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  1. Just listened. Love that you asked about the current generation and how they feel about rock music.
  2. So I guess we won't be getting anymore info out of Meegan
  3. When I started following Slash he definitely wasn't following Myles so I thought I missed something. Seems to be the usual case of fans checking the following list after a rumour and jumping to conclusions. Seen it happen with rumours of other celeb rifts.
  4. He wished Myles happy birthday like two weeks ago so I think that's highly unlikely
  5. This news just made me so freaking happy
  6. That litho is cool for the Gangs of New York theme but I'm disappointed because I expected something that was actually Slash. It doesn't quite fit with the other two. Oh well...
  7. That's what I expected too so I'm quite surprised
  8. Slash signing guitars at the Gibson shop
  9. Slash at the Gibson shop in Nashville This one has ten photos/videos so click the arrow so see all
  10. Both Blink and Green Day put out albums last year and Blink even got their first Grammy nomination for theirs. FOB is gearing to release an album. So yeah, people are still listening. Probably because they have both new and old stuff to listen to.
  11. Are we too hard on Guns?

    And here you are getting butthurt over someone's opinion
  12. Saved it for you > https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvzhczri8m4dn9d/fernando-axl-video.mp4?dl=0 It's a cool photo though