go again the next time they come back if they do. But in my opinion, this band should think about re-naming this tour. Yes, its titled the "Not In This Lifetime Tour", but in all reality, its really the Chinese Democracy 2.0 or Not In This Chinese Democracy or whatever kind of mashup they would come up with. CD is their most recent album and most bands who tour off a new record typically play about 5 songs from that new record, which is what they're basically doing. I know they wouldn't do this but it they wanted to somewhat please the fans to their liking, maybe play some better known CD songs? If their is any? OR just play lesser know Guns songs. Like for example, it would've been so fitting for them to play The Garden when they played AT The Garden. Well, I guess that's the end of my review/rant! P.S. I wanted post two pictures inside this post but I don't know how to do that anymore.
  13. 10/26/17 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

    I'll type up my experience sometime tomorrow. It was a great show!
  14. 10/26/17 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

    I saw a commercial on TV this afternoon advertising for tomorrow nights show, adding to my excitement! I'm leaving my house between 4:30 and 5:00. Takes me about an hour to get there. I just hope I'll be able to get a lithograph, but we'll see. My dad is going with me too and he's just as excited as I am. But I know for sure he's gonna be a bit disappointed just like the casual fans will be at how many CD songs and covers they're gonna play lol
  15. 10/26/17 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena

    Awesome! What section?