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  1. Gimme a hellllllllllllllllllllllll yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  2. I'd love it if they played scraped.. but as the name of the tour goes..
  3. Not feeling well have the flu and my throats sore. on the plus side I'm knocking out A1 chest notes in tune.

  4. Gone on slightly too long in my opinion. I've enjoyed a lot of it.
  5. Any new additions or changes to the set? Ah the usual bullshit, wouldn't be a gnr thread without it 3 and a half? Getting their moneys worth anyway.
  6. How's the gig? Great? Good? Average? Need some fuckin patience or I'm knockin on heavens door?
  7. Where is everyone??

    I n the middle of working on another project, music is a love hate relationship. Now I just have to keep my streaming numbers consistent.
  8. It would have been good, shame really.
  9. Jesus if people are going to shit on frank at least address him properly.. Mr Frank "FUCKING" Ferrer
  10. Melissa's chill. Wish I heard her more in the mix I barely ever hear her. She's a good looking woman PRAISE THE LAWD.
  11. https://media.giphy.com/media/erNeFhw83IkTe/giphy.gif
  12. I'm not bumping this, just an update. I'm going to make 5 or so pieces public on my Instagram and then maybe add them to eBay tomorrow. Sizes range from 10 by 8 up to around 20 by 20. I will post the link on my status update tomorrow as I won't be promoting the issue as much as I was for the foreseeable future. All I can say is the pieces are getting better, bigger and bolder. Thank you all.
  13. Great performance, this is what the concerts need nowadays, just a bit more visible emotion on this level.
  14. Riff is great, song is good but it's just lacking some variation to make it an all time classic.