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  1. I am holding out hope for the holy grail GNR documentary. The fabled UYI tour footage and whatever else Axl has in the vault. With a master filmmaker like Errol Morris....it's too much of an opportunity to not happen. There's got to be multiple A list directors salivating at the chance.
  2. Fernando - Despite the many negative comments and posters there's a large less vocal community of GNR die hards that appreciate what you and your family do. I am so thankful of your ability to be diplomatic and get the greatest rock group on the planet back together. I am young as far and GNR fans go and have been able to realize my dream seven times now of seeing them live - all around the US, then Europe, back here and now to Europe this summer. SO STOKED. My one last dream is to see Axl lead another AC/DC tour. Is there a chance of this happening and is there a sliver of hope for us fans that want to hear him on a NEW AC/DC album? Thank you!
  3. I was at this show. Steven was great, so much enthusiasm, played tight. Constantine was not my cup of tea. He's trying to sing the songs in his own style (his style I might add is just bad) and it really takes you out of the moment. Would recommend anyone to go see Steven and bring an...open mind for the vocals.
  4. Axl on american dad

    Will ask him this weekend what the deal is. Probably going to be the voice of a character in an upcoming episode. Might have aired already - not sure
  5. Adler's Appetite did a suprise show at the Whiskey last night. Saw it on social media. If you want to check it out go to Instagram and see Steven's profile story. Dude that singer is terrible - not really his voice (which I'm not a fan of) but in the way he chooses to annunciate and sing the lyrics, the timing of how he releases them. It's sort of off....if you watch you might see what I mean. Still want to go tonight so PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ARE SELLING TICKETS. Thanks
  6. Axl on american dad

    My friend works on the show. They had Steven Adler in recently for an episode. I don't watch so not sure if it's aired yet. They all say Steven's as kind as can be.
  7. What would you prefer them to do? NOT tour? NOT let all the fans in the Phillipines who want to see them get to see them? You want them to all get together at Dan Tana's and have dinner, all laughing. Izzy leading the praise as they pop bottles of sparkiling cider with Adler toasting them all? Then going back into the studio and writing all together again? And then coming out with the most insanely dope, memorable, life changing record that instantly puts all of the shit to the grave? You're being unrealistic. I think it's so encouraging and badass that they've accomplished NITL. Only days before it was announced people were scoffing it off as way too good to ever be true. And yet here everyone is pissed that it keeps going. I love it and think it's fucking rad.
  8. At this point I'd rather have an AXL/DC record and tour than GNR. Not sure that lighting can be captured again. But of course I want BOTH. And I hope GNR continues to tour off and on for years to come.
  9. I am looking to purchase one or two tickets to this show. If anyone is selling please let me know!
  10. Such an uninformed complaint 🤦‍♂️
  11. VERY fucking cool. Glad everything was returned in proper condition. When you're ready you should share what materials of your made it into the set. I am saving up for one!
  12. Any chance you know the channel & time? Trying desperately to find audio of this. I heard Gary Dell'Abate on Howard Stern Wrap Up Show say there was going to be a full AFD5 reunion as well.
  13. Imagine the fury of complaints you'd find in this thread if they DID post it lol
  14. Is there a more Adler song than this? his drumming is fucking surreal on this Production is too. It reminds me so much of High Voltage ugh
  15. Slash's intro rip on this is so good that I find myself listening to the song over and over and over