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  1. This reminds me of the Peanuts Christmas cartoon where Linus is playing Beethoven on his piano and Lucy asks him "If Beethoven was so great how come his picture isn't on a bubblegum card"? I've got an Adler shirt and a newer Steven shirt with the skull design. I didn't get them at the mall or at Sear's. If somebody asks me who Steven is I'll bring them up to speed with no thought that the mall determines worthiness. Think of the best food you've ever had. Did you get it at the food court in the mall?
  2. Besides Ari Kamin being the new singer(last singer was American Idol's Constantine Maroulis) Michael Thomas is still the guitarist. Carl Restivo and Sean McNabb are gone. Sean McNabb seemed to want to focus on his acting career as he had posted a pic of himself with a short haircut on Instagram saying he'd have a better chance of getting different acting roles with the haircut. Tanya OCallaghan is the bassist now. Alistair James is the rhythm guitarist. As for Constantine, it looks like he wanted to do more Broadway type shows. He did a show with a symphony orchestra in Utah.
  3. All this stuff about Steven only doing AFD songs is just plain wrong. I saw the Las Vegas show on Friday and while the band played AFD songs, they also played "Habit" and "Good to be Bad" off Adler's "Back From the Dead" cd. It wasn't a million seller, but I love that cd. Ari Kamin was spot on singing the songs and told the audience how cool it was to be living his dream singing with Steven's band. I found that moving to see how happy he was to get that opportunity. With Steven we have hope of new songs and new music in the future. He recently drummed on Willie Jones "Runs in our Blood" song as well as being in the video for it. More than that, he goes out of his way to please his fans. He wasn't planning to do a meet and greet at that show, but at the end of the show a whole bunch of fans were at the edge of the stage with all sorts of stuff they were hoping to get him to sign. He was hugging everybody, taking pics with anybody who wanted that and signed everything anybody had. Why throw rocks at someone who obviously has joy playing for his fans and tries so hard to be fan friendly?
  4. P.S. Looks like most of my post above has been quoted by Brett Buchanan on AlternativeNation.net except he didn't say it was a quote. It's just my post word for word in the first paragraph of what he wrote under the title "Guns N Roses Member Appears to Fire Singer". This is a stretch because we don't know if Constantine was fired or quit.
  5. Turnover could be for different reasons. Constantine seems to want to go in a different direction. Adler's Appetite was scheduled to play the Wacken festival in Germany,but cancelled.That same day Constantine was singing with an orchestra in Utah. Wacken would've given more exposure to fans-80,000 at Wacken. McNabb has been doing more acting. Was in a Lifetime channel movie recently and posted a pic of himself on Instagram with shorter hair which he said would give him more of a variety of acting roles.
  6. Yes that's him. Glad you posted that clip.
  7. Steven Adler posted on his Facebook page that he has a new band for his upcoming Las Vegas show on August 24. Ari Kamin is now the band's singer. Tanya O Callaghan will be on bass. Michael Thomas will still be in the band but there was no mention of Sean McNabb. I've seen clips of Ari Kamin singing GnR songs with Steven drumming at the Roxy show in Buenos Aires 2016 and he sounds great! I posted a clip of them doing "Rocket Queen" on my Instagram page @houndfan2 That's my Steven Adler fan page. If you want to see other clips there are some on YouTube also.
  8. Interesting interview. Good questions, but it seems we learned more from what was not said. No questions about Steven. Nothing said about trying to get a real reunion, except the reference to the failed attempt to get Izzy for that.
  9. I wouldn’t miss tomorrow night’s show and got a ticket for that as soon as it was announced. But if you decided you didn’t want to go to tonight’s VIP friends and family show I would love to have a ticket to that. I travelled from Northern CA to be able to see these shows. Please consider it
  10. I’m really looking forward to a great show. Steven’s performance at Ride to Ronnie was top notch. Classless Act looked like all their practice paid off with a tight show. Saw Derek Day, their lead singer at Ultimate Jam Night yesterday at the Whisky. He was just on guitar for that, but still was fun to watch and dynamic. As for Constantine, he’s just starting to sing this new material and may need to adjust his style to fit the songs. Not an impossible goal. Steven is drumming on a song with Willie Jones called “Runs in our Blood” and I’ve seen a small part of the video directed by Ryan Francis. It’s got a release date on May 18. I’m excited to see him working with other artists on new music. Please don’t expect Slash to show up as he’s going to be doing a benefit show in Seattle the same day.
  11. Where is Wacken being held? Looked on the website and couldn't find any info on the venue or even what country the event was in.
  12. Wish he'd ad a meet and greet and Q&A for us fans going to the LA Whiskey A GoGo show.
  13. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    He said he quit smoking the packaged cigarettes which he used to smoke a lot of. He now smokes three or four cigarettes a day where he rolls the tobacco himself. While that gives his lungs a little break it would be better if he totally got away from tobacco. But using tobacco doesn't equal using dope.
  14. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    Don't know what Steven has to do to please some people. These same people and I could watch the same Popeye cartoon. I'd be saying "wow Popeye knocked out Bluto and 50 other people after just a little spinach!" They would say "it doesn't count. He ate canned spinach to do that instead of fresh." But to be serious, you can"t blame Roger Daltrey's WiFi being out of commission on Steven.
  15. Steven Adler live on Facebook

    Was just watching Steven's Facebook page. He was at a party given by Roger Daltrey, but the WiFi was on the fritz so Steven and his brother Jaime appeared in a car where they briefly said hello and talked about the upcoming Australia tour. It was also mentioned that Steven will have a great new singer in his band.