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  1. I was just gonna say that. After reading the whole thread I didn't see anyone else suggest Larry Van Kriedt as the bassist. For those who don't know, Larry Van Kriedt was AC/DC's original bassist. He never played on a single recording, but he was a founding member that the band did not desire to see him leave. He did leave on his own accord as his desire to play jazz was far greater than playing in a rock band. Back in the early days of AC/DC when the band was still experimenting with their sound, Malcolm or George would stand in as bassist while Larry would play the saxophone. He is also the only bassist to have returned to the band. So I am sure Angus holds some respect for him and probably has him in mind. The question is will he be willing? If Larry does rejoin I can see the lineup as followed: Lead guitar: Angus Young Rhythm guitar: Stevie Young Lead vocals: Axl Rose Bass guitar: Larry Van Kriedt Drums: Chris Slade This to me seems like a legitimate lineup. Two original members, a family member, Mr. Thunderstruck, and Axl freaking Rose!
  2. I'm surprised more people aren't talking about this in the chat. This is definitely a strong indication of a future AC/DC album with Axl on vocals.