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  1. Tension in the early 2000's lineup

    This, This and fucking This. Bucket must have been there scratching his kfc bucket, looking at Finck playing guitar, in complete and utter disbelief.
  2. Rubin’s an interesting choice. Butch Walker would be my absolute first choice, with Jake Sinclair working along side him.
  3. ...I’m fucking basing my fucking statement on fucking rumours. badda-bing badda-bong. 😏
  4. So there’re going to fucking announce a fucking live album in the new fucking year, and then fucking tour to support a fucking live album? Are they fucking real?
  5. ....another fucking thing. they won’t have to be in the fucking video either, because the fucking avengers would be fucking lipsynching the fucking song in slow-mo with fucking explosions going off n shit. how fucking hard is it? badda-bing badda-bong betty boo.
  6. It’s easy fucking peasy. attach new fucking song the the new fucking avengers bullshit. then, release new fucking album. fucking bingo. fucking voila. (mic dropped).
  7. Guns N' Roses rehearsal 2002 VMA

    I can’t even be bothered to beg. just fucking leak it. we’re all tired.
  8. If being ‘Punk as Fuck’ means you’re absolutely shit scared of even suggesting new material to the ginger biccy head, then yes Duff, you are indeed, ‘Punk as Fuck’.
  9. Hi Rick. great story, really enjoyed listening to it. please send HOB 10gb. thanks. 😉
  10. Axl was very low in the mix. we might get another song later.
  11. I’ll be honest. Appetite does sound good.
  12. Fly GNAIR

    *Standing Ovation* .....your point on NIN actually depresses me. Trent is so fucking creative, so fucking driven, so in-tune with the fan base. We have Axl, and then we have Fernando.