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  1. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I saw an ad yesterday that they’re lining up for Pinkpop 2020 and I happen to be in the Netherlands until next August. Pretty good line up too. But it’ll cost me 110 euros. Still thinking about it because there is also another festival nearer with also good line ups, will only cost me 50 euros. I don’t feel the urgency of watching GN’R again unless they’re doing something big. Like album for example
  2. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    I am now i mean I’m always into GN’R it’s just I want to hear other things too for now. But I will always come back to this.
  3. Just passing by here to say that SCOM music video gonna reach 1B views on youtube. The power this band has. They only released 4.5 album through 30 years of the band existence and yet they're so powerful. And lazy, yes don't forget about that part.

  4. Everyone on that comment were like "yeay" and I was like "no, no more please "
  5. Tbh in this case, I wish their mindset are they want to proof they still can make good music and high selling album. They shouldn’t underastimate themselves, look at Queen, look at how many they sold last year, how many streamed, only for Bohemian Rhapsody. imo guns is on almost same if not equal level with Queen in terms of being a legend. Look at how many people excited just to see Slash back on GN’R. With right PR, the album could be hit. People are dying for music that is not producer-manufactured driven. Also encourage old fans with maybe release the album in vinyl or cassette but maybe with limited copies instead of pumping out these overpriced “special” edition
  6. What is this? Haven’t been here since ages. New album? Straight from Slash’s mouth? New GN’R album has never been more promising than this 😂