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  1. Fortus Interview KSHE

    No ,, that would be New Zealanders (kiwis) who pronounce 6 as sex 😉😂
  2. Axl is right, and he is getting fired up so he can write some killer lyrics. Ya gotta be passionate about something. It's All part of the plan , he needs to be fired up to create 😉
  3. Yeah what a miserable prick that person is. Why does he/she bother contributing to threads when they are a total misery guts. Just go n support another band . Simples
  4. I just wanna know. Before that man bull shitted his way into the worlds best band. was he even know as Dizzy??🙄
  5. Ruined the best band in the world fuck off talentless ass licker
  6. Chinese Democracy / Victims of a clown

    Another classic example of the guitar driven industrial sound Axl was Searching for back in the day. the closing track on From beer to eternity.
  7. Chinese Democracy / Victims of a clown

    Gday all from down under long time reader of the site , rarely post and this would be the first thread I ever created. But there you have it folks , everything Axl Rose wanted to achieve in 1 song and on the album it's from, Amerikkkant .That sound , that vision totally encapsulated by Al Jourgensen. Jourgensen is a master and prolific song writer , Axl Rose would be a massive fan of his , listen to any Ministry release especially Amerikkant or From beer to Eternity if you want a better understanding of Rose's vision. enjoy and discuss, thanks
  8. So when they go on tour will Slash still bother playing GNR songs in the set? if so ,, why??
  9. Hahaha steven is so dumb . "You turn around and they would be gone" . That's because they were avoiding you Stevie, because everyone is just over listening to you dribble shit all the time. Nice n quiet is not just how Axl likes it Stevie , it's how most mature people like it . Gosh he needs to grow up.
  10. Feeding the hungry with yellowcake

    feeding the public with lies...

  11. And in other news , this topic has reached page 911 so it all makes perfect sense to me 👍
  12. Another reason to despise Dizzy Read.. THE most useless sycophant in rock n roll