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  1. I should've let this thread stay dead
  2. If anyone's interested, London just teamed up with Scott Weiland's son, Roman, on a couple tracks https://m.soundcloud.com/ohokroman/sets/relapse Happy to see the boys have a great friendship
  3. I'm excited! Can't wait to hear what they're working on.
  4. I definitely think KOHD is overrated. I just don't get it. I don't like it live or the studio version.
  5. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I would be surprised if they happen. Numbers are climbing again in places that were doing better.
  6. Oh God every now and then I wonder about that
  7. I believe they were referring to the NuGuns era not Slash in particular
  8. As someone who joined after the reunion, I noticed that a lot of Axl's fans outright hate Slash or downplay his skills. But there are other members who are not so biased but just aren't that into his style of playing nowadays. I don't think many have super strong opinions about Duff. I saw criticism against both from the beginning with regards to just cashing in so I wouldn't say that any of this is new tbh.
  9. New Melissa Reese Article

    I always felt like she was closer to my age. Turns out she's a few years older. A lot of people in entertainment lie about their age.
  10. He would need to find another publisher but if it's as poorly written and edited as everyone says, he'd need to rewrite some of it. Or just self-plublish.
  11. Compared to how Cher tweets, Axl isn't that bad.
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    They honestly need a better social media team. It's the biggest way to keep fans updated. Whoever runs the account now seems out of touch and using things like "GNR fam" just comes off as cringe worthy rather than genuine. This is a legendary rock band not some teen act.
  13. Live playing energy

    Yup. Like me. I literally only joined the forum in 2016 because of Slash
  14. Nice to see Slash with no hat or sunglasses