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  1. Ha ha, the dogs. His mom told me he was asked to leave the Meijer on 26 because he brought his dogs in. If that was two years ago, looks likes he’s still been spending time there. I left in 2012 and he had spent most of the summer there. I want to be respectful of someone’s privacy, so I won’t get too specific, but he was definitely hanging out at a certain restaurant that summer.
  2. Not really any childhood stories, but she would tell me mundane things, that I found fascinating just by the nature of the people involved, like "Oh, I got Axl a shirt that says 'Here Comes Treble' for Christmas." Like, whoa... I know what Axl got for Christmas! Ha.
  3. This was around late 2000s maybe. I left Lafayette in 2012. I have no idea, as I've never met Izzy.
  4. I’ve mentioned this before, but back when I worked in Lafayette, I became friends with Izzy’s mom. I haven’t seen her in over six years (I hope she’s doing well), but she was super-nice. She would tell me things that, I guess, could be considered “inside info,” like when Izzy went to Europe to play those shows with Axl... I knew about it a few days beforehand. Of course, I would never violate her trust and tell anyone, but I did feel “cool” for getting to hear things like that. Really, she was just a mom excited to talk about her son. It was also fun to talk with her about which GN’R autobiographies we had read (for the record, she liked Slash’s and Duff’s books, but hadn’t read Steven’s at the time). Due to being a massive fan for so many years, it did teeter on being surreal, but people are people, celebrities or not, and they have families. Anyway, if I hadn’t moved away, perhaps I would have eventually met him, as he did, and probably still does, spend time in Lafayette.
  5. Lots of old Recordings

    I just like the mystery of it all. Obviously, we know who the Screaming Trees are and it's semi-safe to assume the "Shrieking Violet" reel is L.A. Guns, though I can't make out any of the titles. Anyone have any idea what the Ya-Ya's is? Here is what the labels say: Reel One: July 15/98 The Ya-Ya's 1. Not Like You 0-3:20 2. Long Ways 3:40-6:40 3. Hideaway 6:40-10:25 Tones At Head RecPadStair Reel One Reel Two: The Ya-Ya's July 15/98 1. Lies 0-3:15 2. 7 AM 3:15-8:20 3. ? ? 8:20-12:25 4. Out on The Streets 12:25-15:20 Reel Two
  6. Lots of old Recordings

    Hell, maybe someone passed the demos to Duff and he gave them to Gilby. Who knows? Obviously, a member of GN'R isn't on every reel.
  7. Lots of old Recordings

    Though, to shake things up... "Shrieking Violet" was L.A. Guns' album from 1999 and Gilby Clarke was the producer and Teddy Andreadis played keyboards on it. Not sure how that would connect to Duff. Perhaps they were just sharing storage space. Anyway, none of the evidence is pointing toward Axl or Slash. Now, just trying to figure out the Ya-Ya's.
  8. Lots of old Recordings

    Duff was also recently in a band with a member of Screaming Trees, who were in the studio in 1999 recording demos before breaking up for good. He could have been involved in the demos or just storing tapes for his friend. Either way, almost all of the evidence points to these being Duff's tapes. I'm not an expert on reels, but if Duff was jamming with Izzy, it's more-than-plausible that Duff had his own copies or, if copies of reels are hard to make (again, not my area of expertise), that he would have his own alternate takes.