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  1. GG doesn't receive any royalties from Joker https://io9.gizmodo.com/gary-glitter-didnt-make-any-money-from-joker-but-a-rec-1839036789
  2. The S*n newspaper would evaporate
  3. https://snkhan.co.uk/stuff/iTunes.php I never thought in 2019 we'd see Glitter make a chart comeback
  4. What's the greatest non Rap diss song ?

    true, just always thought the lyrics fitted Cobain more than Courtney
  5. What's the greatest non Rap diss song ?

    https://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/may/21/foo-fighters-dave-grohl-rocks-backpages-nirvana-1995-everett-true In this interview he doesn't deny it's about Kurt, it was rumored for years he wrote it about Cobain. It seems the easy option to say it's about Courtney since everyone hates her
  6. What's the greatest non Rap diss song ?

    If Dave Grohl had the balls to admit that this is about Cobain then this would beat 'How Do You Sleep?'
  7. Joni Mitchell dissing Jackson Browne has to be my favorite
  8. Eddie Money

  9. Eddie Money

    Hope he'll be OK I can't read his name without 'Two tickets to paradise' playing in my head
  10. Steelheart

    This is the type of stuff Nirvana killed off
  11. What is the best Ambient album ?

  12. What is the best Ambient album ?

    Here's my pick
  13. Terry Funk once released a Jazz album !!!

    It's so bad but I can't stop listening to it, help me
  14. This truly is a thing of beauty