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  1. Pets!

    If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever.
  2. Gardening

    Not to mention give them to your neighbors. I brought home some not so great apples for the opossum. I was at the gardens today for 7 hours, lol. My and GNR's possible futures are falling on the same day. Good luck to them. Let's hope the day is one for people moving forward.
  3. Somebody check Chinese Whispers to see what they say but I'm pretty sure they would be wrong if they said those songs did not leak before they were first performed. Whether they were final versions I do not know. There was a third song that went around with those two but I don't remember what it was, they weren't phone recordings either. Back in those days, leaks were considered top secret and were only discussed behind the boards, in chat rooms and those places hopefully GNR didn't know about.
  4. It's been a long strange trip with GNR but if memory serves, we had leaks on Madagascar and The Blues before they ever hit the stage for the first time. It's possible Madagascar was a completed work at that point and ready to be released as a single.
  5. Gardening

    I got so caught up in ironing out the details of my plans for the garden today, my friend had to call me and ask if I was coming over for dinner. Totally lost track of time and did forget we were having dinner. Fortunately the plan was dinner wouldn't be started until I got there. Honestly, if the group doesn't want to play with me and wants to just keep doing what they are doing, I'm going to go find this kind of activity for me somewhere else. Not a threat, something I keep to myself but I'm having a great time.
  6. Gardening

    Yeah so not into that. Instead I'm cutting, pasting, putting it all together and making copies for my gardening meetings.
  7. Pets!

    Lily was all over me and would not stop. Checked see if she wanted to go out, no. Want a rub down, no. Want to play, no. I had put her food dish on the counter when I vacuumed and she couldn't find it, ooops.
  8. Gardening

    No gardening today, we are way too hot. Make summer go away.
  9. Gardening

    I'm back on the narrow boat. He's changed his song: If you see us coming please try not to stand in the way. My new theme song. So I'm going to down scale the open houses I'm starting at the garden next year. Instead of inviting the community, I'll make it only for MG's. The other lady's domaine is community education, not the education for us. I can still have my people provide educational presentations. I'll consider it a dry run for the following year where she can either play with me or somebody else is going to think it should be a community event and tell her she has to. The Demo Gardens are our biggest contribution to community education. It's what we built them for and their time has come.
  10. Axl and TB’s thoughts/actions on leaks?

    I don't think they will be too upset but just in case, maybe you better wear a bandana over your mouth if you plan to sing along at the shows.
  11. Pets!

    Just noticed my daughter put her dog's birthday on my calendar. Guess I'm suppose to buy a gift.
  12. Pets!

    Okay I'm the neighborhood crazy cat lady. This 70 year old woman from blocks away stopped by. She heard I put out food for the stray cats and wanted me to let her know if her missing cat showed up at my dish.
  13. Gardening

    That is cool. Maybe I'll get the leads a gift. I plan to take them out drinking. I'm serving Golden Milk, Camomile Tea and Apple Cider. I'm over it. I can take a few punches and resist the urge to stomp them in the ground. I'll just take a whack at that brick wall everytime I go by. And my mentor, can either go away or might as well get out of my way, I'm stepping up. Thanks for letting me vent. Only does harm to the group if one starts venting there, not something that pulls a team together.
  14. Pets!

    OMG, little George! I'm sitting on the patio and up walks the opossum. I start talking to him thinking that would scare him back. No, he just keeps coming. I'm barefoot and in shorts, feeling a little naked, with my feet on the chair. He walks right past me and goes to the doormat acting like he's going to curl up and go to sleep. You know how pets like to do the circle dance before they lay down. He does that for a while and then proceeds to walk over to me and stops right under my legs. I was trapped in my chair for 20 minutes!
  15. Gardening

    Nothing was finalized. It reminded me of if team Brazil came here and wanted to talk. So bad I won't bore you with the details. I didn't motivate that person to action. I motivated her to come after me. I did come up with another fun idea for the group. Winter (gardening related) book club.