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  1. I am in Amsterdam now. Going to Arnhem and then Goffertpark tomorrow. I got VIP ticket.
  2. Remember that Chris is over 70 and many were not impressed by his drumming on the Rock or Bust Tour. And his contract was also limited to complete the tour. In his recent interviews he didn`t even mention if he was still in contact with Angus or Stevie. It`s not like they have to choose Chris or Phil. More likely it will be a new drummer. But time will tell.
  3. I am also curious abot who the drummer is because I doubt it will be Chris Slade.
  4. How much does axl get paid for these acdc shows?

    They travel togheter in a private jet.
  5. Less than 2 weeks. I`m waiting for the VIP infomail, they say it will come approximately one week prior the event.
  6. This album will be very different from anything we heard from AC∕DC. Axl`s influence will be very significant. And of course Brian won`t be back. He`s over 70 and said himself that he is finished with AC∕DC. Even if he could sing in the studio he is anubale to do a major tour.
  7. I wonder when or if we get any info about the future of Axl and AC/DC.
  8. Hopefully the best AC∕DC album since Back in Black and the best Axl album since Appetite For Destruction.
  9. WTF!! who wants to divorce such a beautiful woman like that???? She should take Slash offer and marry me instead.
  10. Looking foward to it. It will be my first Guns`n`Roses concert. I`ve only seen Axl with AC∕DC two years ago.
  11. I got VIP ticket for this show.
  12. Who will be the bassist for the new album?

    This guy SoloDallas posted on his Facebook page that a new bass player was allready hired. This was more than a year ago.
  13. Mark Evans doesn`t stand a chance to come back. It`s just as unlikely as Dave Evans would be back as the lead singer.
  14. Another very good venue in that area is GelreDome in Arnhem where AC∕DC opened the Rock or Bust Tour.