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  1. I wouldn’t miss tomorrow night’s show and got a ticket for that as soon as it was announced. But if you decided you didn’t want to go to tonight’s VIP friends and family show I would love to have a ticket to that. I travelled from Northern CA to be able to see these shows. Please consider it
  2. I’m really looking forward to a great show. Steven’s performance at Ride to Ronnie was top notch. Classless Act looked like all their practice paid off with a tight show. Saw Derek Day, their lead singer at Ultimate Jam Night yesterday at the Whisky. He was just on guitar for that, but still was fun to watch and dynamic. As for Constantine, he’s just starting to sing this new material and may need to adjust his style to fit the songs. Not an impossible goal. Steven is drumming on a song with Willie Jones called “Runs in our Blood” and I’ve seen a small part of the video directed by Ryan Francis. It’s got a release date on May 18. I’m excited to see him working with other artists on new music. Please don’t expect Slash to show up as he’s going to be doing a benefit show in Seattle the same day.
  3. Where is Wacken being held? Looked on the website and couldn't find any info on the venue or even what country the event was in.
  4. Wish he'd ad a meet and greet and Q&A for us fans going to the LA Whiskey A GoGo show.
  5. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    He said he quit smoking the packaged cigarettes which he used to smoke a lot of. He now smokes three or four cigarettes a day where he rolls the tobacco himself. While that gives his lungs a little break it would be better if he totally got away from tobacco. But using tobacco doesn't equal using dope.
  6. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    Don't know what Steven has to do to please some people. These same people and I could watch the same Popeye cartoon. I'd be saying "wow Popeye knocked out Bluto and 50 other people after just a little spinach!" They would say "it doesn't count. He ate canned spinach to do that instead of fresh." But to be serious, you can"t blame Roger Daltrey's WiFi being out of commission on Steven.
  7. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    Was just watching Steven's Facebook page. He was at a party given by Roger Daltrey, but the WiFi was on the fritz so Steven and his brother Jaime appeared in a car where they briefly said hello and talked about the upcoming Australia tour. It was also mentioned that Steven will have a great new singer in his band.
  8. Steven Adler just posted on his Facebook page that he got invited to "an epic house party" and would be posting live from the party at 11PM west coast time. So I'll be watching his Facebook page. He also mentioned he'll be doing a solo tour in New Zealand and Australia.
  9. If they intended to shock him I'm sure they did when he found out they threw him out with just a $2000 payment. That always sounded like he was given the bum's rush.
  10. A part of the problem is that Steven was called in to sign over his rights without him having a lawyer present. He was given a huge stack of paper and told to sign. Any good attorney would have advised against signing it. This is similar to cases where a couple is about to get married and one party pulls out a prenuptual agreement and pressures the other person to sign at the last minute. In a divorce that agreement could be ruled invalid by a judge because there was no attorney to act in the best interests of the person who signed the prenup.
  11. New Steven Adler Interview!

    He's going to start to tour with Adler's Appetite beginning with a May 10 show at the Whiskey A GoGo. Classless Act (Slash's son's band) is the opening act. I got my ticket and can't wait. He's not touring with GnR.
  12. Revisited the Steven Adler Stories site and all of the 19 comments have reappeared. This is very odd. Internet gremlins perhaps?
  13. I just looked at the Steven Adler Stories site and it looks like all the comments have been removed. As of last night there had been 19 comments. A couple were interesting, but the rest were either test comments or comments from trolls.
  14. I've read that writer's claims, but if this is true why was there no lawsuit? If he did the original draft he would have notes or an outline. He would need proof other than just claiming it on the internet. Also, why would he have been removed from the project? Usually if someone thinks you're doing a great job they don't fire you.
  15. As much as I'd love to see a new book from Steven I wonder who will come forward with who knows what. How will he authenticate these stories? These days you have people surfacing 40 years later and claiming someone famous did something to them in an attempt to gain money or fame. Wouldn't want to see him have trouble from someone shady. He's doing so well and it's great seeing him getting out and playing.