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  1. Good thing he didn't let the devil take his soul. A Perfect Circle is a great band.
  2. New Buckethead Pikes Discussion

    @Sosso thanks for that recommendation , listened twice back to back, 10/10 go
  3. Charles Manson dead!

    like Manson? Boy are you charitable. Many of their homicidal fantasies, support for mass murders which occurred, or people they give praise to or miss (obomber, H Clinton, Bush sr & jr) would have Mason blushing like a little schoolgirl.
  4. other bands' appetite

    I defined hero for you , little wizard rapper is popular , a basketball player is popular , in his 'proper' place . I was clearly talking about those with platforms who are political and had the attention of people . A threat . And I would touch on the others if we continued but you're right , you're so off base talking about the dangers of racist Black peoole and how you're morally superior because you don't need to vet artists , which I never said to do, and going allover the place theowing up smoke screens in a wild frenzy to distort , that is very boring . I was being polite with the offer but thank you god for the little favors
  5. other bands' appetite

    @Len Cnut Youre not making any sense raising stooges like al sharpton or someone apolitical like Louis. Ali was destroyed during his peak then tolerated once he became very ill, even his legacy was perverted at his funeral . there is way too much here and if you want to continue we can in the general thread
  6. other bands' appetite

    @Len Cnut and let me ask you , if you saw Tupac as a gangsta, apolitical guy who was racist , homophobic and someone you thought sexually assaulted someone , why do you like him? That appeals to you ? Because if you understood anything he was about and what he believed in and what he taught , there would be no confusion on why I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for him. Tupac is a hero and always will be. He gave peoole knowledge and hope . He spoke the truth . He was extremely intelligent and sophisticated, imagine what he would have become ? We will never know and that's the point , to make an example of any "n" that gets out of their place . It's all good to rap about bs like moron Eminem , but to have a revolutionary at the mic won't b tolerated , have to keep people lost and confused so I'm clear why I love and admire Tupac .
  7. other bands' appetite

    You are clearly not well versed in the Black struggle in America which is reflected in most of your comments . 1) most Black leaders , heros, anyone of status and who had a platform and the love of their people , who could effect change in America , were literally executed . They killed them. They were also imprisioned on false accusations, discredited, shamed , criminalized and neutralized . They have done it to every single Black hero without exception. So no, there is no "right on-ers " giving passes, even the accuser later admitted Tupac was not involved. 2) I don't know what is so funny to you . The man was killed at the age of 25. His mother was a Black Panther, which was a Black, Communist, liberation movement . Almost all the Panthers were murdered by the government , its documented and available for your review. They were all targeted and so were their children. If Tupac was just some "gansta" , or ignorant or going along with the system , it would have been fine . But that man had the full attention of Black youth . He was teaching them things they would never otherwise be allowed to learn . He had enormous influence on them, when he was killed, they had to open churches allover the country so people could be distracted as they were afraid of an uprising . 3) yes , I knew you were claiming racism against white people, in America , by a Black man in America , when racism is based on a power structure Black people don't sit in top of. There are countless write ups explaining this if interested . The fact is, Tupac well understood the struggle is a class struggle , not a race one, same as Huey Newton said. Their politics were based on material conditions and an understanding of capitalism . Racism is just one of the many tools the ruling class uses to divide the working class and Tupac demonstrated his knowledge of that numerous times , that's not to say structural racism doesn't exist , it most certainly does and the victims of it are Black peoole .
  8. Inquiring Minds

    @soon push for a referral to an ENT, it's just much too long now that you've had this problem. Hopefully you give it another go trying to get to a good dr and have success. I am intrigued by your witches den. There is so much to herbs and natural remedies . The vast majority of agents used to slow cancer, were all taken from plants in the amazon , people went in, stole it, created synthetic versions , and sold it for millions . Killed and destroyed part of the indigenous population in the process . Same can be said about many pharmaceuticals . So many drugs are available naturally with far less side effects but we will never see them . Big pharma is only second to the arms industry . So I think anyone who puts the time and effort to explore medicine as you hsve , is quite smart and I admire it .
  9. Inquiring Minds

    @soon mid summer?! That's a long time. Can you go back to the dr? I know they often don't have much good advice but now that time has passed maybe they can look with a scope . Pretty amazing you hsve an apothecary but you always have good recipes for food and remedies so not surprised. Try the slippery elm . Just worrying how long it has persisted . What if some shards are deep in the tissues like kasanova said?
  10. Inquiring Minds

    That is scary . Mobsters killed people with crushed glass in the food! The cuts must be deep. I think @Kasanova King is right, a dr is in order . Maybe a tincture that coats thickly can be ordered at the pharmacy plus rule out infection, there may be more damage than you realize. Not to worry you but you can get in front of it. Go to the dr!
  11. Inquiring Minds

    I just read an article about how having an earlobe crease, likely increases your chance for heart disease. While I inspected my ears, I wondered what other useless, or maybe not so useless, information I was not privy to. There are a lot of people here with special interests and certainly personal experience. This thread is where we can share tidbits about things we picked-up along the way that might be useful to others, or where you can ask a question. Nothing is too trivial or too serious. Share a home remedy, answer life's burning questions, tell us about health indicators, offer a cool fix for a common problem, ask how to do something or how something works, tell us how to make something, ask what you should do about a problem, share how you fixed a big or small problem in your life that may help someone else.
  12. Queen

    I am starting this thread so we can share about one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Queen. Discuss anything Queen related, their songs, videos, interviews and if you were one of the lucky ones, any shows you attended. Here is a great song called "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke". Freddie Mercury wrote it after seeing the painting below. The artist's name is Richard Dadd. Dadd signed the back of the painting "The Fairy Feller's Master- Stroke". This feller was institutionalized at an asylum for the criminally insane for having murdered his father. Dadd wrote a poem about the painting that specifically details each character, his name and purpose in the scene. https://en.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Elimination_of_a_Picture_%26_its_Subject—called_The_Fellers'_Master_Stroke And please, don't be a dirty laddio, share in good faith.