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  1. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Cheers! Happy Friday!
  2. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I'm going to keep hoping that the holed up in Malibu days are over. However, back in 2016 when he was on a high with NIL and Axl/D.C., I remember saying that if he he never toured/recorded again, I'd understand and that it would be like when an athlete retires after winning the SuperBowl. But, hopefully he'll be Tom Bradiyish and go for a few more Supee Bowl wins. Since you're going to a show --How do you feel about the European dates? I'm not sure if it'd be exciting to see a possible final GNR show or really depressing? I don't see Duff in AC/DC either. I thought Cliff Williams said he would still be interested in recording, just not touring? I guess Duff could tour, but the little bit that I've seen of AC/DC, the guitarist/bassist kind of stand by the amps and walk forward to sing the chorus and then walk back to the amps. I'm not knocking it, but it was just different and I don't know if I can picture Duff like that on stage.
  3. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I love your positivity @Gabrielaerojasand if I have to watch Rock AM Ring with you until 2030 while we wait for a new GNR album, I will. Totally agree, which leads me to this question--- and I know this is an Axl thread---but with all the SMKC and Axl/DC talk, I wonder where this leaves Duff?
  4. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I guess I feel that since it's confirmed that Slash is working with SKMC, that's where his focus and time will be and therefore it makes the probability of a new GNR album/tour less likely. Hopefully I'm totally wrong.
  5. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Well, I guess Slash answered our discussion yesterday about the chances of a new GNR album soon. I don't really know what to think. Other than the Europe dates this summer, I guess the Axlettes won't be seeing Axl for a while. I really hope there is something going on with AC/DC -- there's just too much talent for it all to end now. Just feeling really disappointed.
  6. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I thought it was Steven too, but now that I look at it, I don't think so either. All rock guys kind of looked alike in the 80s. This particular guy looks like Baz and Steven's love child.
  7. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Were they even born when AFD was released? Good for them though for recognizing him. It seems like there are more "hints" (and I use that term loosely) about Ac/D.C.happening than there are about GNR, but maybe they'll have at least one new song in time for the tour. 🤞 The quote from Angry Anderson is showing up everywhere, but wasn't the conversation he had with Angus was before Malcolm and George passed away? I'm just wondering if that could have changed things for Angus. Whatever happens, I just hope we know something sooner rather than later.
  8. Axl, you sexy beast.

    It took me a while to get into CD, but now I like it. And come on -- the CD songs are fabulous live. Now you'll probably get me banned too. Damn you @Gabrielaerojas.... first the cornrows and now this. Your thoughts for the future are pretty much the same as mine (not sure about Axl dolor stuff though). Based on the two interviews (Chinese Exchange and Brazil TV), it seemed to me that it was a "we'll see how it goes" kind of vibe for them (in the beginning), but that was just my impression.The big three work great live, but I'm sure recording is harder to do and if they aren't feeling it, or it's not working for them, then that's Ok. It's better than releasing something they don't feel good about or aren't proud of. And as for Axl/D.C. I really enjoyed seeing Axl with the band so I'd be interested in seeing more. I really like having you in the thread @Kwick1 and have enjoyed reading your posts.
  9. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Love this shirt. Happy Monday 🐸
  10. Axl, you sexy beast.

    I don't get them at all. I'm also seeing really badly photoshopped pictures of Axl with various musicians (Kurt Curbain for example), which I think is really weird. Hope all my dear Axlettes are having a good weekend.....
  11. Axl, you sexy beast.

    And then "I Feel Good" came along and that was the was the new "Big Shot". Dear God @Gabrielaerojas has gotten another one. She must have some magical powers because even I've come around to them and I never thought that was possible. Oh - and yes, that open sleeveless shirt was mighty fine.
  12. Axl, you sexy beast.

    That entrance was one of the most epic entrances in rock history. And I can't remember where I heard it, but didn't he say that he wasn't expecting the pyro at the start and it kind of startled him? And that look at 4:44 is so cool because it's the look anyone would give their idol and I love when you can see celebrities being regular people like the rest of us.
  13. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Welcome to the Sexy Beast thread!
  14. Axl, you sexy beast.

    250 Pages! That's amazing. Here's to Pantene, cornrows and all of you girls 🥂🥂
  15. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Here it is at 5:42- 6:05 Not quite sure what security was doing. This video is a whole lotta Axl greatness....