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  1. Death anniversaries

  2. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    He's the king of glam rock (sorry Bolan)
  3. Death anniversaries

    Remember when The Germs made a comeback with the guy who played Darby in the film taking his place ? WTF
  4. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    Exactly, Paddy McAloon was telling us he was The King of Rock N Roll all this time
  5. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    I like the 1st album and Color and the shape is good after that I think only the song White Limo
  6. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    I regret clicking the play button, the first 15 seconds sounds like Status Quo and then his voice hits like a cheese grenade, slightly better than 'Learn to Fly' though
  7. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    If you excluded Elvis Presley who would deserve the title of The King of Rock N Roll ? Gene Vincent ? Chuck Berry ? Carl Perkins ? Buddy Holly ? Eddie Cochran ? Little Richard ? Bill Haley ? Paddy McAloon ? someone else ................
  8. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    I never said I hated him I just think he's a cheesey, lame Nicklebackesque 'rock star' that wants to be everyone's best friend
  9. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    OK you're right, appearing on Sesame Street is 100% rock n roll
  10. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    nope, he's a cheesemeister
  11. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    It's more about him wanting to be everyone's best friend
  12. Eradicate The Foo Fighters

    they are a bland bubblegum rock band just like Creed and Nickleback or The Script but people don't see it because Grohl was in Nirvana, these days he's in Sesame Street FFS