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    They haven't put out any official recordings or videos yet but Nico's dad said they are working on an EP. The only way to check them out right now is by watching one of their Instagram Live rehearsals.
  2. It has crossed my mind that maybe Slash only agreed to touring. But a lot of fans would be disappointed in that because it possibly means no new music from this lineup. Look at the meltdown that is happening now. Really all we can do is wait and see what happens.
  3. I think a new GNR album has to be a compromise between both methods. Slash really wanted back in the band so why wouldn't he be willing to work with Axl. In my opinion new music rests mostly on Axl's shoulders and if he's willing to change after all these years.
  4. I hope not. They have Slash's other solo work and VR to choose from.
  5. This is the news I've been waiting for. Can't wait to hear the new album!
  6. Slash and Todd hanging out Monday. Meegan posted on her IG stories but the video had no sound. I'm really hoping for new SMKC but they were probably just chilling
  7. Just looks like some kind of promo photoshoot to me. Probably for Gibson as someone said earlier. I won't get excited yet.
  8. Just listened. Love that you asked about the current generation and how they feel about rock music.
  9. So I guess we won't be getting anymore info out of Meegan
  10. When I started following Slash he definitely wasn't following Myles so I thought I missed something. Seems to be the usual case of fans checking the following list after a rumour and jumping to conclusions. Seen it happen with rumours of other celeb rifts.
  11. He wished Myles happy birthday like two weeks ago so I think that's highly unlikely
  12. This news just made me so freaking happy
  13. That litho is cool for the Gangs of New York theme but I'm disappointed because I expected something that was actually Slash. It doesn't quite fit with the other two. Oh well...
  14. That's what I expected too so I'm quite surprised