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  1. One of the funniest moments was the Dead Horse solo. It seems like Slash lost his track so bad, that he simply forgot the melody along the way, and started to look for a way out, even resorting for the Rocket Queen outro melody. Sometimes improvising can be tricky.
  2. Sorry buddy, i just couldn't resist the irony in the Dead Horse context. The revenge of the critics of the critics!
  3. HAHAHAHA This topic should be remembered as the point of no return for those who have nothing but bitter things to say. It's dead JIM. Movin' on ...
  4. I do believe that every song in the altset was rehearsed, if they are going to be played someday is another story. There are no reason for "jokes", at least from Duff n Slash sides, they are serious about their stuff, and would not be willing to take part in some prank to the fans. I think it's only a matter of time and some of it will be played. It's up to Axl feeling confortably to perform, the band being satisfied with the soundin', and choosing the songs that will be dropped of setlist (after years of just keeping adding songs).
  5. That was the intro in São Paulo/2010 concert. It was veeeery cool, and maybe the only time they did it since UYI tour (?). Curious enough, they played that same stadium in 2016, one day after the annoucement of Leonard's death, and used the song as outro.
  6. Dude, i'm talking about high notes. In this songs there are SOME higher notes, but if u listen carefully there are some kind of "Echo/Effects" that are layered to Axl voice that are helping to hide the cracks there appear in these short moments. This NEVER happened before. But there's no way to cover the damage in his voice in songs there are FULL of high notes, like This I Love, Out Ta Get Me, My Michelle, Prostitute. Guess what, these are songs that they dropped out of setlist. Being able to "scream" a high note it's not the same to "sing" a high note. You need the ability to control your voice, and Axl seems to have lost that, at least in this higher registers. In the low zone, like in The Seeker, he's capable of singing in tune just fine.
  7. I do believe that the AC/DC tour damaged his voice, especially the ability to reach higher notes. His voice never cracked so much in the past, he could reach high pitch screams in Better, This I Love, Out Ta Get Me, Paradise City, well, pretty much all the catalogue. But with songs like Back in Black, Thunderstruck, Shoot to Thrill, For Those About to Rock, i believe he went to far. You could hear his voice deteriorating as the tour went on. By the end of the ACDC tour, things were never the same. He tried and tried, but it became impossible, every high note is on the verge of crack, so he had to resort on falsetto, or some mix/microphone shenenigan to cover his screams. People just have to accept that it's not a matter of effort, the guy is singing his ass off nowadays. Yes, he could sound better adjusting some songs, choosing a lower register. But some of the crazy high notes are just not there anymore.
  8. The tour they're doing right now are not delaying anything related to new recordings. Slash was touring n promoting his record, that was already in the plans. Duff did the same, and his tour ended less than a month prior to the GNR dates. Now that they are together again, i believe that there are some discussions going on, and possible some time between these dates in North n South America to work on something. The Hardschool appearance in the setlist it's the indicative that at least this song was in some way approached by Slash n Duff, maybe studiowise.
  9. Kendrick Lamar in the last Lollapalooza BR also didn't allowed broadcast.
  10. Spent almost a year to get a shitty VHS from the RIR 2001, that was broadcasted nationwide. Cut to 2019 and there's live streaming from the front row.
  11. All things considered, Axl did a good job. The song is more confortably for his voice, he just need to find a way to sing the verses. The amount of words in the studio version is impossible to reproduce live. It's breathing hell!
  12. The guy can't sing in those high registers anymore, even standing still and making a huge effort. Still not as painful as Paul Stanley
  13. It's on Fleetwood Mac setlist nowadays
  14. I can understand the frustration, and i believe this happens on both sides. The issue is that "Elvis has left the building" (ha). Nasty stuff was said (and some continue to do so), and these words and actions cannot be retrieved. In the GNR camp everything is a little messy, we should just settle with it. Especially in the management case, when things get extremely personal. It's a family thing. It ain't some regular company doing all the stuff, where the people don't get envolved and simply do the work and go home. These are family people, that built their lives around Axl, who will get upset with criticism on a personal level. We may disagree with this direction, but it will happen. It's a kind of reaction that many of us would experience if we were in their position. Imagine yourself being called a "hanger", and sayin that u should be "fired". I would say a big FU to everybody, hahahahaha.