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  1. The Leak History

    i think this is the one https://imgur.com/a/BbbE9MG
  2. i just cant get over the fact this is a song that would actually be a non-filler on the UYIs
  3. i cant believe someone actually managed to convince the band that this song should not be on CD
  4. love it! but you can really tell its a 1 take demo for the vox. he even sounds out of breath on different places
  5. really REALLY like it. probably one of my favorites from the CD era. glad this one got out
  6. thats where. thanks for clearing it up. have been getting my GNR fix lately from there so i might change my leak provider then haha
  7. hey, just read on another site that the full 20 cds JUST leaked minutes ago. is there any truth to that?