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  1. Please vote for my cousin

    yeah I know, facebook sucks
  2. Please vote for my cousin

    cheers all, didn't think i'd get any replies
  3. Please vote for my cousin

    to be Inked magazine cover girl free vote https://inkedcover.com/2018/erin-elze THANK YOU
  4. Who is the greatest one album band?

    Big L !!! awesome answer, whatever happened to the documentary about him?
  5. Who is the greatest one album band?

    I forgot this cult classic
  6. ACDC New Album News

    I don't want an ACDC album with Axl on it, I'm glad Brian will be back
  7. IYO which band that only released one album is the best? Sex Pistols? Them Crooked Vultures? Pissgrave? somebody else?
  8. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    he also says "you are named after a candy bar, I'm named after a gangster" now that is some badass tough guy shit
  9. makes no difference what year it was, he had a chance already (he shouldn't have even had that), he blew that chance and should never be allowed another, the fact he kidnapped, raped and killed his own niece I don't see how he could ever be rehabilitated, top of the scumbag tree and I hope they finding him sleeping with the fishes
  10. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/gardai-join-hunt-for-ontherun-child-killer-john-clifford-37292580.html This scumbag was allowed to leave prison unaccompanied to attend an appointment and suprise suprise he didn't return. He was released in 2015 but was jailed again after breaching terms of his probation. Sooo many questions, WHY was he allowed out on his own? WHY is he ever allowed to be released from prison anyway? HOW the hell can't they find him if he's so frail he needs a mobility scooter? IF he had a chance in 2015 and blew it why was he being prepared to be released from prison AGAIN? this story makes me so angry
  11. Wayfarer - World's Blood

    Epic album but they need to admit the 'Red Panda' cover art influence
  12. RalphLauren was the best but I did also like Donatella
  13. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    this new really is a Kamikaze