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  1. No openers man. 3+ hours of amazing GNR Music! Don’t be late! They go on about 7:40
  2. Awesome! Thanks. Gibbo, any chance your going to do one of your famous mixes of this audio with some of Markits great (almost proshot like) videos from this gig?
  3. 10 minutes before the band came out there were TONS of empty seats. After the first song I turned around and it seemed pretty damn solid. It's hard to tell when everybody is standing, but I really didn't see much for emits seating.
  4. Had an amazing time. I like the little things you notice from the pit like how much Axl kept cracking jokes to the other band members.
  5. I'm just hoping for Maddy tonight! Would be my first time seeing it with this lineup
  6. Long hair Long hair right
  7. About 12 of us outside now lined up. Big difference from my last pit show ('16 Philly). I guess didn't need to get here so early. Haha
  8. Buckethead speaks!

    Oh man. Huge Buckethead fan. This is crazy. Get well soon Big B
  9. We are first in Line! Nice!
  10. For sure! I'm hoping for both that and Maddy
  11. Cool thanks. I booked a room at the Ramada 3 miles away by the airport. I'll probably Park with them then rock an Uber over to the GA line.
  12. Hey all! Well, you won't hear me complaining about the Nightrain fan club membership at all. I got confirmation that I was the grand prize winner of tickets for my local show here in Hartford later this month. I was hitting NJ Pit anyways, but nothing wrong with a free show! Lol. Any other members of this board get an email back?
  13. Going to be awesome! Ill be in the PIT. 6th Time since the reunion, but only my second from the PIT. Really looking forward to it. Anybody know the parking situation at this arena? We are coming down from CT.
  14. Maddy!!! That's awesome. Forget the haters
  15. Just seen a tv commercial for a show on REELZ channel. Show is called Famous Feuds. Going to be an episode on the Axl vs Kurt thing. https://www.tvguide.com/tvshows/us-weeklys-famous-feuds/episode-5-season-1/jay-z-vs-r-kelly-axl-rose-vs-kurt-cobain/1092224/