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  1. New GnR pinball?

    Pinball league is shut down here. There wasn't any real word about a release date out there except it was in the works. I wish everyday that I had a machine at home. I miss pinball! There's no sneaking into a place to play either. They are on the non essential list.
  2. Gardening

    People are pretty much the same at home and at work. They'll find a routine and settle into it. Busy folks stay busy and the lazy folks watch a lot of TV, lol. Coleus will grow indoors. If they don't get enough light, they grow long and lanky. Under lights they will grow into them and get sunburned. They need that full sun and will lean into it. You have to pinch them back to get a bushy plant. After a while they will out grow their pot and die if you don't keep increasing the pot size. If you see one growing some where just pinch off a piece. They root very easily. Cats like to check things out from the ground up. And it's a whole new space from when he was last there. Probably doesn't look or sound the same. It is time to eat. It's warming, lighting up and he's preparing to be more active. Mine are sleeping all day but after dinner, it's in and out of the house till I make them come in around 1. Marsha and I were talking. It's kind of nice not being responsible for so much at the gardens. Both of us give a lot of time to the place. I like it when I'm there and like what I'm doing but I am spending a lot of time there. I put the space heater in the garage to warm it up a bit.
  3. Gardening

    It's amazing how they still grow. My chamomile moves all around too. Hope you enjoyed your spring day! How is Beaker, you haven't mentioned him in a while? It has been chilly here all day, close to freezing. The warm front is pushing up from the south but it's having a hard time breaking through. The garage door has been down all day. I brought my veggie containers in last night. Amazing how much they have grown already. Kevin decided the mowing crew were "not reliable" when it comes to watering the perennials we have in containers. Means he just doesn't want to. They dry out really fast in those containers. Right now that's looking like our cash crop for the fall. Way more important than mowing the grass imo.
  4. Gardening

    They say it's a shutdown but then you read the guidelines and there's wiggle room. Our numbers aren't exploding but are climbing. The rush to get to the store before the shutdown on Monday will probably spread it further. I'm not inviting any more people over to shop the driveway. If they want something I will drop it off on their driveway. I'm staying away from people from here. So far nobody is getting in trouble for rule violations. You're going to get trigger finger. I keep seeing all these Amazon trucks on my street, I want something too! The shirt is from 2010. I'm sure they are just leftovers that were probably already a business write off. And it keeps somebody employed shipping them out.
  5. Gardening

    Shh, you did not see that picture. I have to hide those. They look bad now but they should recover. And then all of those are mine. You're talking 324 if they all make it.
  6. Gardening

    Fuck, it's the other shower that is leaking. I'm basically looking at both bathrooms getting remodeled. I'm limited to baths. Fortunately, I have small bathrooms and they needed it so no time like the present. As long as Home Depot doesn't shut down. Our state just went on total shut down. They did reschedule the wedding dress fitting but we're still thinking it's going to be postponed. I'm good with wait until next year. "Don't it make you wanta dance, don't it make you want to smile?" T-Shirts were only $10 and the money goes to their crew so I got one. That was a nice concert. Kevin, wtf? He offered to mow the grass and they let him. We do that in exchange for being allowed to use the property for gardening. That was our one bargaining chip to get back on campus.
  7. Gardening

    Peas I think are the strongest germinators. I ate my breakfast off the plants while I groomed them up this morning. Tomorrow is going to be wet and cold so they will have to stay in the garage. The coleus are going like hotcakes! Craig is coming by to look at my bathroom. I bribed him over with plants. I'll send you that link in case you don't find it. I let the TV go to the day time soap. Holy shit, new drama every minute. So ridiculous I had to stop washing dishes and change the channel.
  8. Gardening

    Just look on facebook live towards the bottom. They usually start at 8 NY time. That yellow planter got bunny attacked! Got one of my cabbage plants. It's up on the table now. Forgot to send you the picture of the garden. People keep coming over and then want to stay and talk. I'm going hoarse from talking.
  9. Gardening

    Marsha just texted. She use a hose yesterday to water the plants.
  10. Gardening

    We grow lots of varieties. I'll go up to the co op and get mine. I wonder if there is an elderly gardener in your area who would welcome your help in their garden this year in exchange for produce? Is there any room on your roof for pots or outside somewhere by your building? Since the car was open I took a little driveby of the gardens and checked them out from the road. We look pretty. I have more people coming by tomorrow. I need to run up and get some more potting soil but I'm telling myself no. Hey, it's Friday. Don't let me forget the Dead concert.
  11. Gardening

    I might wait until they really need it. A healthy fear of needles keeps you out of all kinds of trouble. So if we include a roll of toilet paper with each order then it becomes essential! Fortunately, we hadn't seeded any of the warm season crops yet. We are know for our tomatoes and peppers. And just when I thought I might get out of here, Marsha is going to plant me in again. She wants to bring over more flats when the cool season is out of here.
  12. Gardening

    Marsha is using my place as a meet up with others. But since she was here I put her to work. Their plan now is to take orders from our group and run plants around to people's houses if they won't let us sell in a group setting. As long as you order an herb or eggplant, it would be agricultural. Eggplant is the only veggie we are growing this year! I have my veggies in containers but I will plant in the ground as much as I can of what's left. At least the baby bunnies will have something to eat and you know how my cats like them. Found some red cabbage in the pantry stuff, that's mine. I'm being talked into donating blood. Never done that before and I'm a big chicken!
  13. Gardening

    Oh no, the side shelves were full but I didn't have to put them on the wagon. I'm trying to keep what I'm selling separate from what I'm keeping. Del gave me permission to disperse the pantry bed plants. Giving up on a spring cool season crop for the garden. I have to say selling from the driveway has kept me at home. I believe impersonating a public official would probably get you in trouble. And might get you verbally attacked. People like to bitch at city workers. Marsha came by and inspected the plants. I'm good. The library is very apologetic they had to cancel the May garden tours. I may have to cancel June because when we do get back in there, we will be a weed patch.
  14. Gardening

    My neighbor is busting his butt so he can build a raised bed and get some of my plants. So close! Had to put two and a half flats on the car but none on the floor. I'm clearing them out. Have 4 people coming tomorrow.
  15. Gardening

    OMG, that was hysterical. Where can you find that show?