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  1. Bill Burr - Slash & Duff story

    And Dave Kuschner!
  2. It seems that on the next Conspirators record we will have Frank on rhythm guitar, so there’s my personal list of Slash’s “partners in guitar crime”: 1. Izzy – (AFD, Lies, UYIs) I just love his tone and “Keith Richards” kind of playing. It suits PERFECTLY with Slash’s much more overdrive sound. But I’m only considering AFD and Lies. I think during UYIs recording Izzy was just out of band, just didn’t care. It looks like they use some demo recordings and just left them on the record. As an example: compare nightrain – and you could be mine –in nightrain Izzy plays great rhythm and even a short solo! In YCBM he is just playing some power chords… The next problem is the mixing – Slash’s side is more, more louder. But on AFD… for example Rocket Queen – Izzy’s rhythm parts are just brilliant, imo much better than Slash’s. Two other examples are Shadow of your Love and Ghost form Slash record. I always liked to sound like Izzy – love that man. 2. Dave Kushner (VR)- I think he is so underrated. What I really like in his playing with Slash is the tone. He uses a lot of guitar effects and it gives some really interesting vibe and interplaying with Slash. 3. Gilby (Spaghetti and 5 o’clock)– I think his style is similar to Izzy and this is one of the reason that 5 o’clock guitar work sounds just great and similar to AFD 4. Myles Kennedy – (Apoc. Love) – not bad but nothing spectacular. 5. Ryan Roxie – (Aint Life Grand) – I think Ryan is a really good guitarist but his style is just too similar to Slash and it’s hard even to recognize it on the record. 6. And the worst… SLASH! (Slash, WOF) – Slash is a guitar legend and my main reason to play the guitar but I just don’t like when he has no partner on rhythm guitar. We should consider also Paul Huge on Sympathy. I know, Slash will never forgive Axl rerecording his rhythm parts with Paul, but… to be honest it’s not so bad… And we hope to hear some new Slash’s guitar work with 4tus…J