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  1. Gardening

    Do you even have AC up there? I picked up a Blue Mist and a very large Blazing Prairie Star, both natives. The Prairie Star looks like a purple cattail, so cool. My side project is so happy with her native beds she wants to increase them. We've been thinning out the garden's native beds so I've been collecting some really mature plants. They're planted in the small tree size containers. They make a nice statement right off the bat but then again I'm going to have to dig a pretty big hole to plant them.
  2. Gardening

    I'd just put that back in the frig and cook it around midnight tonight. You can have cold roast for breakfast.
  3. Gardening

    Not doing hot yoga. I want cool yoga. Yoga is pretty easy. It's just balance and flexibility. Both improve with practice. The trick to balance is to pick a spot and look there. Don't look around. But they bailed on yoga for tomorrow due to the heat.
  4. Gardening

    Yeah I just couldn't come up with a better word at the time. Shrubbery, now it comes to me. I did the tiger thing and napped through the heat of the day. Tomorrow morning I'm doing yoga in the park. Hopefully it's not to hot.
  5. Gardening

    lol, my one kales looks like little palm trees after it's been harvested. I'm caught up too for the moment. Ran down to mom's to trim up her bushes. Somebody gave me a stack of Mother Earth News. I'm going to stay in from the heat and thumb through these. Love that magazine.
  6. Gardening

    A couple of tables blown over. Now the heat comes on. You feel like you're being steamed out there.
  7. Gardening

    That was cool! Got hit with the wind and a minute later it came from the other direction. Tried to blow over my tomato plant. The whole thing ended with a double rainbow.
  8. Pets!

    Mr Kitty is back to having a bloody leg and limping. I'm wondering if he's getting into it with that possum. The food dish was empty but I left it out last night and I do have a water bowl out the for the cats. Maybe I need to bring in the food dish each night, move the water bowl and put out another water bowl before the possum gets to the patio. I've been on the possums nightly path for years but the cats are usually in before the possum goes by.
  9. Gardening

    You should be able to use pollen from the zucchini. Okay we're into weird plant sex science. We're about to get smacked by two colliding thunderstorms. One coming down from the north and one coming in from the southwest. I'm sitting in the bullseye. I will take the rain but move that intersection!
  10. Gardening

    Read this: The female flowers of each crop can be fertilized only by pollen from male flowers of the same species. Cross pollination, however, can occur between varieties within a species. Cross pollination can be seen in the squashes and pumpkins. Summer squash, pumpkins, gourds, and some types of winter squash belong to the same plant species Cucurbita pepo. All species members may cross with one another. Thus, an acorn squash will cross pollinate with a zucchini or a miniature gourd. However, muskmelon (Cucumis melo) and cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) belong to different species and will not cross with each other or members of the Cucurbita genus. Cucurbita pepo is a cultivated plant of the genus Cucurbita. It yields varieties of winter squash and pumpkin, but the most widespread varieties belong to the subspecies Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo, called summer squash.[2] zucchini belongs to the species
  11. Gardening

    Anybody else growing it that you could borrow some pollen from? Maybe try pollen from another squash type or anybody in the cucurbits family?
  12. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    No shit, he was pretty fucking scary. Declined to read most of what he said. Doesn't get much darker than that. Where were his friends when that was going on?
  13. Gardening

    Cool, locked it in. My friend is going to present Superstitions. It's a class on mourning practices and superstitions of long ago. She talks a lot about how herbs were used and natural dyes, stuff like that. One of the most humorous classes I've attended. A frequent phrase throughout the class is "you're going to die". It's too hot to garden. I'm sponsoring a little bit of fun. I'm also developing a volunteer/learn while you garden program and partnering with the library to present topics in gardening classes. The social media team is also my idea but I'm looking for someone to take leadership of that group. I've kind of been putting things in place for that: the pantry diary, little blurbs from each garden and have people writing garden articles. Everything is to meet our mission of gardening public education. We'll see if any of that takes off. And for the moment, the gardens are looking great! The grass is even fucking mowed (the bain of my existence).
  14. Gardening

    My sunflowers are making a come back. The deer came along and ate the top off of everyone of them. But I walked by today and they are sending off side shoots.
  15. Pets!

    It has a filter that I change out every few months. Forget what they recommended buy I do the smell test on it.