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  1. Solutions

    What other gnr board has private sections and invite only spots? Some people will complain about gnr truth, and then ask for the same crap to be on this board....just saying
  2. Coma and Jungle Demos

    These are magical demos 🧙‍♀️ When you press play, Axl pops up out of the ground right in front of you and begins to do the snakey dance while singing. When you press “stop” he thanks the lame ass security and says he’s going home, slams his mic down and vanishes in thin air
  3. Copyright Strikes....

    What actions can we as hardcores take to make this band change how they treat us? If we don’t go to shows they still sell because of all the casuals. Thoughts? 💭
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    Reminded me of the end of 2pac “hit em up”
  5. BIG if (they are listening) but wouldn’t it make sense to most people that new music would be welcomed? All of the leak threads have been non stop posts. Doesn’t that show major interest for new music?
  6. Feel the same about that song. When I first played it my wife (who’s not a big gnr fan) was with me and she said “wait, I’ve heard this song before but it sounds so much better now. Why?” And I explained that it’s been “fixed” in production
  7. Got ya. That makes sense, like verse course verse course? I think some of the stuff Axl has written has been inspired by music that always doesn’t fit that mold. Some queen songs, some Elton John songs, etc. don’t always fit that as well.
  8. Really makes you wonder what was going through the labels head when Axl gave them the finished version of 2000 Intentions. How would any person in their right mind want to release 2008 CD over this album...really mind boggling 😵 Now imagine if the label lets this album fly. How different is the history of GnR if this album is released? Axl leads the way for GnR and shows his genius? Who knows...
  9. I disagree about quality production has the ability to make a crap song good. Just check out some of the fan made cd mixes. I heard one done on Scrapped and it actually made the song listenable
  10. I’ve already decided that State of Grace is in my top 3 GnR tracks of all time! Still in shock how different this sound is, but it’s awesome! And it’s not even the final mix either
  11. Cool actually hearing people talk about what’s going on in the GnR world, instead of just reading it. Crazy this episode came out and not long after even more crap leaked out.
  12. This track sounds like what Axl said he wanted GnR to sound like in the mid 90s. By hearing some of the other songs from back then, it sounds like they were making the transition from afd uyi to industrial
  13. What is “the locker”

    Shut up and squeeze lol
  14. Do you think Axl would’ve let Duff and Slash take “Guns material” to use on their own projects? (More) lawsuits probably would have been perused I bet