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  1. Don't Worry From 2 days ago I have aknowlodge of the wondeful Lithorati page, but to be sincere, I didn't remeber to go there for look the info. BTW, the author of the Columbus litho has said in Facebook that maybe could be possibilities for his purchase. Soon more info. I know that it's an unofficial litho but it's by far much cool that the official one. It's strange that the band used his design as promo (and also used his design for the Madrid gig's merch) but not in Barcelona.
  2. There's no info about the "social network" Columbus lito in Lithorati. From the official, I have it and I don't need the info. Thanks @AxlIsGod.!
  3. ¿Anyone knows who's the illustrator of the Columbus litograph? For the style, I suppose is the same one who did Madrid's Cybele.
  4. I don't know dimensions, but it's more ugly than the instagram posted by the band, the name seems to be a local artist, and only 150. I don't understand why the change.
  5. Tribute to the same statue situated at the end of Barcelona's Ramblas. Even the pidgeons who always shits at the statue are in the litograph
  6. It seems that yesterday all the venue smelled like shit. Literally. And A Perfect Circle got a 15/30 minutes sound cut cause technical difficulties.

    Hi guys! One question: The merch stands in this leg are inside or outside the venue? Last year for the Madrid show they were some of them outside the stadium. I want to purchase the lito and I would like to leave it in my car and not carry it (again) all the show.