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  1. Paul Huge and the new album

    Anyone else intrigued as to how much Paul Huges’ fingerprints will be on any new album?
  2. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Duff is naïve at best to stir up the hornets nest with this metoo shit. He is clearly inviting accusations of hypocrisy given Guns’ history. Rock stars have largely escaped unscathed; I guess largely given the kind of stereotypical aggrandising of the typical rock star lifestyle. But that could all change and surely a rockstar of the magnitude of Axl Rose would be the biggest scalp out there - especially given Guns’ recent re-emerging as global superstars again. At any rate, whatever the truth in this particularly sordid incident (of which there are clearly many), it’s clear it is as an unpleasant and sleazy act at best , a gross and serious sexual assault at worst. When the allegations of abuse around Axl surfaced in around 1994, he went to ground for a long time - this clearly wasn’t the only reason but the tide had long turned against that era of rock star in 1994. I do wonder if this stuff gets kicked up and combed through again, if not only the public would be less accepting of Guns, but also would Axl enter another (perhaps permanent this time) period of self imposed exile
  3. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    Gave it a spin - it's pretty bad I must say. Duff's sensibilities and instincts seem to fail him in this type of setting... Based on this and his past efforts, I really hope he has a very minimal input as far as writing is concerned on any future Guns related songs
  4. My hope remains that the next album is comprised of the following: - the very best songs Axl has from the Chinese leftovers - reworked in part - at the very least removing all guitarists but Fortus and letting Slash and Duff have at it. Better case scenario is they record these from scratch (notwithstanding any finished vocals) - the best songs held over that Izzy was involved in reworked- be that the early VR stuff or anything he was involved in Guns wise from the 90's - A brand new song or 2 that this current lineup have worked up - The Seeker and Wichita Lineman - both worthy covers that they do very well. Forget Black Hole Sun and I Feel Good - the world doesn't need those. I think with those scenarios, there is a very decent chance we could have a legit GNR album in the not too distant future. Here's hoping they use the momentum gathered from the tour and it doesn't get overrun by analysis paralysis