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  1. I caught this as part of the long Duff interview someone linked the other day and was also pretty disappointed. I expected something along the lines of 'Yeah, times were different and we behaved really f'n badly. That was 30 years ago, and while it was reflective of the time and place, that doesn't make it OK. " which, to be honest, given that it is GNR ,is probably best you can do. And either you accept that apology and move on or you don't. He kept harping on the idea that 'They didn't hang around guys like that, we wouldn't have put up with that'. As if there is some magic model for how rapists and sex abusers behave that is super easy to spot and block out? There is a big difference in power dynamic between a groupie and a rockstar vs a Weinstein and a wannabe actress --- but the fact that in their case the women were often aggressively pursuing them doesn't mean there wasn't a risk that some people in their circle, especially with the amount of booze drugs and women around constantly, crossed a line and that maybe the band was too high to notice or interpret that behavior at the time. And there was most definitely a power dynamic between the crew who could allow or deny access to the band, and the women trying to get with the band. And that power balance can lead to more of a Weinstein dynamic. And no way were the band aware of all of this while they were on tour in the 80s and 90s. In the long interview he also went into how his wife and hopefully his daughters wouldn't put themselves in situations that could get them in trouble, again a really awful sentiment which is pretty much saying that no smart woman would have put themselves in a room with GNR at any time ever, given that lyric he has penned and their reputation.