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  1. Does anyone have any idea what Mcbob said during the Intro? Hämeenlinna! Or was we like to call it: *something* Couldn't make it out myself.
  2. I was right outside the golden circle area and there were other mega-gnr fans around me. We sang along to damn near every song, (even only women bleed and wish you were here) jumped around and screamed our fucking throats out. A dude lifted me and the person next to me during Paradise city, and we were in Rock n roll ecstasy. That's why I was honestly kinda to see people bashing the crowd here because from my point of view the whole crowd was super lively. Also super pissed by the fact that people complained and worried about the FUCKING LACK OF BEER when one of the greatest rock bands of ALL TIME is playing their fucking hearts out for 3 hours. That's finnish white trash I guess. What I really noticed was that the people just outside the golden circle were mostly kids my age or a bit older (17-20-year olds) were the ones with the most fire and excitement in their souls for the band, not the people in the golden circle. I remember all of us being outraged by seeing someone literally 2 metres next to slash just filming with their cameras and not actually enjoying the show. What a disgrace. I really hope they wont have the golden circle thing for the next time they come here, if at all. The people with the most passion should get close to the band, not the people with the most amount of money. Well that's my rant I guess. Still enjoyed the gig tremendously, damn near cried at many parts. Axl sounded great for the most part, and he did some vocal things I swear he's never done before (added raspy parts and ad libs into some parts of songs) He seemed really happy and into it. Things like sweet child o mine were still kinda rough sounding for him but the fact that the audience sang along made up for it. Patience and Don't cry sounded fantastic as well, the best I've heard this tour. Didn't sound lazy or half assed at all. Coma was surprisingly okay too. I just hope that he didn't get discouraged by the lame non-partying people in the audience
  3. Around 9pm, if the schedule is trustworthy. Just got to the park. Really kinda disappointed by the size of the golden circle area.... but that's business I guess. I'm right outside the Golden circle area, so at least I'm fairly close.
  4. In a train to Hämeenlinna with a couple of friends rn, pissing myself out lf excitement. Hopefully they'll play a song or too with Mike, he's a great guy. Would also kinda prove that the boys (Axl, Slash and Duff) aren't just on autopilot.
  5. Will definitely be there too, can't fucking wait. Been waiting for this since the first shows in NA were announced. Shame I forgot about the golden circle thing and only bought normal tickets, kinda beating myself on the head over it. Will still be having a blast tho. See you there!