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  1. Anyone meeting up before the show?
  2. I’ll be at this show as well. A friend of mine is trying to go but she’s on a budget. If anyone has face value tickets please PM. Thanks!
  3. Wow that’s a steal. I wonder if they discounted them?
  4. Amazes me how critical a group of rabid, hat in hand, fans can be over a 57yr olds weight and voice during a THREE HOUR set. Sure the band could be more philanthropic towards fans...but would they even appreciate it?
  5. I’m told doors open at 8pm and show starts at 9pm.
  6. I’m told doors open at 8pm and show starts at 9pm.
  7. Damn. Hope you & your fam are OK
  8. UPDATE FOR ALL STUB HUB CUSTOMERS... The Black Keys situation at the Wiltern last night made the news.. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2019/09/20/sold-out-black-keys-show-becomes-a-bit-chaotic-when-hundreds-realize-their-tickets-are-no-bueno/
  9. The Apollo show was a Sirius XM invite only concert. No tickets were sold. If anyone was given entry at the door, and not invited, it's bc some of the industry execs that were invited didn't show and Sirius wanted to do the right thing.
  10. This is absurd. Is it even legal for TM / LN to do that? I was told by Stubhub that my Prophets of Rage ticket was used by someone else to get into the show before me, potentially the seller, who may have entered immediately as the show opened. I think it's fair to say anyone who purchases via Stub Hub should call them ahead of time and get the issues sorted so you can enjoy the show.
  11. FOR ANYONE USING STUBHUB - PLEASE READ. This is not meant to freak anyone out (and certainly not discourage anyone from trying) but here's some intel from the past couple of weeks re Stubhub. On 9/12 purchased a ticket to see Prophets of Rage at The Mayan in Downtown LA. When I got to the venue my ticket (which appeared as a PDF) was ACCESS DENIED. The door security said this has been happening. A friend of mine (with inferior musical taste) purchased two tickets to The Black Keys last night at The Wiltern in LA. He and what he described as dozens of others all had the same issue I did - sold FAKE tickets by Stubhub. I was refunded by Stubhub (as was my friend) but it was a massive letdown for both of us. There are 100% real tickets on there, there's just also some bad ones. Stubhub needs to up their game.
  12. Could one theoretically purchase tickets using the code they were given with a Citi card that is under a different name? I guess my question is if the Ticketmaster account holder name has to match the Citi card holder's name for the sale to go through.
  13. I registered for the Citi tickets. If I get an access code I’ll purchase the max two tickets (using a friend’s Citi card who can’t go). I only need one so I will sell the other at face value to whoever on here who wants it. Codes go out tonight (lottery system) and sale isn’t until tomorrow morning. So won’t know until then. EDIT: I HAVE BEEN WAITLISTED. IF ANYONE HAS A SPARE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I’LL PAY YOU IMMEDIATELY VIA YOUR PREFERRED MEANS (cash Venmo PayPal etc).