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  1. Whats next for ac/dc?

    It is damn silent right now. Do anybody know if Axl has been up to anything after the last show in California? A weeks ago I heard that one guy from Guns`n`Roses management visited Angus is Sydney around new eve. It could mean that something is going on. Guns`n`Roses start touring again in june so here will be more action but I`ll hope we get some news before that time.
  2. Golden Circle is 279 EUR and Paradise City 304 EUR. I`ve never seen Guns`n`Roses live before and I`ve never bought a VIP ticket to any event so maybe I should give one of these options a try. But I cannot find much info about the those packages. How early prior the show can I arrive? Maybe I get this info when I recive the ticket.
  3. This show in Tallin, is it part of a festival or only a regular Guns`n`Roses show?
  4. Best sound quality Axl/DC recording

    I was at that Werchter show.
  5. They can always film one of the shows in Europe this summer.
  6. I wonder what Axl i doing now and what he will do until the summer dates in Europe?
  7. we need some news NOW about Axl`s future plans. too much silence now.
  8. I think Axl plan to record both with Angus and Guns`n`Roses. The question is not IF but WHEN?
  9. Axl gotta write most of the lyrics.
  10. Whats next for ac/dc?

  11. Malcolm wanted the band to continue without him. The way I see it, Angus should continue to honor his brothers.
  12. Not right now, Guns`n`Roses tour is not over yet.
  13. I don`t want to speculate more about the drummer and the bass player because I think we`ll hear something early next year. But when they asked Phil Rudd earlier this year if he tought he would play with Angus again he mentioned that there could be another Young family member in training. Angus has a unkown nephew in Australia, James Young who played drums in The Poor, a unkown aussie rock band. The Poor opened for AC∕DC in Minneapolis in 96 Ballbreaker Tour.
  14. Yes of course. SoloDallas posted on his facebook that a new bass player was hired but he deleted the post later when the rumor was out. SoloDallas is a fantastic guitar player but I`ve never heard him play bass. I don`t even know if he even play in a band, LOL!
  15. Angus has lost two brothers in just a few weeks. Do you think that will hold him back? I promise you NOT! Remember that the Back in Black album is all about facing adversity. Now he also got a new friend in Axl and they are both hungry to make new music.