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  1. Pretty sure the scarf was to keep his throat warm, singers do that. It looked like it was cold there?
  2. I love Dead Horse but I think Axl wouldn’t sound very good singing it these days(or if he did it would strain his voice), it’s got a lot of rasp in it. I think if he is going to pull out the rasp, he is going to spend his voice on more well known songs.
  3. Thumbs up for your review. One thing I can assure you though, the crowd was not lacking at all at this show. I was there and we were loud and loving it. The crowd is simply not mic’ed properly to get the full effect. The only time the crowd was lame was during Slash’s solo: everyone sat down except for me and my friend (we stood, spellbound) and we got yelled at by the people behind us for being in their way.
  4. Yes, I agree that it's unlikely the bootleggers would get shut down. The smaller set that just had the Saskatoon show seems to have also disappeared; was that one limited edition too? Glad I ordered one even though I have it on my hard drive
  5. I noticed today that eBay doesn't have any more listings for the "Rose in the wild" DVD cd set and that the Japanese websites that were selling them don't have them either any more. Coincidence or does anyone think that someone shut that down too?
  6. Looking forward to seeing the "couch" portion of this show, I won't spoil it but they have some special guests serving them beer onstage (and if I recall correctly, serve the audience too). Also there is a incident/moment in the show where people thought Axl was going to freak out and storm off stage, but thankfully, he didn't (it will be interesting to see his body language/facial expressions up close to see if he was actually on the verge or not)
  7. For the intro to WTTJ Axl faked us ( the audience) out, he says something like "ok time for a nice song to slow things down, settle down a bit etc" and then quickly cuts himself off " DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUCK YOU ARE???!!" I can't wait to see/hear that again.
  8. I was at this show, I was 13, it was the greatest. I vividly remember Axl introducing this song and I was hanging on his every word. When he said "the garden" I kind of shrugged and was a little disappointed because it wasn't one of my favourites. Little did I know 25 years later that performance would generate all this excitement.
  9. I feel for you man. The dink in front of me in SF bought $1500 worth of those things !