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  1. Loco-Motive

    Lol, typical people who have lost. Try and hint things and want someone to find it and thinks he has the answer but is "holding it back" because he wants you to find something that never can be found. So in his mind he hasnt lost yet.
  2. Loco-Motive

    Does anybody know who wrote what on appetite? Everyone is listed as writers on those songs but, who wrote majorety each song? WTJ, Its so easy, etc?
  3. True, weird thinking people think a band owes them(fans) music or something else. They released AFD, you bought it, they released UYI, you bought it, they released CD, you bought etc. "Now they need to put up music since i followed the band for years, they owed me that!" No, they can do whatever they want, its up to you if you want to put money into their pocket in some way or another for what they do. And yes, its only on this forum/GnR forums ive seen people argue about this.