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  1. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    1995 Ok, this is 1996 but music started to day in the 90s, few gems
  2. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

    Are some of the mods homophobic? A few lines in one of my posts said it was irrelevant that Freddie was gay and it's creepy to talk about what others do in their bedroom, those lines were blacked out/deleted It's funny because some of the judges of what's proper are highly improper themselves, I know one is a flaming racist for certain. i think the rules should be posted upfront, don't be shy: Homophobia , racism , bigotry and blind loyalty to the GnR brand are welcome, all others will be censored--Sincerely, Joseph
  3. The Garden! How did I forget , that's a must, one of my favorites . im getting hyped over our own illusions , ha!
  4. Yeah, exactly, that's plenty. "So fine" would be a good trade , but it's funny because in another thread, someone pointed out those extra "perv sounds ", lol! But I agree , they need to mix it up, I hold my breath waiting for Perfect Crime because it's on the alternate list , I would like any new song rotated in, I like all their songs , but I don't want My World put in.
  5. Happy Birthday Graeme!

    I see, makes sense, those are good examples. Although the last one to me sounds so nice, they're a bunch of cute , little kitties. Maybe I need to change to Pisho...
  6. Happy Birthday Graeme!

    That's exactly what I thought but I figured I would know at least , lol! I've heard that used in films and also I've read all of Irvin Welsh's books. But I knew it as "pish" , I didn't know you had a pishy! No, it's good, now I'm relieved. That's funny about Fanny, particularly because in the US, it means "butt", but, we have Fanny Mae and women named Fanny. I had a friend that moved to the states and her co-worker was named Ann, which mortified my friend , that means #2 in Farsi. Im perplexed by Dick in the US because well, it's the same word that's used for an actual one.
  7. I agree, a lot of people are annoyed by the Seeker and the covers do interrupt the momentum , Black hole Sun got weird. Imagine if they put in Perfect Crime or Locomotive? People would go nuts.
  8. Happy Birthday Graeme!

    Cheers! i was worried about that, but didn't know what it may be. It's Farsi for kitten. Adult cats are often times called pishy as well even though there is a separate word available but it's a term of endearment , so if you see a cat, you say , "aw, pishy..." forgot to add, im not the pishy, I love cats!
  9. Agree, they have a lot of room to put the rest in, we all love nightrain and my Michelle etc so that's great. The seeker I don't mind because I feel Axl puts in a lot more effort on any cover song , like a different person posseses him and he goes all out. It happens at every show , he is downtrodden then out comes "whole lotta Rosie"'and he rises from the dead, he is a happy camper during KOHD. This is pure speculation but he may feel the covers are untainted or he is not "giving in" somehow, he is more separate and free on the covers, it's his time. The pressure is also off in some regards (not his work) but may also feel more scrutinized singing someone else's song so he must go all out. not sure but something changes, lol! Black whole sun is not working for them, needs Chris's voice. but I hear you, if we got to choose, I much rather hear one of my prime choices than Rosie .
  10. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    A full album was supposed to come out after he released those 3 singles, anyone know if that's happening?
  11. Will never happen, they're businessmen now, it's all about filling stadiums and catering to casual fans, selling the brand. is it a good idea, certainly? all Deep cuts means is that the casual fan can't recognize the song and start singing along like morons to be part of some collective. They're just good songs, period. Songs I've wanted to hear are: Locomotive Dust n Bones (with the proper singer, Izzy) Perfect Crime Dont Damn Me You're Crazy (lies version) 14 Years (only with Izzy) Breakdown those are musts , then think about you or anything goes pretty tied up Bad Apples Dead Horse and they can fill in with the 1 millionth rendition of sweet child to please people that know 5-6 songs. Ok, not going to lie, I want to hear "look at your game girl", with Charlie on the mic but I'll take Axl. And Ain't it Fun is great, don't care what anyone says.
  12. Member Picture Thread

    That doesn't surprise me in the least, and from what I've seen, it means nothing in regard to one's sexual orientation, it's stage, humor. One American film I really liked as a kid was "Tootsie", where Dustin Hoffman dresses up as a woman but the plot and reasoning is totally different. He was a convincing woman and no one knew he was really a man. brits do it overtly , everyone knows it's a man and that's part of the humor, the guy dressed as a woman with hairy legs making a spectacle .
  13. Member Picture Thread

    He indeed had a Zoroastrian funeral. Zorastrianism is the oldest religion of Iran as well as once having been the primary religion. With the introduction of Islam, many Zoroastrians first went to the straight of Hormuz then decided they needed to keep it moving, and landed in various countries. There are some very interesting side notes Re Zoroastrianism, decent article here: http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20170406-this-obscure-religion-shaped-the-west Yes, it's a Christian fundamentalist country and queens used to terrify them, still true to an extent. I remember watching the Benny Hill Show as a kid and being amazed at the contrast of what was acceptable humor vs what appeared on US television. Strangely enough, Americans frequently comment how stuffy and uptight Brits are. When Freddie went for the macho look, Queen plummeted in the US, they used to throw razors on the stage, it was "too gay".
  14. Happy Birthday Graeme!

    Happy Birthday, have a great one!
  15. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    @dcon out of likes but this is gold @J Dog 👌