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  1. Definitley, but think it would be really good dropping a few songs now and again, swapping in different songs etc. But imo performing songs like Chi Dem and WTTJ near the start of the show vocally isn't good. Also slowing the tempo on jungle now and again would be cool. Plant used to open with Immigrant song and it would take him nearly half the show to get into his rhythm. Hey we can only wait and see I guess, lastly though might be a good idea to only play Coma now and again, Great track but dear god it's a strain on the voice at times especially in the first half of a show.
  2. It would be cool if they had shorter sets to begin this leg. Shuffle songs around as in don't have songs like chi dem and wttj at the beginning because they're hard to sing right off the bat. Think it would be cool now and again to drop songs like ycmb and add something like Bad Obsession or You ain't the first.
  3. Yeah vocals are just slightly different pitch wise in sections, drums are different, mix is obviously different, it appears to be real though for the most part
  4. Sounded rawer and noticeably different from the album including vocal pitch.
  5. Gibbo you're possibly one of the classiest guys in the gnr universe I know of.
  6. Hello @FernandoJust wanted to know if those gnr toy scale trucks you had on your instagram a week ago will be sold to the public or if they were just custom made for gnr staff and crew? Really liked them. Thank you.
  7. I know dizzy said he's hopeful about material being released at some point in the future in a recent interview, we can only wait and see.
  8. Not criticizing myles or slash here but I have just a few mini things I didn't like. Some songs start off with some really interesting sounds/tones but the song will then evolve into something not so good. Myles is a really good singer 95% of the album like Slash and the guys he shines, but sometimes I was just wishing for something grittier and different like the chorus on dirty girl which is great. Love the album, maybe 2 or 3 songs I'm not a big fan of but I'm very excited for a new album, hope they go for something different.
  9. It okay to dm you? Just have a question or 2.
  10. How good was this concert? (Can't remember it haha)
  11. Who said. So what's a culture to do when faced with such a troublemaker? When someone is too popular, too powerful, too talented, too demanding, too avant garde, too loud, too in your face and too larger than life? What are we to do with such an irritant, especially when he’s right?
    Silence him.Vilify him.Ridicule him.Make him irrelevant.Mock him.Humiliate him.
    Nullify him.Crucify him.Lock him up.
    Hamstring him.But above all—dehumanize him.

  12. Hmmm maybe shorten the concerts and add/replace 2 songs.