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  1. Axl sent Grace flowers ahead of her show in Belgium
  2. Fly GNAIR

    It is so ugly. I wonder who drew it.
  3. Meegan said Slash is doing press today. Maybe it's about the new album?
  4. Nah. It wasn't him on the record but he did play it live
  5. Gotten is my fave Slash song so that would be interesting to hear
  6. Me too! Can't wait to hear the new stuff.
  7. I'm so excited to hear this album!
  8. Yeah but going all the way back to Snakepit, Axl doesn't want to slap his vocals on it. Slash clearly loves making music and he likes SMKC and he will continue to work with those guys in between touring with Guns. I totally expect to see more SMKC dates announced in 2019.
  9. I’ve noticed it’s mostly festival dates announced so far. I guess they’ll have a proper tour in 2019
  10. Based on a comment Perla made on Instagram a while back I thought this was done with. Hopefully they can get it finalized soon.