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  1. Gardening

    You are so lucky to have dragonflies. I got ran out of the greenhouse at 9:30. That's with the front and back doors open, circulation fans on and the two exhaust fans going. When that second big fan kicks on it's 95 in there. When it can't keep up, it's time to go! We're going for 100 today. WTF, it's May, we should be below 80.
  2. Gardening

    It's probably me. Does look like some little bug on the tomato. I soaked the shit out of it with some soapy water and gave it a power wash with the hose. The whole time, my mother's voice in my head objecting because I'm in my party dress. Plants come first mom! Good news is I have 2 tomatoes.
  3. Gardening

    Try that a different way. Hope it works that time.
  4. Gardening

    I suck at posting pictures. Wow what are those flowering bushes?
  5. Gardening

    You see that leaf roll on the tomato? That's bugging the shit out of me. Just noticed that in the picture. I'll have take closer look. Looks like it might be starting on that front leaf by the pepper too. Any thoughts?
  6. Gardening

    That's Thai Basil with little purple flowers in a group. That's the seed head in a cluster instead of the single tall stalk you see on other basils. It looks like a flower. It will fade to pink and then white before it looks like shit and needs to be cut off. It does that all summer long. Love that plant.
  7. Gardening

    You can do it! And if you mess it up, blame it on the bunnies. I think deer and bunnies get the blame for a lot of shit they had nothing to do with. And I really don't think they hop it over to the compost bin.
  8. Gardening

    How many pots can you fit in a bucket or your bathroom trash can? Those should be tall enough to protect the plants and snug them together so they don't fall over. You can cut apart 6 packs to make them fit better. I love those plastic kitty litter containers. I generally keep all my hand tools in one and just carry that around with me, everything I need plus I can drop trash in it. Great weed buckets too. Not a bad stool for sitting on and a leg up. Get the yellow one, you can spot those any where you left them in the garden. Plus they hose off. I just get over involved in everything I take on. I'm trying not to do that. Leave room for other things and some down time.
  9. Gardening

    You are carrying two flats of seedling on the cross town bus? You are my hero! I stayed home today.
  10. Gardening

    And on the other hand, what the fuck am I doing? I know it's just natural for me to put my obsessive/compulsive skills to use but I'm pretty sure that's why I retired, tired of always being the responsible one. I haven't said yes yet, maybe I will come to my senses.
  11. Gardening

    Hopefully you have sunny skies. Our raised beds are just a little bit too big for me to reach across. Would it hurt if I just put my toes on that soil for balance? Apparently so! Don't eat the food, don't step in the beds, got it. It's pretty much a given I'm taking over as head garden lead next year. Okay but I'm not doing this by myself. I'm already building my team, putting shit in place. I scheduled a garden meet and greet and everybody just went along with it. I think they were just waiting for somebody to tell them what to do. I'm great at that and organizing so it runs like clockwork. Heavy handed on the praise because I notice everything. I will make you a star and you can live up to it. Little trick to people management that has worked well for me.
  12. Gardening

    I'm allowed to taste test. We send everything we grow to the food pantry. We do about a ton with them every year. No go with the city, they are busy opening a pool they remodeled. I could just volunteer with them and grow in their greenhouses but I think they are more punch the clock. I like our greenhouse. I'll get there before 9 and stay as long as I want. I might even go home and come back. Mom's yard is looking really good if I do say so myself. And just when I think it's the last day, her peach trees need trimmed. I hate peaches. Maybe I can get one of the grandkids to do it. They can have all the peaches they want. It has to stop raining sometime. Can you put in any seed?
  13. Gardening

    You'll get there. I spent the whole day at the garden, mostly washing the pots. Done with those and starting on the trays. Most of the cool season crops are done. I had a pretty good side salad while I was taking the last of it out.
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Fun Fact: "The swastika was common in architecture from the late 1800's into the 1920's. You'll find them in any old city. The ancient symbol was seen across cultures beginning some 5000 years before the Nazis came along and was often associated with good luck." Never knew that.
  15. Gardening

    I've discovered lemon juice on mosquito bites really works! I have a couple of trees and Crepe Myrtles I grew that they don't want to keep around for the plant sale next year and I forgot to put out this year. I am determined to get something of mine planted at the new government/police building. The city landscape manager, Bob, told me it is 12 acres he has to plant so I'm thinking he might put these there. If not, I'll just ask him what I can grow for him.