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  1. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Is it referring to something / someone specific??
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    What do you mean?!! I’m scared ...
  3. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Sure but We can objectify him all the same ... he has decades of objectifying women to make up for ... much as I love him!
  4. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I'm always super-envious when I hear of anyone who saw them in the AFD /UYI era. I had to content myself with watching their videos back then. Boy did Axl blow me away in the videos, especiay SCOM. I was 12 but remember feeling the sexuality coming off the TV screen. I can only imagine the energy from young Axl on stage. Shame you could detect tension on stage in 91. What a train wreck that must have felt like to the band at that stage, despite all the money and accolades pouring in. Hope you make it to another show.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Me neither! Duff a greedy asshole? Please explain.
  6. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Intriguing discussion! I’ve also often wondered about how Axl thinks of his own sexiness. I’d especially love to know how he felt about it in AFD days. Now, I get the impression he’s fully aware of it and is amused that people like us still find him incredibly sexy after all this time.
  7. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Thank you so much for going to the trouble of making this available to everyone. An amazing thing for the community.
  8. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Since discovering this thread I'm coming around to the cornrows, esp when he wore that sleeveless open shirt - that is a *good* look. Yeah the bangs (fringe in this part of the world) are my all-time favourite Axl look too. He has shed the femininity for sure. A major part of that was his slimness which, like with most people, disappeared over the years. And his poor hair... I'm sad about Axl's hair now... as I said above I've come round to the cornrows but it seems they ruined his beautiful hair.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    This is something that worries me, not necessarily for the reasons you're suggesting, just - it's so incredible that he's survived this long given everything that's happened to him. I know TB are not popular on this thread but Axl himself says Beta saved his life. If that's how he feels, we have to accept it. I just hope he keeps wanting to live.
  10. Axl, you sexy beast.

    The look is also so cool on account of Axl's homophobic comments and lyrics in certain songs from around that time... idk exactly what to make of it, but purely imo, it showed that all that anti-gay stuff of Axl's was bullshit, macho posturing.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'll probably get it even though I'm not interested in his non-GNR revelations... like everything, if it mentions GNR, I'll get it I don't like the way he seems to be almost boasting about drug smuggling in the extracts above.
  12. Axl, you sexy beast.

    One of his most epic performances. (Ironically, not with Guns.) It shows Elton John's class that he managed not to be upstaged by Axl. I've heard Brian May in a TV documentary on Queen describing Axl storming onto the stage "whirling like a dervish". It's also a special performance due to the chemistry between Axl and Elton - they performed beautifully together. And that look that Axl gives Elton at the end - a boy looking at one of his childhood heroes right beside him - it's golden. (At 4:44 - but it would be a crime to skip.)
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Axl has taken issue on Twitter with many senior members of the Trump administration / family in recent weeks, Melania and Ivanka being two of them. He has a bee in his bonnet about the current US government for sure. He certainly has the right to express his opinions anywhere he likes. I just wish he'd be more circumspect when it comes to commenting on women, given his history.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I'm super disappointed in Axl hitting out at a woman on a public forum, with terms like 'whore' and 'immigrant'. Like everyone is saying here, what hypocrisy. Totally reminds me of OIAM. Thought he had grown up. I am imagining TB rugby-tackling him to get the phone off him...
  15. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Two awesome pictures. The top one ... I love it, it adds something to the better known one from that that Rolling Stone shoot (for which may we be forever grateful). And the second... what style. Love his look from that era. Happy 200 pages!! Mind blown!! His look, the way he can run and sing in such a controlled way... there truly has never been another singer like him.