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  1. One con I would also point, as a fellow like minded reveller above did, was that the length of the show was just too long. Yes, we know Slash likes to solo but oh my word does it get tedious when it happens after every other song! Does anybody else find the Godfather theme completely and utterly pointless?! I would also question why The Seeker remains in the set. It's not even a particularly good Who song!
  2. Flew over from Glasgow, Scotland to see GNR in Madison Square Garden on 10 October 2017. That in itself would be a pretty cool story! But the fact that the venue was awesome, the gig was awesome and the people I met on the night were also awesome just added to the experience. Loved it. The one thing people forget about the static set lists is that you can strategically plan your piss breaks with relatively pin point accuracy! So whilst the Lord may taketh, he also giveth! For that alone, I was very glad to hear the opening chimes of This I Love!