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  1. I was at the recording session yesterday. Was pretty insane. A black bus pulled up, and Slash, Duff, Izzy walked out and into the house. They sat in the studio and wrote for a bout 4 hours, just spitting ideas out. They broke for lunch and sat around the kitchen table telling war stories of the Hell House days. It was glorious. Lots of laughter. Then they went into the studio and belted out about 7 or 8 new songs. They did them all in 1 take basically. Forgot to mention, Mike Clink was there behind the board. Have to run, will report what happened at the rest of the session in a bit ...........
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Will never be a AFD 5 full tour. Not in a Arena, a club, or even a theater. Not even in a garage. That's what, like 8 songs? Come on get real. Better chance of 10 more GNR albums before that. However, best case scenario is, the AFD plays a stripped down set in the middle of a set. The current band is a perfect machine right now. Only us hardcore fans care about the drummer or keyboards. If you ask the 55,000 people in the stadium about the drummer, 49,000 will have no clue who you are talking about. But picture this. Tour starts up again. They change up a few covers, drop a few regulars, and add some deep cuts from UYI. Then the lights go down middle of the show for a short intermission, with old video footage of AFD 5 in candid moments, studio and backstage stuff. Then the AFD5 logo appears. The original 5 appear on stage on a stripped down stage and launch into WTTJ. Then the rest of the hits from Appetite. The crowd would go ape shit bonkers. Nothing else but the 5. Like a show in the middle of the show. Just for the 25 minute set, everyone who saw NITL would go see it again. Would be historical, more historical then Troubadour with Axl and Slash on stage again.