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  1. Significant band locations in LA?

    It seems to me that LA and West Hollywood in particular are totally missing a trick with the lack of buzz they make out of the city's rock music history. The only specific thing I've been able to find out about is the Rock Walk, and even that is not high up in lists of tourist attractions in the city. I mean, the city is iconic in rock music history. I've been looking for a rock music guided tour of LA/West Hollywood. The only one I've been able to find focuses on rock music of the 60s. Vicky Hamilton did a one-off one back in April but from what I can see she doesn't have any more planned. I would pay good money for someone to take me around all the sites on and around the Strip that have to do with rock and metal in the 80s, with a GNR focus. That's my early Christmas wish.
  2. Significant band locations in LA?

    Really? I was have thought this was common knowledge. It's mentioned widely. Good one to mention! Can't see myself going to all that trouble to look at the roof of a building though.
  3. Significant band locations in LA?

    Would it have been this?
  4. Significant band locations in LA?

    If memory serves it was the roof of the Rainbow.
  5. Significant band locations in LA?

    Do you know of any such tours?? I've been searching for a tour of rock music locations in LA but the closest I came up with is about rock music of the 60s which doesn't interest me much. Vicky Hamilton did a tour of 80s Sunset Strip locations back in April but from what I can see she's not planning any more. I'd *love* to do a GNR locations tour.
  6. Significant band locations in LA?

    Great suggestions. For some reason, places they rehearsed don't excite me as much as places where they lives or hung out. I'll include them on my list though. As for Axl's house... I dunno, the address is all over the internet and lots of folks get their pic taken by the gate... people's private houses are a grey area for me.
  7. Significant band locations in LA?

    That would be awesome, where is it? Yep this is no. 1 on my list!
  8. I've been searching for a list or map of locations in Los Angeles that were important in the history of the band. Marc Canter's map in 'Reckless Road' is great, obviously. I'm looking for something more detailed to complement and add to it. The obvious Google searches haven't yielded anything much. Anyone know of anything?
  9. I’m glad to hear someone else say so! (Assuming you’re serious?!) Axl basically making sex noises is a recording I’m very happy to have.
  10. This made me laugh because every time I listen to 'So fine' by Duff it strikes me that the lyrics are such rubbish!! "It's a story of a manWho works as hard as he canJust to be a man who stands on his ownBut the book always burnsAs the story takes it turnAn leaves a broken man" I mean seriously, WTF Duff???! Not to mention this part doesn't seem to be related to the other verses at all.
  11. Apart from @Jaygnr @Gold top 78 and me??