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  1. my mates band.....

    .....what do you all think ?
  2. lmao yeah he's in more than he's out
  3. can they transfer Gary Glitter to that prison? Also if you want to read up on Whitey, the book 'The Brothers Bulger' by Howie Carr is epic
  4. Glenn Hoddle - We Are the Champions

    should have been solo, Waddle spoiled it, he was the Yoko of Waddle and Hoddle
  5. An unexpected anthem
  6. http://www.metalinjection.net/metal-crimes/manowar-guitarist-karl-logan-arrested-charged-with-possession-of-child-pornography
  7. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    Agreed, I f$%king hate Maroon 5
  8. The Most Depressing Album Of All Time ?

    I always thought it was about Slash, also remember someone saying the first verse on 'street of dreams' is about Kurt Cobain
  9. Buckethead Animated Biography, Mini-Series

    It would be awesome, and maybe one day we will get Bucket's Disney album Whilst i'm dreaming i'd also like to see a supergroup of Buckethead, Geddy Lee, Steven Tyler and Dave Lombardo
  10. Buckethead Animated Biography, Mini-Series

    true here is a petition worth signing https://www.change.org/p/the-walt-disney-company-invite-buckethead-to-perform-at-the-disney-california-adventure-park
  11. Buckethead Animated Biography, Mini-Series

    The greatest guitarist of all time, not just a musician the man is an artist.
  12. I saw this on reddit, it's gotta be a contender. Two founding members of the band committed suicide before the album was released. Depressing AF but a really good album too, very Type O Negative
  13. Ghost

    I wouldn't want to see them live, just a pop band with a gimmick, honestly if McFly wore make up would that make them a metal band? Ghost aren't heavy, the singers voice is not distinctive but yeah they do have some cool outfits to take everyones attention away from the fact the music isn't any good
  14. Ghost

    if it wasn't for the image then Ghost would be nothing, they are about as heavy as Crazy Town or Justin Bieber
  15. Nirvana Reunion

    Dave singing and Pat on guitar?, may aswell get Taylor Hawkins on drums and call it something different like........um....... The Foo Fighters?