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  1. Everyone in this thread that's bitching about there not being new music needs to STFU. This band didn't exist three years ago. They just went on the second highest grossing tour of all time. Nobody thought they'd ever speak again much less take the stage together. I'm well aware Izzy wasn't there. I'm well aware that in your fantasy (and mine) he would have been. The band has over delivered in a way that NOBODY thought possible. I saw them EIGHT F*IN' TIMES on this tour. They played 2.5 to 3 HOUR SETS. I am so grateful for those moments and they live in me everyday. All I want is to support them as they continue to grow as artists. You might not like that they won't put out another album. You've likely posted about it 20,000 times already. Your bitching and moaning isn't doing anything but making you more miserable (and everyone else who continuously has to read the same thing over and over for eternity). Life isn't an ideal fantasy. Stop bitchin and start wishin they'd go on tour AGAIN!
  2. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    It will come down to whether or not they feel they have something to be proud of, worthy of release, that won't tarnish their legacy. Putting out a bad album wouldn't help the touring machine in the long run (I assume, not based on any fact or experise). So...if they get together and try out new music and they say...well this sucks....why would they release? Seems reasonable enough to me.
  3. Praying for a post-Hawaii December show at The Forum in LA to put a cherry on top of NITL when it wraps! 🙏
  4. Edit: Deleted the insta pic from Tony as it's a repost (Slash's dad). Having read the article I bet slash is going to be so fucking pissed about the headline. In no way did he announce a new album. He said once they're done touring they're going to look at the next steps. WTF!
  5. Axl's Magnum Opus

    I have my own thoughts but would like to give a shout out to this thread and the OP. Finally some good discussion and insight be shared and appreciated by all. Not a bunch of arguing, degrading band members, etc. Good work y'all.
  6. Yeah. This is the most relaxed I've heard slash in a long time. I know Maron runs a very low operation out of his house so slash probably liked not being around a ton of people associated with whoever is interviewing him that week. Very cool to hear slash just be chill and shoot the shit. Awesome interview
  7. Fernando just posted a story to instagram... It's a picture of a child's car seat that has "Maya Rose" stiched into the leather. Is Fernando's daughter named Maya???
  8. Disagree. Slash is saying it's possible but doesn't want to ignite a media storm by saying yes. He knows the moment he says yes everyone from every music media outlet will start publishing half baked articles. You can tell from Slash's other responses that GNR is a delicate situation and should be handled delicately. The fervent, obsessive need to know all of the gossip (by both the media and the fans) has only hurt Guns. I think new music will come in due time, unless everyone pisses them off and destroys the delicate harmony they've got going.
  9. What is Axl up to these days?

    Hardly mistreatment. If you're following any rocker around, forcing his staff/family into conversation to coerce your way into an autograph or picture...being ignored or met with skepticism due to the widespread and real eBay issue...? Don't be surprised. Dude is on an insane schedule. Let him live and tour in peace so we can all enjoy 👍
  10. What is Axl up to these days?

    London in the summer is one the greatest, most rejuvenating and relaxing fun cities to go to. River Thames! Ahhhhh yes. I hope Axl is there and doing whatever the hell he pleases. He deserves it. And if you ever get a chance - go. The band stays at The Savoy when they're there. One of the greatest cocktail craftsman lounges of all time - if you're ever in London don't skip it. And sit at the bar so you can watch the bartender craft the deliciousness. God I love that place.
  11. What is Axl up to these days?

    the poor attitudes, narcissistic tone and infectious negativity of this "hardcore fan site" seems like plenty of reason for axl to keep to himself lol
  12. What is Axl up to these days?

    Damn. Perfect articulation of how I feel. Thank you.