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  1. This AC∕DC project in Vancouver has probably nothing to do with Axl. The Axl∕DC thing can still happend.
  2. I also think this is the final end of AC∕DC and I also doubt the future of Guns`n`Roses after the Not In This Lifetime Tour. But we`ll know more when AC∕DC announce what they are doing in Vancouver.
  3. Not now but maybe they got plans next year.
  4. This is a very good question. Is this the end of AC∕DC ? Brian will probably sing for the last time and we have to wait and see if Angus want to continue with Axl and if so will that be AC∕DC or some supergroup?.
  5. Axl's vocal is still good but 3 hours concerts is too even for Axl.
  6. Axl∕DC can still happend unless Angus plan to hang up his guitar in the near future. What`s happening in Vancouver now is great and nobody expected this. Brian singing in AC∕DC again is a miracle. But this is something that will be over very soon because Brian will not be able to do a major tour. Brian will sing for his fans one last time. Next time it might be Axl`s turn.
  7. Well recent history teach us that Axl has a hard time making new music. But that doesn`t mean that he is not intested in recording again.
  8. No it is not. I think this is just the original band getting togheter one last time. Maybe this was decided in Malcolms funural when all the original members Angus, Brian, Cliff and Phil met each other and then they decided to do a project to honour the great Malcolm. If there was a plan to make new music with Axl those plans will be followed regardless of what`s going on in Vancouver now.
  9. Maybe this is the end of AC∕DC and maybe here will never be new music from Guns`n`Roses. But I still think Axl and Angus can make new music togheter. Maybe they form a supergroup or something like that after Guns`n`Roses has finished their world tour.
  10. I`ve tried to explain this before and I`ll try again. What`s happening in Vancouver now is not the beginning of a big reunion. Rumors says they are recording a few songs and not a full album. And we all know that Brian is not able or interested in a major tour, maybe a mini tour but that`s it. That AC∕ROSE thing can still happen. It could be AC∕DC or a Supergroup.
  11. This is simple. Brian is not able to do a full tour and he is also sick of touring. Axl want to tour and he is also fit for it. But let Brian sing for his fans one last time. AC/DC fans loves Brian just as much as Guns`n`Roses fans loves Axl.
  12. I don`t think this is a new album but just a few songs. Axl/DC album can still happen.
  13. Please try to understand that this is not a major project. It`s not gonna be a full album and when it comes to touring the best we can hope for is a few shows here and there. Maybe Angus decide to retire after this but maybe not. If he decide to continue it will be with Axl after this project and after the Not In This Lifetime Tour is over.
  14. Where are you Axl Rose?

    The Axl/DC thing will go on as planned regardless of what`s happening in Vancouver now.
  15. Where are you Axl Rose?

    But who said there won`t be an album with Axl and Angus?