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  1. 10/19/17 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center

    https://youtu.be/Mdj-ltacc6Q "Balls out performer in recent memory, ladies and gentleman.... Slash" - Axl 😂😂😂
  2. Axl voice will crack in places, he's 55 ffs! My biggest thing is that if he was a Lil fitter his falsetto would sound much better, it sounds weak cause he's struggling to get power behind it
  3. Leeds 2002

    If they play it with Slash I hope they play this version ✌
  4. Leeds 2002

    8 indeed it is! 😂 Out ta get me is great here! I miss Brain!
  5. Underrated show from the 2002 era imo, up there with rock am ring 2006, clean vocals sound great and some rasp aswell! Miss Bucket head and Finck! Opinions?