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  1. Gardening

    What did you seed? I spent the day cleaning up the yard. Would so love to plant but it's way too early. Stuff's coming up though. Surprisingly, I didn't hurt today, that was a quick come back.
  2. Gardening

    There's no work getting done without caffeine!
  3. Gardening

    It's just a daily asskicking now. Stuff is starting to come up. I'm taking plants outside for playtime but hoping I can just leave them out there starting next week.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    You're not a fruit cake, you've got more important things on your mind then to pay attention to lesser matters. Mardy just means you're analyzing and looking for solutions. Strengths of people who take things seriously and solve the problem. Feeling happy once in a while is just a little bit of steam let off from a more intense build up. Yeah it sounds like a stressful job, you want to live like that for the rest of your days?
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    That's two people in the know who have told me I'm in good shape this week. I'll probably drop dead next week.
  6. Pets!

    Not cat proof, it's out of here. Looks just like my Timon.
  7. Gardening

    Yeah I was having a good time dreaming about the garden too. Except now it's time to get it ready for perfection in June. Always takes me a few weeks to get up to speed, until then, where don't I hurt?
  8. Gardening

    Fucking son of a bitch, spring just showed up. Suddenly I have a full time job with overtime. My punishment for eating 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in 3 days. Time to get out the wheelbarrows.
  9. Yeah I didn't either. I thought the show was fascinating. You have to give Axl credit for being able to carry on in the face of so much criticism, all the fucking time. He really is a great talent with a very interesting vision you don't see everyday. Anyday of the week, all day long, he gets your attention.
  10. You don't remember the comments back then? They were awful. Circus show, people hated Bucket. The guy was amazingly talented but people couldn't take the costume or the nunchucks. Hated Paul. Axl with his shirt off, his hair, his clothes. You know, how dare he continue to call the band GNR. There was nothing but bitching. Fans/media never gave them a chance. They couldn't take the lineup change no matter how talented the people were that Axl recruited for GNR.
  11. Gardening

    They had us germinate the seeds in open flat containers this time. I really feel like I got better germination in the containers with lids. The moisture was more even and it took less watering. The open containers always seemed to be drying out.
  12. Gardening

    er, I've switched from having fun to how to finish it off. Shhhh
  13. Gardening

    Now that I think about it, those tubs look like what I used to clean off tables with when I worked in a restaurant. No wonder I find them so useful. Good luck with those onions. Mine looked like shit. They kept growing out of the soil and falling over. Plus they were skinny little shits. They did better after transplanting.