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  1. Gardening

    Tonight is grey headed coneflower and chokeberry. Both natives to this area. Damn that's hot. I don't take the heat all that well and now I haven't been acclimated to it over the last few months. I'll be staying home this summer even without a pandemic.
  2. Charlie Daniels 1936-2020

    I saw him with Marshall Tucker in a small ice arena right before both bands hit it big back in the 70's. My mother met him on a plane, nice guy. RIP
  3. Gardening

    We're planting at my side project tonight. I will get to the gardens this week. My friend's house goes on the market this week plus her birthday is Wednesday. We're doing dinner so I'll be missing Weir Wednesday. She's appropriately freaked out. This is my summer schedule. I usually work mornings and sleep through the heat of the afternoon only to get back up and work into the later part of the night. I appreciate this weird weather. We're getting pop up afternoon showers that keep me from having to water the plants although that leaves the plants wet at night and promotes diseases. Sent you another yard picture. It's beautiful out there.
  4. Gardening

    Didn't make it. I slept in this morning. I had several people ask at the last minute if they could go up this morning or start early. I'm going to try this evening if it's not too hot.
  5. Gardening

    I can't seem to stay awake today. Tuning in now. Notice the plexi glass? A band ahead of its time. Weather next week here is described as oppressive. I'll be getting up early to hit the garden. Don't forget we have class Thursday night.
  6. Gardening

    I had company and then I crashed for part of the afternoon until the weather radio woke me up. How rude. Passing storms but at least it cooled off. Getting your fill of space and drums? I'll catch some of the show tonight.
  7. Gardening

    We're getting 12 hours of the Dead shows! I have shit to do but I'll catch some of it. I was front row and center for all the fireworks. The sky was filled. This morning I went out and blew off half the street but lacked enough extension cord to do the whole street. The eclipse was a let down. Couldn't really tell if that was a little shadow or just hard to see through all the firework smoke. Ran up and got the hollyhocks planted and Southern charm planted in the perennial gardens. Wanted to stay but I have company coming over this morning.
  8. Gardening

    I paid $35 and watched some live online. Good stuff. Trey is a lot of fun. I was going to run up to the garden and put these 12 plants in the perennial bed but they have already started blowing up the court. Guess I'll do it in the morning. We have a lunar eclipse tonight. The greenhouse opened the middle of February. Plant sale started in March. I think it was March 23 they shut the greenhouse down. It was the middle of April when I wrote Craig the retainer check. I think he demoed the first week in May. He said 2 weeks.
  9. Gardening

    No, guess there isn't one tonight. Grateful Dead offshoot Dead & Company have decided to skip this week's installment of their One More Saturday Night series, but have announced another special stream this Sunday. The band launched the special series in March and have been streaming full concert performances each Saturday night via their official YouTube channel. However, they have decided to forgo the July 4th installment but announced a special stream for Sunday, They advised fans, "One More Saturday Night is taking the week off! "Tune in Sunday, July 5th to catch the rebroadcast of all 3 legendary Fare Thee Well performances on FANS. Enjoy the long weekend deadheads" They did issue this July 4th message, "Enjoy the long weekend friends, Happy 4th. ???? ?Send us your backyard stealies using #deadandcompany?". Guess I'll see you tomorrow night.
  10. Gardening

    That is a great shovel! My bathrooms are done! He has to come back and redo the grout and when he went to tighten up the toilet paper holder, he pulled it off the wall. Little things but it's done and all the trash gone. Took all the plant containers back to the greenhouse plus one shelf this morning. What has been the center of my life for the last 5 months is over. Strange not to have the fourth of July parade go down our street this morning.
  11. Gardening

    Not sure who recorded that or it could be on a Dead album. It's one of those songs that gets around to everybody. Craig is on his way over! Yep, the neighbors blow up the neighborhood tonight. Not that they didn't do a pretty good job last night. With the humidity the smell of exploded fireworks just hung in the air. Not sure how we got to the 4th already. What happen to June?
  12. Gardening

    So my neighbor walked over during the middle of my vacuuming out the car. It's hot out there, I'm dripping sweat and I'm trying to beat the rain. I didn't turn off the vacuum. You guessed it. She bringing back plant containers to me. She saw me out there all morning working on them and saw I had cleaned up the mess on the driveway and no she didn't rinse them out. Okay just put them in the garage. Then she asks if I have anything else blooming to sell. No! And just a few minutes ago, Marsha texts me and wants to know how many of this baby plant I'm caring for do I have left. Yeah, plant sale and cleaning pots is not over!
  13. Gardening

    Why do dealers always look so nerdy? Ending with Baby Blue. How perfect.
  14. Gardening

    They are rocking Big River. Jerry with a lot of weight on him. When his hair catches in the light like that, angel like. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/avanti-in-the-garden-bath-ensemble/819579?categoryId=13438 That was the trash can. Doesn't come in plastic. I got the cup. Did you fall asleep? You're missing a good show.
  15. Gardening

    Yeah, lol. I'm going to see if the library has his book. My computer is being slow. Should have rebooted.