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  1. Gardening

    There's beauty in a winter's day. The sun catches the snow and it sparkles. Or right before it snows, it's so peaceful. The nights are crisp and clear. I could walk around all winter if it wasn't for the fucking wind! I have 3 unmanned gardens. You know I'm dreaming of what I'm going to do with those if nobody steps up. And now that I've made my plans for them I'm dreading somebody stepping up to man them. Somebody will, maybe not for the daylilies, our problem child. Not much to do with them so I may just adopt some of them out. Keep them weed free all year and I will let you dig and divide them. Take home some for yourself. Gardeners are such suckers for free plants. More and more I wish I had went the gardening direction with my life. But it was heavily entangled with the drug world and if you're going to leave the drug world, you have to leave the drug world. If there's another world you want to live in Soon, don't wait.
  2. I figured they get detailed stuff and maybe a personal assistant assigned to a couple of them. I would need somebody to hold my hand, just take me to where I need to be. My calendar for something like that would be so packed. I'd be living off of it. No wonder they stay on the stage for hours. The only safe, uncomplicated place on the tour. Know what they are doing there.
  3. Gardening

    Storage as in freezing and canning. I guess you didn't consider getting your own chicken. I wasn't going to outwardly suggest it but I was thinking it might put a bug in your ear. Don't know what that boom was but they said other people heard it. Maybe a sonic boom? If it hadn't been so cold, I probably would have been outside to see it. It's amazing how many people's door cams caught it. This weather has me singing Mamas and Papas, I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA.
  4. Gardening

    They were counting on the ground being warm enough to melt the snow. It did but the temps dropped so fast the moment the sun went down it turned to ice. Traffic nightmare out there. And we are going down in the teens overnight. I heard the loud boom but didn't know what it was. It was a meteor. I was reading chickens like kale.
  5. Pets!

    I'm sure they are just as puzzled when we do things because we have thumbs.
  6. Gardening

    Yeah we're about 7 weeks early for what we are getting this week. We had gotten use to milder Decembers over the last few years but that wasn't normal either. It was a cool summer too. And a wet spring. I'll ask the doc about my hands when I see him. Probably just an age thing. Yeah, I play on a pinball league. Not that good but I have my balls. The fingers were not quite working the flipper buttons like I wanted them too yesterday. Not as fast hitting the balls and a little slower getting off the button. But then again, it only happen on a couple of machines so you can't rule out they were getting worn out either. I had a couple of balls where I was thinking, I'm kind of tired of playing this one this long. We got the Victory Garden history too. The new spin on that is what's called Urban Gardening. All about space, convenience and healthy living. Thus the container garden project next year. Took care of space to grow. Convenience will be the drip irrigation and the fertilizer sticks. What I'm missing is the storage for keeping the extra for later use. I'm not any good at that.
  7. Gardening

    I know, I look at it too. One day it was picture perfect and all of the sudden, it was gone. It's pretty bleak out there in the pantry beds. Not one plant standing. They upped our snowfall for tomorrow. Mom's lights are up and her yard put to bed for the season. Couldn't quite get the stiffness out of the flipper fingers today. 3rd place in the playoffs.
  8. Gardening

    Yeah, who knew anyone was reading the gardening thread? We did kind of take over the thread Soon. The stuff that gets into the surrounding environment isn't explosive. It's like exposure to asbestos or DDT. Not even sure how they dispose of that stuff. Your health department would be a source for that information. Like I said, never trust your people making illegal drugs know what they are doing. How many time have you seen people smoking around gasoline?
  9. Gardening

    Yeah I knew that wasn't the right way to say that. Not very good at the science stuff. What's the distinction I was trying to make between pot and the meth chemicals?
  10. Gardening

    Never trust that your drug cooker knows what they are doing, lol. Pot is not a chemical. It's organic matter. Second hand smoke. Meth people are using chemicals that take many, many years to break down. Those chemicals come with warnings to wear protective clothing and possible side effects, some that take years to develop. Our instructions for suspected meth labs was to exit immediately. Usually it's a smell of ammonia, cat urine. You said laundry so it could be they don't have their dryer vented outside. Static electricity in that hoodie. The hair either has no life or is flying on its own. The kid's face did not light up in any of those wedding dresses. You can't put a petite woman is an obese woman's dress and tell anything.
  11. Gardening

    If they've been making drugs in there, be prepared to have the building condemned. Those chemicals get into the structure and the whole place has to be gutted before it's safe to live there, even then I wouldn't. Those gloves are too thick. Like you said, we have to be able to move our fingers. Love my hoodies but my hair is standing straight out today, lol.
  12. Gardening

    I was thinking meth lab too. Definitely call the landlord. You can call the fire department and ask them to identify the smell. If it's currently happening, they will probably come out, in the truck, with the lights going, and accompanied by the police. I would not be cool about any smells that fill my apartment and hurt my nose and throat especially with pets in the home. No rubber when it gets cold. I noticed that only holds in the cold. I know I should just come in from the cold but I don't want to, lol. Regular garden sessions close after today. There's always something to do in the gardens but I won't have to be up there every Wednesday and Saturday.
  13. Gardening

    Called it! Bad battery in my car. Working on cars in the cold is part of the reason I have this cold sensitivity in my hands and toes. I swear the guy who replaced the battery was high or brain damaged, lol. First he announces he now has to go pee before he works on the car since he went out in the cold. Comes back and reminds himself of what he was he was suppose to be doing and then shocks himself installing the battery. So I asked the guys at autozone if there was anything new in the way of hand cold protection, no. I'll ask the motorcycle riders. In the meantime, it's hold the hot cup of coffee solution. I have to shred and bag this group of leaves for leaf mulch. It's kind of pretty with the different fall colors in there. It only last so long before it's all brown. And because we are wedding dress shopping tomorrow when it's 50 again, I'm going out there now to freeze my hands and toes. Wasn't bad, the sun was out. I only have yellow and a few orange leaves. Sometimes I would like to mow over in my neighbor's yard and get those red leaves.
  14. Gardening

    Allman Brothers, Eat a Peach, stick with that gardening theme. Youtube knows where I go from there. I forgot I had a second timer going in the plant room for the house plants, 5AM again. The hostas grew well last year under the lights but once they got in the ground (shade) they didn't grow much. I think I'm going to grow them in containers with more sun next year and put them in the ground in the fall. Hopefully they get bigger. I have enough seeds I'm going to try starting some in ground at the garden. I guess that is a touch of frostbite and not the actual thing. I can tell you as the years go by they get more sensitive to the cold. It's like the cells in those areas are dead and can't retain heat. Maybe that's how they discovered to kill fat cells with cold. I think this is the second time to restore Pawpaw because I remember hearing about them in the early 80's. The place we went to learn about them had an old grove that was dying out and they hadn't bothered to replant. They haven't come up with many varieties yet so each tree is going to taste different. They end up grafting the trees they like onto root stock. It would take lifetimes to develop those into a marketable product. But they were good tasting. Maybe something you have to find in the field if you develop a taste for them. Simone is trying to make her way through the yard. My one tree dropped all its leaves last night. Where did the grass go?
  15. Wait, I'm so fucking lost. There's no times or locations (just a city) on that calendar. He's really bad at the calendar. You'd think for an accountant major there would be more detail.