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  1. Croatia

  2. Mi Amor is awful but........... 'The Ballad of Death' is beautiful, the only good thing DJ has ever done and just because he's a tool doesn't mean I won't admit TBOD is awesome
  3. Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin, even R Kelly thinks that's disgusting
  4. sick http://www.feelnumb.com/2011/01/22/steven-tyler-once-had-14-year-old-girlfriend-that-her-parents-signed-over-to-him/
  5. GG Davies

  6. Eddie Vedder - Best Moments (YouTube Video)

    Grohl always seemed so miserable in Nirvana, gotta be a bummer of a band to be in
  7. Cliff Richard

    the secret she didn't tell you is that his real name is John Simon Ritchie
  8. frances bean cobain debut song

    random question, why do celebrity children use their full name when us mere mortals hide our middle names away?
  9. frances bean cobain debut song

    Breaking News: child looks like parents shocker
  10. Cliff Richard

    a rare good song from 'God's Other Son'
  11. Tommy Robinson

    I'd like to know peoples opinion of him on this forum, just interested
  12. I met Penny from The Automatic once, a total prick