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  1. You know, WTF? Way to waste our tax dollars. The single issue that will get me to vote your ass out of office and tell other women.
  2. Gardening

    They make lawnmowers like those IRobot vacuums. $2,000+ for the Stihl one. Takes 40 hours to mow an acre. I'm putting my house plants out. We've jumped to summer heat.
  3. Gardening

    My twist on gardening your yard.
  4. Pets!

    I'm so sorry for you and Colin!
  5. Gardening

    You aren't the only one to say pregnant. For a while there it wouldn't have surprised me is she called and said she delivered. The wedding plans kind of all came together in about an hour today. Say the word and I'll go put down the deposits. Can it really be this easy? I was thinking about snagging cuttings from your fellow gardeners.
  6. RIP Tim Conway

    Extremely funny. Love how he cracked his coworkers up.
  7. Gardening

    God don't say she's pregnant! She has SIBO. In a matter of a month her abs bloated up and everybody has been asking her when she's due. It took the doctor's months to figure out what was happening. The first treatment didn't work, the second is going better but she still doesn't want to go wedding dress shopping. We're going to work on a special diet for her and let Jillian beat the shit out of us. She'll have the bride body she wants but I may not live to see it. Poor kitty I know they hate to disappoint us. I you can take a cutting off a tomato or pepper and root it.
  8. Gardening

    Back at in and life has picked up to a hectic pace. Bad kitty. Does anybody have any extra plants they will give you? Enough time to grow more?
  9. Pets!

    Simone had her check up. After losing two cats this year, it's nice to hear one in the carrier crying the whole way to and from the vet. She's gained over 2 pounds in 3 weeks.
  10. Gardening

    And they keep moving the day the bottom temps rise to above 50. Kept wondering where this bout of depression was coming from. I've been pretty physical the last couple of months and now I'm on my ass waiting to get back out there. I always forget about the crash. Done with that, tomorrow I'm back on my feet, never should have stopped.
  11. "I was stranded in the jungle trying to take in all the heat they was giving"
  12. Gardening

    Happy for you! We have been cold, wet and rainy all day. (I needed the break.) I hope the cold snap isn't hurting what I have in ground. Most my annuals are back in the house. Seeds go in ground next week.