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  1. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Can I add how freaking gorgeous young Axl was? Don’t wanna miss a chance to repeat myself?
  2. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Amazing!!! There’s a subdued and yet simultaneously angry woman in young Axl! Exactly. How could I even cope without all of you?!!! TRUE!!!!!
  3. Hi everyone Hope you’re all good. I guess you all have watched this already? You guys posted the trailer earlier. It’s nothing new but I nice compilation of Izzy interviews and talk about him...
  4. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Hello all you girls! I’m so glad to see that the WT is back on ball rubbing, manips and Duff being a sleazy businessman. Feels like home hahaha. Even though it’s Matts’s balls that are involved.... ugh ;( Totally missed out on Matt’s book. Not interested to read it anyway. Now that I learn there’s hardly anything on Izzy I never will. Peculiar that Matt and Izzy hung out at one point after/in 2016. They must have re connected after GnR and felt a connection of not being involved in the reunion. Haven’t got anything to participate to the conversation, sorry. Just wanted to say hi. Ah, and also that Axl with long hair looks like Vince Neill. I’d like stubbles on him better. And some haircut. That half long thing never done anything for him.
  5. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Hello women’s thread, how are you doin? What did I miss?
  6. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    Wha? Oh hello!
  7. Thanks for posting. If you need help with a translation from German, I’d be glad to help.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Thanks. Like your new avatar
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Merry Christmas everyone! @Andy14 thanks for the laughs! Love everything you do! Izzy tweeted Did Axl or someone from the Threefold tweet?
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Also, I need to add. I just saw Jason Momoa’s Instagram Stories today. He was at the GnR show and was so freaking out and happy it was rather heartwarming. He ended up at the side of his stage together with his two kids and was LIVING it. He later met Duff and Slash and gifted them two very fine skull rings made of something that I didn’t know and can’t remember. Looks like bone. So yeah, go check out his stories. Susan was there, too, sweet as always. I wonder if they have met before, their encounters looked so easy and laid back even though Jason was hyped up lke a teenager. (I think this is his default mode though) Anyway, I was thinking that it must be different to be a famous person / artist yourself and meeting them than being a casual fan from off the streets. It’s more eye to eye. Unfair! lol Also we street level fans don’t have cool bone rings to grace to Duff and Slash. Am I a tad jelous of Jason? Yeah, I am. I’m just glad he was freaked out by the whole thing as he should have been. So it happend to the right one. I’m rambling, sorry. But it was rather heartwarming, people! And I do have feelings. Anyways, thanks for reading.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Just what I wanted to say. It’s more embarassing to get help than get up by yourself. Also, it’s a tradtion on the WT: Why oh why is he wearing those slippery ugly boots anyway? He’s had problems with his ankles since 1986 or so. Biker boots give your ankles good support and they have a great grip with their soles... Or sneakers, or .... Timberlands .. or .. Birkenstock. Haha
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    You're living in denial. lol
  13. Copyright Strikes....

    May I round this up for you so we all can get on with our lives? This is the silliest rock band ever and their fans are all bonkers. You’re welcome!
  14. How could anyone from the internet possibly know it if is true or not? I do believe it to be true though.
  15. I love that Izzy is funny in his ads. Thanks a lot for sharing, @Blackstar. These are true gems. Young and funny Izzy from 82. I just can’t!!!!