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  1. Not feeling well have the flu and my throats sore. on the plus side I'm knocking out A1 chest notes in tune.

  2. Out of pure curiosity would anyone have a price list of any lithos they have for sale regardless of being creased or new? Thank you.

  3. What's the most you'd pay for a CD Red Hand cover?

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    2. Silent Jay

      Silent Jay

      fifteen bucks little man

    3. MrMojo


      Little man? LITTLE MAN? How do you know my nickname homefuck? I'm watching you.. :max:

    4. Sosso
  4. Have frank ocean's endless on cd/dvd unopened for sale. Looking for 80 euro for it but open to offers. I'll cover shipping.

    Merci hola goodnight st louis.

  5. Hope Boston 93 exists on tape somewhere.. That, LARC 2010 in full, complete rir footage and Locomotive footage.. 

  6. This message has been approved by Russ:

    Hello Guns fans

    I paint. There is a wrestler in a facebook group I'm in called jerry grey. He's from florida. He is also battling stage 4 colon and liver cancer and it's drained him monetarily.

    I currently have a painting in auction for the next 4 days and others not in the auction. A big portion of profit made will go to jerry and then to an animal activist who does a lot and may face eviction in july.

    If any of you could have a look, share or pass the word around I would be eternally grateful. I just want to give them something worthwhile to help their causes. 

    Thank you all.

    Links: https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Harbinger-Original-Piece-on-Canavas-by-Sydney-Nulty-Inspired-by-Francis-Bacon/232818946461



  7. What piece does axl play on piano before november rain on the msg 02 show?

    1. MrMojo


      You are an angel.. Always loved the asshole song haha.. I thought it was something different alright.. THANK YOU So much.

    2. Sosso


      The intro to Atlas is beautiful

  8. Evader is God. 

    1. MrMojo


      I approve of this comment. 

  9. Does anyone recommend the gnr tour books from any era? Also does anyone have any cool gnr 2001 - 2014 merch? Just curious, thank you.

    1. ZoSoRose


      The book from the NA 2016 NITL leg is good. I think its much better than the VIP book which I also have.

      I also have a 2011 Tour Book from Europe. That ones neat for the novelty but I wouldnt spend much on it

    2. MrMojo


      Thank you very much for the reply, do you know offhand how much the 2011 cost's if it's still out there?

    3. ZoSoRose


      You might see one on eBay once in a while. Idk the price