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  1. Gardening

    Oh shit, I'd carry an effie pen.
  2. Gardening

    The swelling is not as bad a when I got stung between the eyes. I took a twig to the eye, got a cut on the eyeball. At 2AM I tired cutting up onions to make my eye water so I could get out what felt like sand it there. Might have worked but the fucking onions didn't smell.
  3. WTF, you're about to get a child abuse hotline called on you if you don't let go of that kid's arm. That was fucked up.
  4. Sent the link for the episode to my friend who is in the Weezer fan club. She is very excited to hear what Roberta had to say.
  5. Gardening

    This is a cool plant, Soapwort. We just got the leaves wet and used it as soap with the hose. Made a green lather, leaves a nice clean sent. Looks like a philox when it blooms.
  6. Gardening

    My son and his girlfriend came over to take a few of my outdoor pots before they died from the cold. They took about 15 pots. I'm crossed between being thankful my plants have a winter home and thinking SUCKERS!
  7. One could be a lot more influential with a song on subjects they feel passionately about, just saying.
  8. A Star Is Born (2018)

    We were talking about this at lunch. This is the 3rd remake of that movie. My mother saw it when Judy Garland was the star and I saw the remake with Barbra Streisand. This one my daughter can see. I don't want to spoil the ending if you don't know but let me know how this one ends.
  9. Pets!

    And just when you think you're getting through the loss of your pet, somebody send you The Rainbow Bridge.
  10. Pets!

    Geez what is with the cats? They're wild! My youngest won't stay in the house. She comes tearing up to the backdoor all wide eyed and bushy tail only to dash into the house and want to go right back out. The ones at the shelter are just as jumpy. It's like somebody sent out the secret cat be on alert signal.
  11. Gardening

    Seed collecting time. Besides my usual gathering of the annuals, I'm going for natives. My friend wants to turn her whole front yard into a native flower garden. I need lots of seeds! The plan is to use her one bed to sow the seeds in rows starting in November. They will go through their usual winter process outside and when they come up in the spring, we'll transplant them to their spot in the front yard. It's kind of impossible to tell the difference between a weed and a native when they are babies. I don't want to just throw out seeds all over the yard. It would end up being a weed patch.
  12. Books/Reading Thread

    Beautiful Exiles, tragedy/love story about Hemingway and Gellhorn. What else could a story about two writers/war correspondence be?
  13. General Chat / Random Musings

    No, circa 1890, old victorian in a silver mining/train town.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    I got a gift from the fate faeries! I was sweeping up the glass in the road and there, laying next to the manhole cover, was a picture. Framed and everything. The Maxwell House, Georgetown Colorado. I collect artwork of old houses!