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  1. Gardening

    I keep thinking about that hyssop burger. What's the recipe for that? I bet I can find some hyssop in the garden. I still have to caulk but that I'm actually pretty good at. I've had a great day. Mom called to tell me my nephew liked his birthday gift and even took the bow home to reuse. Got my taxes done. Don't know if you have that but we do this yearly even up with the government. It's a lot of forms and math. They owe me. Unfortunately when I have free money an unexpected bill comes along and takes it but at least I have the money, lol. I'm just not going to worry about the garden and its purpose. It could be more but I like it just the way it is. I could do more but that means more people and do I really want that? I can leave it as my playground.
  2. Gardening

    I hope he got them to buy into the philosophy of it all. It's shit I've been saying all last year that nothing happen with. I'll jump on board with how he's directing it. Maybe two of us pushing in the same direction will get them moving. Mom is who she is. She's a good mom. No gardening today. I'm grouting in the bathroom. One last ditch effort not to have to remodel the whole room. Somewhere in that shower I have a leak. I've had the plummer over and he couldn't fix it. Pretty sure he was on drugs. I don't think this is the source of the leak but I'll try. The house could use some updating anyway so if this doesn't work I'll just keep using my second bathroom until I get the wedding paid for. My real problem is I don't know what I want to do along the remodel line. That went well. I didn't have the float tool so I used a spatula. And I didn't have a clean bucket so a big pot did the job. And why get my pants dirty so I was in there in my underwear. Lily thought that was great fun. I think she's still sitting in the tub trying to figure out what it was all about.
  3. Gardening

    I didn't find the meeting very motivating or enticing. Philosophical with no real action plans. Yes we're going to form some committees and take another survey. I can tell you from working with this group it's mostly individual efforts and they don't do surveys. I'll go with the flow but I'm pretty sure everybody left that meeting and won't think about it again until it comes up the next time. And the meeting took 3 fucking hours! And then my mother called to say she got the save the date card. Pretty clear from the conversation she didn't like the picture. Not a day for conversation.
  4. Gardening

    You're cleaning up? People usually keep all that hair on for their winter protection. Yes we are wusses when it comes to winter. On the plus side it gets us out of a lot of shit. Tell us to stay home and we jump on it. The truth is, we have a whole group of people who have no clue how to drive in the snow and the rest of us are afraid of them. They crash upon seeing the first snowflake. They have SUV's and see no reason to slow down. We have no clue what a snow tire is. We feel sorry for you where you live. Haven't been through that booklet yet. I did see a class on summer soups. Have to watch out for cute name but really it's basic information on stuff I already know. Planning meeting this morning. Not my time of day to be dreaming shit up. I'm going to need more coffee.
  5. Gardening

    This is kind of cool. I got the catalog from the Botanical Gardens on all the classes they offer. Giving me all kinds of ideas for classes we could do. Why go all the way downtown and pay that price? Our monthly meeting was cancelled tonight for weather. Hopefully our planning meeting for tomorrow is not cancelled. Watched the end of the narrow boat show. He was out almost 2 years and has come back to where he started. Gave us a tour of the boat. Thank you but I'll stay topside. Sounds like he is going to continue to float around and plans to continue the show.
  6. Terry Jones RIP

    I still laugh at their stuff even though I've seen it a bunch of times.
  7. Gardening

    The greenhouse is for plants going up for sale. The first plant sale is March 21st for the cool season veggies. No way anybody could stay in there and grow up to harvesting point. We only have a heater we use for the night time lows. During the day with the sun out and it's freezing outside, I'm in there stripping down because it's so hot. Sometime in May we have to abandon ship in there as it is way too hot for people or plants. We have to stop growing so much food! We sent over 3000 pounds to the food pantry last year. All our time is taken up harvesting. They are sharing the extra's with another county. It's time to focus on teaching them to grown their own shit. Or at least come over and harvest it. Everything about gardening is bliss. Even the bad stuff, I'm still having a good time. It makes me happy and skinny.
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    I know, that just hit me too, music recorded. Is that the first time anybody admitted they had recorded stuff? He just rock start cooled through that little fact. I'm out of my chair with excitement. It's really happening.
  9. Gardening

    I have one bed I rarely touch. It's packed full of plants. I don't think it looks all that great but other folks do. I could call it The Most Neglected Bed in the Garden and teach about plant communities from there. I don't think that lantana is ever going to come up. I'm ready to pitch them. We have another seeding party on the 8th and I'll need the lights for something we know will grow. The greenhouse opens on the 15th but Marsha won't let the coleus in there for some reason. I think it's only the cool season veggies.
  10. Gardening

    I'm thinking we should have a theme year. They are doing all the work on the creek so we have a prime opportunity to talk about watersheds and erosion. The keynote speaker for our all day workshop is on climate change. What other garden topics would you focus on with those 2 biggies leading off? That compost class got me thinking. We have the lasagna garden which is basically composting but you can plant in it now. We made that big basket in the center of it and started over again. I'm thinking that's a great idea for the urban gardener who doesn't like the look of a compost pile in their yard and doesn't want to build a structure to hide it. It would add a dimension to their yard while still being a planter. Only problem is you have to collect what you need and then build it. What do you do with the stuff as you collect it over time? To use the compost, you have to wait until what you planted in it is done growing. It's an option to promote. I know I didn't finish that book but I really like looking at plantings as a community instead of as individual specimens. I'm going to keep researching that. They're coming by with the truck, lol. We like each other in our family. Nobody we'd rather celebrate with. 18 new coleus and I ran out of 6 packs to put them in. I'll probably get 18 more and then that's it. I'm out of room for them. I guess I'll start pinching them back and let them get bushy.
  11. Gardening

    That's cute. Of course, if you go big time the Dead will jump on those trademarks. We did the save the date cards for the wedding. Wasn't that big of deal, more of a peel and stick thing. The big news of the day is Caleb brought a new truck, probably the first new automobile he's ever had. Their both pretty excited and when good shit happens, we celebrate. Stopped by and got him a monster truck balloon, lol. Nice day with my daughter.
  12. Gardening

    4H is a kids program usually around farming. I'm getting my shit together for the demo garden year. Sent out an email to the leads for our February meeting dates and included a great idea from one of the leads. Kevin responds and loves the idea. Wants to make sure I share it with the other leads. Er, you're on a group email with all the other leads. I sent that to him last month and discussed it at steering committee. Reusing that water sounds like a good idea but something is telling me it's not. Some kind of transferring something you don't want to risk. I'd research it. Weird shit grows in the dark.
  13. Pets!

    I have a new stray. A grey short hair with a racoon tail. Not sure if it's a boy or a girl. Won't let me come near or come when be called. Mr Kitty showed back up today so I'm putting out food again. Let me get to know the grey and we can work on a name. Nobody is using my shelter. I have found the answer to how one becomes an old lady with cats. Do you go to the shelter and pick them up or do they just show up? They just show up.