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  3. Duff, tell the truth. Say what the majority want to hear. All hail the Iz man, the only decent pimp in the GNR camp.
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  5. Duff "The King of Beers" McKagan - the ultimate villain for the GNR fanbase. He dethroned Axl. People really need to hate someone.
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  8. USA almost attacked Iran

    That election was fixed to make sure Hillary won, just like they did with that moron Romney to assure Obama's re-election. It didn't work out and now the whole world is in deep shit.
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  13. To be honest, I love Izzy's solo work, especially On Down The Road, 117 Deg and River. But I'm fucking tired of making him the only talented Gunner. I love all those fuckers. I love them equally: Slash, Iz, the redhead bastard and the tall blonde bitch. I hated that war between Axl and Slash fans, and now I hate this shit. For me, they all were equally important. For example, Duff's bass lines are criminally underrated on the Illusions. Anyway, enjoy another civil war in the GNR camp.